Deep in the heart of the desert, a fierce sandstorm raged through the land to uncover a most fascinating sight. In a place thought to be empty and void of anything but sand, there lies a giant coliseum made of stone and marble. Since it's discovery, many predators both wolf and otherwise flock to this place to test their strength in battle competition against one another. The Coliseum seems to be a place where all walks of life gather to either watch the battles or partake in one themselves. While inside the Coliseum, there is an unspoken rule seemingly agreed upon by all who step foot inside. Fights are between official participants and are not to be interfered with once the competitions have started, no matter the stakes. (Open to Expert and above Fighters) shh, don't tell others th... by Ronan 02-19-2024, 05:35 PM
Cerberus' Colosseum

Rock gives way to sandy dunes, roiling waves of sand mimicking the waves of the ocean in standstill, interspersed with occasional sprigs of grass and cactus. Withered husks of trees are the only shade to be found in this unforgiving land. Water is hard to come by, and the sun beats down relentlessly regardless of the season. In summer, all life struggles to survive. In winter, the nights are cold and frigid, with the day’s heat escaping the moment the sun sinks below the horizon. Only the most hardy could make a home in this place.


Barren Dunes

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