Specialty Guide

Once a wolf reaches Master in any given skill, they are able to select a Specialty to unlock special perks. A Specialty Unlock item can be purchase to choose a second Specialty from a different skill. Specialties are not permanent, and can be changed within reason.

Specialties can be requested in Maintenance.


This fighter uses a vicious, all-out attack style that also lowers their defenses.
Provides a 30% Attack bonus to all fights, but also gives a -10% penalty to Defense score.

This wolf specializes in protection and may choose one single wolf to protect.
All fights except pack challenges directed at their chosen wolf may be answered instead by the bodyguard, with any negative results of the battle going to the bodyguard instead of their chosen wolf.

When the odds are stacked against them, a brawler reigns supreme. This wolf specializes in multi-opponent fights!
Gain a 30% total score bonus in all melee (multiple opponent) fights.

A character who's fighting style relies heavily on defense, they protect themselves against all odds.
Provides a 20% Defense bonus in all fights.

Loyal to the end, this wolf protects their group at all costs.
Provides a 50% Defense bonus while defending their pack against a Siege or Raid.

A fighter who aims to crush anything in their path, their fighting style is brutal and unforgiving.
Provides a 20% Attack bonus in all fights.

A fighter who has sworn fealty to a group or pack.
Provides a 40% Attack bonus when fighting for a pack or band that they've sworn loyalty to. Examples include raids, sieges, responding to a freedom challenge against a packmate, defending against intruders, etc.

A fighter who has sworn fealty to a group or pack.
Provides a 30% total bonus score when participating in Raids (must be on the attacking side).

A fighter whose fighting stamina has a deeper well, allowing them to keep battling just a bit longer.
Allows this character 1 additional knockout in a Siege or Raid.

Someone who infiltrates enemy strongholds to cause mischief.
Provides a 30% total score bonus when trespassing.

Slave Master
A ruthless wolf who is adept at turning others into their prisoners.
Provides a 30% total score bonus in all ownership challenges that they initiate, and allows them to keep one slave at a time as a loner.

This fighter excels in barebone fighting, never utilizing armor or companions to gain an edge over their opponents. Any added armor or companions will void this specialty entirely.
17.5% Bonus score to Attack, Defense, Agility, and Perception respectively.

One who is adept at using weapons and tools in their battles.
Allows a battle accessory to be ultra effective, giving a 20% additional boost to Attack score in all fights.


Beast Master
One who is finely in tune with the animals around them.
Unlocks a third companion slot which can be used in fights, and gains a 10% Attack bonus in all fights.

A wolf highly skilled in delivering the killing blow in hunts, surely knows how to use that knowledge on fellow wolves..
Provides a 15% total score bonus in all fights.

One who is experienced with hunting alongside many different wolves, and does just as well with fighting alongside them too.
Provides a 30% personal total score bonus when fighting alongside a friendly wolf. This includes fighting with friends in melee fights, fighting with packs/bands in sieges, raids, etc.

A character who finely in tune with their winged companion, they quite literally have a second pair of eyes.
Gives a 30% Perception bonus in all fights. Must have a flying companion to be applicable.

A savage creature who fights to shred their opponent and leave them broken and bloodied.
40% Attack Bonus when seeking to maim their opponent.

A wolf uniquely attuned to the local wildlife, giving them the ability to tame larger creatures.
Allows one companion to be oversized (30" tall, or 60" long for reptile length or bird wingspan).

Prey animals seem to just trust this wolf with their care and lives, and this wolf will not let that trust be broken!
Provides a 40% total score bonus when defending livestock from a raider attempting to hunt them.

Trophy Hunter
A hunter so masterful they can bring down large prey animals with fewer helping paws.
Hunts with this character need fewer wolves to hunt large (down to 3 wolves) and extra large prey animals (down to 5 wolves).


One who is an expert in anatomy, this wolf knows how to hit where it really hurts.
Provides a 40% Attack bonus in all maim fights.

This dexterous wolf has an eye for beauty. You’re sure to be pleased with the results of their work!
Purchases for cosmetic scarring/tattoos are 25% off if markings are done IC by this wolf.

Surrounding themselves with family comes naturally to this female.
Allows females to have 1 total pup higher than normal in litters (6 for pack, 4 for loner).

Field Medic
A battle-hardened healer who knows how to provide aid in the fray of a fight.
Allows one member of their pack or band (not themselves), if knocked out during a raid or a siege, to get back up and fight one more round.

Fitness Coach
Just 10 more reps! Hustle! No pain, no gain!
Allows this character to assist a fighter in a raid (not themselves), giving them "second wind" in a raid and allowing 1 additional KO in a siege or raid once their limit is met.

Poison Master
One skilled in the art of poisons.
Allows a character to poison a single Offensive Battle Accessory, adding a 35% Attack bonus in all fights that they initiate.

Trauma Surgeon
Is there a doctor on board? Oh wait, you are one..
Reduces chance of personal injury from any fight by 30%.
Not functional yet, TBA


Against all reason, these wolves seem to show up whenever things go wrong!
Daredevils are permitted to enter Random Events, even after the stated character limit has been reached.

Escape Artist
One who is good at getting out of tricky situations and not afraid to run when they know the odds are stacked against them.
Allows one extra chance to flee fights.

Fleet Footed
One who is quick on their paws, excelling in speed above all else.
Adds a 30% Agility bonus to all fights.

Now they're here, now they're... gone? These wolves are elusive and evade capture easily.
Adds a 30% total bonus score when initiating a freedom challenge.

A wolf adept at sneaking into places they definitely shouldn't be.
Receives a 10% chance of going undetected when trespassing.

These nimble wolves are able to get into places most wolves can't.
Gives the ability to post to any skill-locked land, from Boreas to Auster.

Gotta go fast! These wolves embody speed. It's their middle name- kind of.
Provides a 15% total score bonus in all races.


A wolf who exudes charisma, their presence alone is a great benefit to their allies.
Provides a 10% total score bonus to all comrades (but not to themselves) in a siege or raid.

Considered blessed, this character has a slight advantage in all fighting categories.
Gives a 5% bonus to Attack, Defense, Agility, and Perception respectively.

Under the watchful eye of a caretaker, a birth is bound to be successful.
Extra pup passes for this character only are free!

One who walks through the dreamworld as easily as the physical one.
Can communicate with any wolves in Somnium, regardless of relation.

This savvy wolf knows how to turn Lady Luck on her head, giving them a chance to reroll their lowest number once in a dice rolled fight.
You always reroll your lowest die (once a fight only).
Not functional yet, TBA

Naturally Talented
Maybe they're born with it, maybe it's a specialty.
Any pups born to this wolf will start as an Intermediate in Intellect.

An experienced trader that knows the real value of an item.
50% off all purchases that apply to that character only.

A learned wolf who is able to conduct lessons in any skill discipline.
Wolves participating in their lessons will gain double skill points for receiving lessons in the applicable skill.

One who has some extraordinary insight into what the future holds.
Reduces cost of Immortality passes to 100 Gems per, and allows character to live one year beyond the normal purchasable limit!

Quick on their paws, these wolves use their minds rather than their strength to gain an advantage over opponents.
Receives a 30% Perception bonus in all fights.

One who has betrayed their family.
Receives a 50% Attack bonus in all fights against blood relatives.

A dark aura surrounds this wolf. You’re not sure what might happen if you get into a scuffle with them - they give you the heebie jeebies.
Small chance to place a hex on an opponent in a fight.
Not functional yet, TBA