Along the winding way of Dreamer's Col, a well-hidden and difficult path veers up the mountain's face and doubles back behind a ridge to reveal the mouth of a cavern that cannot be seen from below. Few care to venture into the fearsome blackness and it can be easy to loose your way in the blind twists and turns, but those who persist find the winding cavern opening up into an enormous grotto. A single small shaft to the surface allows light to penetrate the grotto, revealing a splendorous sight - the entire grotto is covered in a layer of glittering, fiery gemstones from fire opals to orange sapphires and tourmaline that reflect the light back a thousandfold. At night, any light brought within the cavern will produce a similar affect, easily illuminating the impressive space. (Open to Advanced or higher Intellectuals OR Navigators) No evidence of activity found.
Firestorm Grotto

A dangerous mountain range that's nearly impossible to traverse stretches across the western edge of the northermost lands. These mountains are subject to many rock slides, and frequent avalanches render the mountain pass difficult to impossible to pass. Near the base of the mountain, tiny openings can be found that lead to a vast system of caverns that wind through the mountain range. The structure of these caves varies, from earthen walls that smell of clay and dirt, to dangerous caves full of stalagmites and stalactites. Dripping can be heard from deep within the cavern, and puddles and streams litter the caverns, making exploring these caves quite dangerous.


Dreamer's Col

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