General Rules

  1. You must be 18 years or older before you join Ardent. Due to the mature nature of our site, this is non-negotiable.

  2. Multiple aliases are not allowed on Ardent. Please stick to one alias - we will find out if you are using multiple aliases and have no tolerance for it. Doing so can result in temporary or permanent banning.

  3. We have zero tolerance for rudeness. Please be courteous to fellow members and treat others as you would want to be treated. Please keep out-of-character disputes outside of in-character events, and please refrain from having in-character events affect the way you treat other members. Members will be warned twice before being banned if they misbehave.

  4. We have zero tolerance for art theft, so make sure you have permission to use the images you choose to use. If we find that you are using someone's art, you will be asked to take it down and not use it. If the art is not taken down we will delete it and warn you. If you see an art piece that you think is being used without permission, please tell a staff member immediately.

Posting Rules

  1. All in-character posts must be 100 words or more.

  2. Tables and images used in posts should not stretch the site or break the site's code.

  3. Do not, under any circumstance, make an out-of-character post in an in-character board, though you are free to include small out-of-character notes before or after an in-character post

  4. Do not double post. When making a post, please only post once. If you do, please post in Maintenance so that a staff member can delete the post and correct your gems.

  5. Please use the appropriate tags to mark your threads. Unmarked threads can be a bit ambiguous in terms of who is and who isn't supposed to be in the thread, and members may avoid posting in threads if they aren't sure who it is intended for. We highly recommend you use thread descriptions to tag characters you expect to post, to avoid confusion.

    marks a thread for more heavy sexual acts with later fading for actual sex. Please still adhere to the 3-2-3 rating and take all explicit sex off-site. This includes vivid sex acts, descriptions of genitalia, etc.
    marks a thread as "mature" and viewer discretion is advised. This tag can be for violence, sexual content, language, or anything else you feel is mature and needs a warning.
    marks an "all welcome" thread, signifying that anyone on the site can post there.
    marks a thread as "private," and the thread owner can ask for your posts to be removed if the thread is not intended for you.
    marks a thread as "pack only," meaning it is strictly for pack members.
    is a "joining" thread and helps signify to an Alpha that a character is attempting to join, or discuss joining, their pack.
    signifies a fight or spar thread.

  6. Important notes should be placed in your character's profile so that everyone threading with them can see them easily. These notes might include things such as:

    • If another character is always allowed in a character's threads even if it might be labelled as private. This is only allowed for characters with an immediate, compelling reason to be in all of Character A's threads, such as a mate, parent of a young character, a character's young children, slave/slaver, or bodyguard - this is not to be used to allow a character's friends and acquaintances into all of their private threads.
      Additional note on private threads: Alphas may enter any threads marked as Private that take place on packlands. Also, threads started by non pack members who make "Private" threads in packlands can be entered by anyone in the pack.

    • If a character is prone to violence, or other topics that may be offensive to the reader.

Maturity Rating

  1. Ardent has a 3-2-3 RPG rating. This means we allow swearing and mature language, explicit violence, and sexual content with some limitations. These limitations are as follows:
    • Extremely descriptive sexual content should be taken off-site. This includes detailed descriptions of sex acts and genitalia.
    • Rape/non-consensual sex cannot be described graphically, but can be referenced as occurring - these scenes must immediately "fade to black" if they occur.

RPG Rating 3 2 3

Adoption Rules

  1. If you have specific activity requirements for an adoption, these must be stated clearly in the original adoption post.

  2. A player must be warned before attempting to take back the character. If your efforts to contact them fail, contact an admin who will intervene and give the adoptee a reasonable amount of time to resume activity.

  3. Characters cannot be taken back for any reason whatsoever except inactivity.

  4. If an agreement is not made in the adoption thread, then the adopter must wait 2 OOC months of inactivity before attempting to take back a character from a player who is inactive or has left the site. Rule #2 must still be followed.

  5. If characters are taken back and re-adopted out, everything about them can change except for their age and birth season.

  6. If an adoptee provided a name and design for the adoption, these cannot be used without explicit permission even if the character is taken back.