Part way down the slippery rock lies a cave, hidden from every view on the mainland, but easily seen from the ocean. The key to finding this entry is to look for the jutting rock formation. The shape of which could be said to resemble the head of a dragon. Directly inside the cave lies a small pool of water, with one raised side, a sleeping dragon curled about its gleaming blue treasure. A curving almost carved piece of rock hangs over this water in the shape of a water dragon's tail. When the sun sets, for one hour in the evening the sun falls directly into the cave, and lights up the reddish clay beneath the water, giving it a flaming hue like the breath of a dragon. (Open to Master Fighters) No evidence of activity found.
Seadragon's Outpost

These cliffs stand an impressive two hundred feet above the eastern sea shore of Boreas. At the top grows a lush field of wildflowers, and the serenity of the land could easily trick one into letting their guard down, but you'd be wrong to think no danger was lurking nearby. The field suddenly breaks off as though a giant bear had pried the land away with its claws. The sheer wall is comprised of white stone, glittering here and there with mineral deposits from gold to shimmering silver. Far below, a narrow strip of white sand makes up the beach, reachable only by a narrow trail only those brave or foolhardy at heart would take.


Moontouched Cliffs

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