The ravages of time have uncovered the opening to a network of cellars beneath a portion of the old structure on the Stone Steppe, and small prey animals have flocked to the shelter and bounty over the years, multiplying with ferocity. Rotting wood shelves bow under the weight of glass jars containing preserved meat, soups, and many other foods, carefully canned and lined up by long-forgotten humans—perhaps servants of whomever governed the castle and surrounding land above the cellars. One might think this is all that can be found—endless rats, mice, rabbits and other tasty creatures. But the cellars are only the beginning. Deeper within, at the far back lies an old stone room, lined in shelves with clay and glass pots of salves, flasks of tinctures and many more things to tickle a healer’s fancy. Sheaves of thin material – pigskin preserved to withstand the years – lay stacked on moldering shelves or lie scattered on the floor, or are bound in old leather-bound covers as books, scrawled upon with writing and notes, perhaps left behind by some apothecary. What secrets lay within these rather macabre pages? (Open to Expert and above Hunters and Navigators) No evidence of activity found.
Lord's Cellar

The Stone Steppe is mysterious, but quite often beautiful. The stones that are it's namesake are a conglomeration of old ancient ruins that have long since been weathered and eroded. Though the basic foundation and stature still stand, much of it has fallen on its side or caved in, creating an unusual playground for exploration and discovery.


The Stone Steppe

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