Ghosts of Our Ancestors



Pirates Plunder
Most Unholy Sin

Master Fighter (510)

Master Hunter (240)

Slave Master & Mangler

7 Years
Dire wolf

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03-18-2023, 12:59 AM

Rivin...his dear little girl. Though he supposed now she wasn't so little now, was she? They were yearlings now. Time had passed far too quickly for him, and he feared what he might miss with them. Had their demons begun to surface? Or had they gotten lucky and managed to avoid them? There were a great many things he wanted to do with them. Things he wanted to discuss. Determine where their strengths and their weaknesses were. To help them grow stronger and defeat all that came their way. The Pirates had been good and all. But their lackadaisical mannerisms were starting to grate against him. He craved...more. Or perhaps it was his inner self that craved it. Whatever the case, he couldn't shake the feeling that things might change soon. But he tried to push it away for the time being so he could focus on them, and them alone. They would always be first in his world.

He strode across the beach, seeking her out so that they might spend some time together and perhaps have a chat. There were a lot of things he wanted to teach them. To do with them. And if the occasion help them safely navigate their inner selves as well.


Ignis has a pair of Sika Deer antlers that are not depicted in his artwork (yet).
Ignis is unpredictable and may become violent with little or no provocation due to his "demon" schizophrenia inherited in his bloodline! Consider this your warning!
*Ignis' tail is docked, and his left ear has been torn away and now resembles a Battle crop style.