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06-10-2023, 12:33 AM

She hadn't been to Auster in...well...she couldn't quite remember. But she was here looking for this land of fossils that she had heard about, and she had wasted no time in searching it out. Unbeknownst to her, she had gone the wrong way and ended up in some sort of...wasteland. Not that she minded, after all, she lived at the edges of the desert. But as night had fallen and she was in uncharted territory, she had injured her paw stepping into a hole and now she was getting irritated. The skeletal marked woman slunk through the strange trees, her left rear paw favored since her little accident. She was tired, irritated, and starting to get hungry. She decided to stop for the night, sitting near one of the trees and realizing how much colder it was in these lands compared to Boreas. When Umbra stretched up to sharpen her claws on the tree, Medusa's eyes widened when she saw that it was bleeding! Why was everything here so weird!?

code by Cloudy; art by Cloudy

Please note: Medusa is a wildcard! While she is mostly kind, friendly, and eager to help, she can equally be cold, aggressive, and eager to murder you depending on how you treat her! She refers to herself and often, others, in the third person (illeism), and occasionally has tics due to her Tourettes (mostly in the form of her head twitching or giggling at inappropriate moments). She is a blood & gore type of character, and is not above killing, maiming, or other such violent actions if she's given a reason to do so. It's often in your best interest to not cross her or get on her bad side...unless you want her to steal your skin and bones c:



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08-15-2023, 05:48 PM

Everything was fluctuating within Ethne since Haydée’s father’s untimely departure. Grief was a strange beast and has consumed each member in different and various ways. It strips away their best laid defenses until, in the end, their souls are left bare for all the world to see. The girl has hated how insecure she has felt since Gav’s death and that, along with other, innumerable worries, is why she is out wandering underneath the moonlight. There has been a restless need to walk lately, and she finds it easier to ponder the future of the pack when her fidgety legs keep her from a peaceful slumber.

The barren landscape that she wanders through is dotted with tall trees an the girl’s small form easily glides through the land while her mind roams far away from here. A soft sound on the breeze pulls the girl’s attention back to the present and she pulls to a stop, her head tilting as her ears perk up in an attempt to catch the noise again. Nose working quickly, pulling in the scents around her and she finds that there is a pack wolf nearby who seems to traveling with a few companions.

Curious to see who else is out here this late, Hay decides to go and introduce herself to the stranger. Soon enough the tall form of a skeletal marked wolf comes into view and she notices that the woman is inspecting one of the dragon blood tree's sap. Careful of the stranger and their cougar, Haydée stops a short distance away and happily calls out, “Hello! Pretty cool right? First time in Dragon’s Blood Grove?” The girl’s head tilts slightly as she questions the woman, a warm smile on her lips as she tries to hide the exhaustion that numerous sleepless nights have left.

"Haydée Kedieo"

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”