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Legacy Ancora

She’d reached the shore of the island after a long swim, and once she’d shaken the still frigid water from her coat, Legacy rested for several minutes, scanning the hard climb she had ahead of her. It was definitely not a feat best done with soggy fur weighing her down.

With each passing week, she was slowing reasserting her old good nature. The loss of her fathers and siblings had dealt a brutal blow to her soul, but wounds healed, soul wounds included. It would be an insult to them all to wallow in depression and pass on as her grandmother had done.

The sight of her father’s eyes fading, dulling over with death still haunted her nightmares, though, and she’d woken her cousins several times thrashing in her pelts in the alcoves until her mother came to force a sleeping draught down her throat and she was pulled into dreamless sleep.

Sighing, Legacy pulled herself to her paws and began walking, following the shoreline, scrambling up rocks and back to the scant sand as she went. She made note of each possible path she spotted that might lead up the cliffs that guarded the heart of the island.

Finally, she found one trail that seemed most traveled by wolves over goats, and started climbing, taking her time to scout ahead as she went. It took a couple hours, but finally she crested and sat for a while, gazing down at the valley below, and the volcano that soared from the heart of the isle.

It was a lovely sight, and she elected to remain for a while, taking it in while she scouted with her eyes for a good path to lead her deeper.

Walk ---- "Speak" ---- "Labhair an Sean-Teanga." ---- "Hear" ---- Think

Legacy speaks with a heavy Irish brogue type accent, but is perfectly understandable as she tends to speak clearly and enunciates well.

Legacy is nearly always clad in her Deer Hide Armor when on outings, mainly because you never know when you'll find an herb to take home. Unless stated otherwise, it's relatively safe to assume she's wearing it.