Character Mutations

Mutations are a feature on Ardent that allows characters to have unnatural features that aren't normally seen in wolves, beyond colors and markings - things like horns, elongated manes, and saber teeth are all considered mutations.

The fun part of mutations? They're not set in stone, meaning that if you come up with a unique mutation you wish for your character to have, simply contact an Admin for approval.

While mutations can be used in Tier 2 (dice rolled) fights, there is a maximum of 3 mutations allowed per character for fights. See the Tier 2 Guide for more information. Beyond fights, mutations are unlimited.

Mutations come in two types, minor mutations and major mutations. You may also see the term "fantasy feature" or "fantasy mutation" thrown around - these mean the same thing! However, there is a different between minor and major mutations, and the following list of examples will help you distinguish between the two.

Note: These are merely examples, and you are not limited to this list in choosing a mutation!

Minor Mutations:

Major Mutations:

And finally... how are mutations obtained?
Currently, major mutations are only obtainable from site events, and are extremely rare. Minor mutations can be claimed from site donation, and are often seen in site events and contests.