An old battleground where humans once fought. Bits of metal and detritus from a bloody war waged long ago can still be found, plenty of which could lead a second life as something useful if you have the mind and tools for crafting. Wolves have found bullets, grenade fragments, rusted and jammed guns, helmets… the list of artifacts goes on. Of course, to the canine eye, it’s all shiny bits and bobs. An odd site for any wolf to see. a moment of silence by Rheum 09-11-2023, 09:01 AM
Veteran's Plateau
Locked in the upper portion of the Y-shaped intersection of the South's three-way intersection, Buffalo Knolls is a sight to behold. Large, hill-shaped structures, all spread evenly from each other, thickly inhabit what was once smooth terrain. In some parts, thin trees have grown upon the large structures, but all others are coated with thick, lush grass with taste unmatched. On the spaces between the mounds, buffalo often graze, but never once do they set foot upon the odd slopes. Perhaps they can hear the thunder of the hooves of their brethren passed within the burial grounds of those who hunted them. Maybe if you listen, too, you may be able to find the small, nearly-sealed entrances into each of the ancient, unstable Indian burial grounds... Maybe I’ll Learn My Lesso... by Delphi 09-14-2023, 11:22 AM
Buffalo Knolls
The range is an old farm where humans used to cultivate food years and years ago. Now that they are long gone, the crops still manage to grow wildly throughout the area. The old farmhouse is all but broken down, with just the foundation remaining. Corn, grapes, and other farm crops are prevalent here, and various ancient farm trinkets and machinery can be found in the crumbling barns in this land. Leave It To The Breeze by Haydée 09-19-2023, 08:44 PM
The Range
What may once have been a neat, orderly stand of fruit trees, is now an overgrown, rundown grove of apples, pears, peaches, and plums. In the springtime the land is filled with a sweet, heady scent and the constantly buzzing of insects. In fall it is overrun with prey animals trying to get their fill of fallen fruit. Among the rows of trees can be found large swaths of beautiful wildflowers, nourished constantly from the easy fertilizer of the fallen fruits. We are just the same by Kratos 09-13-2023, 03:29 AM
The Orchard
Far down south lies a wide river known as the Rio Grande. This river cuts across the southwestern corner of Boreas and is known to have the best assortment of fish around, in part because it connects most of the waterways across the continent. Fish from all corners of the map can be found here. Many will travel for days just to spend an afternoon fishing in its plentiful waters before taking a break to explore the nearby orchard that overlooks the river. as fate would have it by Birna 5 hours ago
The Rio Grande
The thick vegetation and mossy forest floor render this place eerily silent. It is often cloaked in fog that seems to linger near the ground even on the sunniest of summer days. Old growth trees have knitted together a dense canopy of mosses and vines. This always-slightly-damp land is the ideal environment for fungi and lichen to thrive. Somebodys watching me~ by Akito 09-07-2023, 09:30 AM
Soulless Forest
The trees here are draped in ivory vines and their bark is white as bones, as if all life has been stolen from the area’s flora. Treading deeper into the heart of the secluded shrine, there is a circle of stones etched with runes surrounding a bubbling, glowing natural spring. Its swirling waters seem to capture the attention of any creature that peers into its depths; some swear they see their past memories deep within the water. The fish that swim within this underground lake stir the bioluminescent algae, lending the water its mysterious glow. don't know how to live by Emile 09-14-2023, 01:53 AM
Alabastrine Shrine
A large stretch of flat grassland, lush and full of flowers and grasses that reach as high as the tallest creature known to Boreas. Despite the thick vegetation, there are few trees here, spread few and far between, so finding shade during the hot sunny months can be an arduous goal. Likewise, only a few small streams can be found here, and be warned - finding your way out during the midst of summer can often be nearly impossible. ain't this the bloodiest ... by Crux 09-19-2023, 09:01 PM
Tall Grass Plains
A small grove of willow trees dot the tepid waters near the hot springs. The natural current created by the springs play around the roots and long tendrils of the willow branches. These delicate trees bend and sway in the breeze while calm weather creates hidden alcoves beneath their long branches. On still, breezeless summer afternoons it is as if each tree creates its own private room behind the curtain of their branches. Will you watch the firefl... by Scald 09-20-2023, 10:43 AM
Weeping Woods
Vegetation has taken over a once-resort, ruins scattered about and trees growing out of the more lasting, and yet crumbling rapidly as time goes by, stone buildings located within the dense forest. Small trinkets from the former civilization can be found, but usually they are eccentric and unidentifiable. It is clear that the tides have taken over what was once a great island, and if one swims off shore enough one may come across sea-taken wreckage. i'll be barbie, you be ke... by The Judge Yesterday, 10:12 AM
Daager Isle
A large cluster of islands sits off the southeastern coast of Boreas. The largest of these is known as Dove Island, named as such for the doves that have made this luscious place their yearly nesting ground, creating quite a mystic sight. To the north-east lies Inu Island, which harbors a jungle-like climate with a treacherous mountain in the middle, and no shortage of mysterious caverns. To the north-west of Dove Island lies Black Island, a place difficult to reach, due to the strong undercurrents. The smaller islands on each side of Dove Island are easy to reach and are tropical in climate. Excuse Me, Do You Know Wh... by Gilgamesh 09-20-2023, 09:25 AM
Dove Island Archipelago
This place is set at the southern coast. Every inward tide, brackish water floods this area. Teeming with life, the water is not palatable, but if one is a good show at fishing there are plenty of fish to be had. On low tide, the beach is bared to the sun and other kinds of sea food can be found, if a wolf doesn't mind digging. Cypress trees grow sparsely apart, wide bases standing strong against storms and thriving in the brackish water. No evidence of activity found.
Sea's Plain
The land is wet and soft, bog-like, with the potential pockets of quicksand. The "land" above the water level is covered with marsh grasses, vines, palmettos and irises. The air here is muggy and thick, and often covered in fog. Tree roots stick up from the terrain and act as obstacles. my holy ghost is hovering... by Gilgamesh 09-01-2023, 09:02 AM
Corpseghoul Swamplands
A beautiful cut out of the earth that is packed tightly with an incredible amount of plant and animal life. Brightly colored flowers bloom plentifully throughout the garden. Rare herbs flourish in this small area, which makes it prime area for a healer to scout. Be sure you know your plants though, there are as many helpful as there are harmful. silly danger, you say? by Maki 7 hours ago
Fern Gulley
A hilly area that is ever-changing. The place is often consumed by earthquakes of all sizes. Hills constantly change shape and trees are often knocked down due to the land shifting. This place is rather barren and many animals fear living here. One unique thing about this place, though, is that a series of dangerous caverns can be found beneath these hills. This cave system goes on for miles, with long stretches of pitch black darkness interspersed with brief glimmers of sunlight streaming down from the hills below. Inside these caves it seems as though all noises are amplified - you only need to whisper to be heard from far away. Just be careful visiting if an earthquake strikes and buries you beneath the hills... No evidence of activity found.
Barren Hills
Located almost dead-center of the island, Algoma Prairie is a beautiful patch of land that is consistently teeming with a multitude of flora aside from the wintertime, when a thin layer of snow blankets the grassy expanse and the winter winds strip the flora of their petals. Towards the eastern edge of the prairie resides a small creek not even deep enough to consume the smallest of puppies, providing any who cross it with the opportunity to cool down or replenish their thirst. The prairie is a hot-spot for grazing animals such as bison and pronghorn, but it also serves as a home for smaller prey like hares and prairie dogs, making it an ideal location for hunting. Rest and a bite to eat? by Irving 09-07-2023, 01:54 PM
Algoma Prairie
Here lies the beach of mysteries. This beach is cloaked in black, given that it's sand is actually fine broken up granules of obsidian. At noon each day the beach is set aglow by the sun's light, given the fact that obsidian is highly reflective. At midnight it glows by the light of the moon. Perhaps the time it is the most alluring is during a lightning storm, when the obsidian turns into a light show. Friendly Shadows by Lurid 09-21-2023, 10:36 AM
Obsidian Beach
A large cave located off the shore of a beach. It is very dark inside except at noon and midnight where the moon or sun reach a point were the light shines in and lights the whole cave. The inside is covered in shiny stones that gleam many colors. The floor of the cave is slightly sloped, getting progressively lower towards the back. When the tide comes in the cave is occasionally flooded and when the tide recedes some fish will get caught in the back of the cave, making an easy opportunity for predators. Perhaps I am a corsair by Scald Yesterday, 08:32 AM
Time's Cavern
The ocean moves inland through a long scar in the land. The fjord is not easy to climb nor descend but it is not impossible. The walls of the fjord are coated in thick deciduous forest. The long way around by Audra 08-18-2023, 12:35 PM
Faller's Fjord
A messy conglomerate of briar plants, full of thorns and very little paths through it that end up piercing the unfortunate souls that wander in. Small birds live here and can be heard, but are rarely seen. It is easy to get lost, and younger wolves can easily wander in and bleed to death - travelers be warned. What a thorny situation by Calico Jack 09-06-2023, 08:14 PM
Gambit Briar

Southern Boreas is lush and moist, home to deltas and grand river systems that lead directly to the open sea. The south is mostly flatland, though not quite as flat as the west. A few rolling hills and dense forests add variety to the deep south. Islands just off the coast are within easy reach. Prey is plentiful here and some marine animals swim further inland - travelling the network of deltas and rivers - than any other coast in Boreas.