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[Navigation note: Dove Island Achipelago]

Crux was cold. And wet, and not just from the slow swim he'd taken to get here, it seemed spring was determined to be a rainy one. Oh, and he was sore. His hips ached in the way it always did when he pushed too hard or walked too long on a leg that required he overextend it just to be able to move forward. But he had to do this, it was beyond time Crux deal with this. Maybe it was the talk he'd had with Kite, maybe it was that Triss was starting to be a pretty consistent thought on his mind, or maybe it was something else entirely. It didn't really matter. He was here now and he was going to do this. But yeah he was fucking cold, he was standing in the shallows of the island closest to the eastern bank of the mainland, making sure he didn't step a paw further. He wasn't looking to invade, especially not when things between his pack and this one was tense to say the least. That and the fact the swim took him twice as long as most wolves his size meant he was pretty drenched and frigid. Shivering but doing his best to remind himself if he went back now he'd have to do that swim again Crux tipped his head back and called for his first friend, his first crush. He called for Ajax. Ajax is not who he'd get.


Art by MarkLix
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Crux has a 6 inch long burn scar on his throat, most of his art does not reflect this.