Band Creation

Characters on Ardent are allowed to form bands, which are small groups of wolves that follow a single leader, though they have no claimed lands. They may have shared traditions or culture, depending on the group. A key feature of bands is that they are nomadic - meaning that they travel regularly, rather than stay in one particular land or group of lands.

Please see the thread here to apply for band creation.

Band Requirements

The requirements to create a band include 250 gems, 50 posts in count and a total of 4 followers (5 members total including the leader). The leader must be at least one year old. The max number of wolves allowed in a band is 12.

Followers do not include the following: Claimed wolves/prisoners, children under 1 year, or characters that you play.

The wolf looking to create a band must have existed and not been set inactive for at least two months.

Bands must have the word "Band" as part of their name to distinguish them from packs at a glance.

Bands have no claimed territories.

Bands can raid other packs but cannot siege them.

The band's leader has the same ability to ownership and freedom challenges as a tier 2 or higher member of a pack. This means they may force claim loners, protect members of their band from attempted claims by pack wolves, and challenge packs for pack members. No other band members have this ability.

Wolves in a band will not lose a point in the health section in a fight for not being part of a pack. However, they do not get the extra pups per litter that a pack would, staying at a maximum of three pups.

Leadership of a band can be challenged by another member of the band in a dominance fight. If a leader of a band fails a monthly activity check, members of the band have one OOC week to either decide on another leader. In the case of a disagreement, leadership of the band will be settled in a dominance fight.

Activity Requirements

1. Since bands have no claimed lands and no perks besides an official status, the activity requirements for leaders of bands are much smaller.

2. The leader of a band much have started at least 1 thread a month in a different area, with at least one of their followers involved.

3. Activity checks will be held the 1st Monday of each month.

Band Expansion

Five successful raids won by a band, will allow a band to increase their permanent population cap to 18.