Raid Rules

A raid is a small group of wolves affecting an attack on a pack for some form of resources.

  1. Raids will take place on the defending pack's territory.

  2. Raiders can be made up of either wolves from a single pack or band, or a group of rogues, but groups cannot be mixed between the pack/band and rogues and the defenders must be an officially recognized pack. Defenders must all be from the same pack - allies will not be permitted to participate in raids.

  3. Group sizes will be limited to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 raiders, and only the first 10 defenders to post will be permitted to participate.

  4. All wolves including defenders must have been in their respective statuses (member of that pack or band, or a rogue) for 1 OOC week prior to the raid.

  5. Only wolves 1 year old or older (three seasons or older, if they have an advanced fight skill), can participate in raids.

  6. No one who cannot participate in the fights will be allowed to post in the raid. By posting in the thread a player agrees to any and all consequences from participating.

  7. Raiders must all have posted in a completed IC meeting thread to participate. In that meeting it is required that the raiders state their intended resource (this can be something like water in a drought, or herbs that cannot be found elsewhere, the right to hold a single hunt in that pack's lands - run your idea past staff to double check that it would be allowed if you're unsure) and the raiding party must have a clear leader.

  8. Each wolf is allowed to fight until they either are knocked out or reach their limit of knock-outs. Each wolf is allowed 2 knock outs before they are no longer allowed to continue and must leave - no one may contest them leaving since they are no longer allowed to fight.

  9. There are no Tier 1 fights (DMs, pack challenges, major maims) allowed, but wolves can choose from minor maims, claims or dominance battles in the Tier 2 (dice roll) category. Unless it is specifically stated as a maim or claim, the fight is treated as a dominance battle.

  10. Claims can only be initiated by a Tier 1 or 2 pack wolf but the challenge may be answered by the wolf being claimed, a Tier 1 or 2 wolf of their pack, or a mate.

  11. The raid is over when there are no more wolves able to fight on one side. In the event that the defenders are the last wolves able to continue to fight, they will have driven off the raiders. If the raiders are the only ones left standing, they are able to claim the resource stated in the IC meeting and the raid is over.

  12. Successful raiding parties may participate in one thread (besides the raid itself) on the losing group's lands to obtain the resource they came to collect, but this is not required.

  13. In the event that there is no response to the raid from the defending pack within three days the raid is considered successful and the resource acquired. It is not required that the defending pack answer the raid and no penalty (past the winning pack's resource being acquired) will be taken for defaulting.

  14. There is no limit on how many raids can be occurring at any one time, but a group can only be involved in one raid at a time regardless of whether they are attacking or defending. There must be a two week wait after the official end of their last raid before either group can be involved in another raid.

  15. Multiple participant fights will follow the same rules outlined in the Siege guide.