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He wasn't sure what was wrong with him lately, but he knew there was something...different. Something had sparked in him since his last encounter with Corvus, and truth be told, it was more than likely not a good thing. He loved Corvus. And Corvus confessed that he loved him back, but that he also loved someone else and he was with her. Ignis didn't know how to react to that and had actually gotten pretty upset at the news. He had felt like his heart had been ripped apart, and yet...he couldn't let Corvus go. He couldn't just let the fact be that they weren't meant to be together. He had failed to convince Corvus to be with him instead, and was beginning to question why he even fucking cared. He often wondered if he had simply been too late. Taken too long to confess to the earthen male that he loved him. That he'd taken too long to figure out the confusing feelings he felt every time he saw Corvus. Of course, he didn't know it for a while at first. But gradually, the more time they spent together, the stronger the feeling became. But as fate would have it, Corvus had been claimed by someone else.

While he was aware that his best friend (could he still consider him that?) had been conflicted too, Ignis just didn't want to hear it anymore. So he had run from the scene, leaving Corvus behind and he hadn't seen nor spoken to him since. How long ago was that now? He couldn't remember. All he knew since he returned home was that his state of mind had changed. He had become less outgoing. Less animated. Less willing to interact with anyone and had secluded himself, keeping his own company and that of his companions. He'd become reclusive to an extent, but...he felt like he wasn't truly alone. He'd begun to feel something brewing in his mind, like something that had been hidden was trying to emerge. Sometimes it terrified him and he would manage to shut it out for the most part, but some nights when he dreamt...he would see gruesome images and hear horrible things as if someone was whispering in his ear at night. He hadn't told anyone. Not his uncle, nor even his companions. They'd think he was going crazy. Losing his mind or overreacting about what happened with Corvus...

But he knew better. After all, his uncle killed his father because he was a sick, crazy, evil bastard. And all this time Ignis believed he would be nothing like him...that he had gotten lucky enough not to inherit the sickness his father had...and with Acere's influence, he had believed it. But now...? Now he wasn't so sure.

The scent of fresh meat hung in the air and it seemed to cause his stomach to rumble. He couldn't remember when he last ate, but he wouldn't pass up the chance at a free and easy meal. A grunt nearby immediately captured his attention, however, bringing him to the present as he became more aware of his surroundings. He saw movement ahead, a black shape wandering behind the trees several yards away. Ignis stood there, nostrils flaring as he detected the scent of an adult black bear. Crimson eyes narrowed as he debated leaving it alone, or chasing it off. They were both alone in the presence of one another. Both likely wanting the meat he smelled. He watched it for a few moments, and ultimately...he decided he was going to chase it off. Despite his recent internal struggles, he wasn't just going to let another predator roam so close to Winterfell's borders. Or take what he felt he had the right to take first. He growled a low rumble that quickly grew loud enough that it caught the bear's attention. The beast came around the tree, shaking its head as it stomped the ground in a threatening manner.

Ignis began to stalk forward, hackles raised and his teeth bared as he drew closer, aiming to walk a semi-circle around the black beast. The black bear rose on its paws, roaring at him. And that's when he launched. With all the driving force of a locomotive, Ignis propelled himself forward as the bear stood, jaws parting as he sought to catch one of the bear's forepaws in his teeth. Despite his size, the crimson male was surprisingly fast on his feet. He heard a sickening crunch as he crushed the bear's paw in his mouth, and soon after the bellow of pain that came from his opponent. The bear aimed to shake him off, swiping at him with its free paw, its claws raking down his flank which caused him to release his grip. He was on the ground for a moment before launching at the bear again, ignoring the pulsing pain and the warmth of the blood that painted his fur a deeper shade of red. Likewise, the bear charged at him as well. Both of them tussled, trying to get the upper hand on one another. Ignis managed to get a good bite in on the bear's foreleg. It's shoulder. It's snout for a moment. While the bear managed to rake him once or twice across his shoulders and back, and even ripped some fur and left some lacerations with its teeth and claws as it tried to fend him off.

The pain and the rage Ignis felt, however, only seemed to fuel him.

As they wrestled, something snapped in his mind.

It was like an electric shock in his mind. Like something suddenly took over his body. No fucking bear was going to beat him today, no. Because he was going to kill it first. With sudden renewed rage and viciousness he had never really felt before, he dropped to the ground before springing back up, jaws wide open as he sought to close them around the bear's open throat. Like a vice grip, Ignis locked his teeth as tightly as he could on the bear's neck, using his weight to yank it down and force it to the ground. He held on so tightly that the predator could hardly make more than a gurgled gasp as it desperately tried to claw at him to get him to let go.

But Ignis would not release his grip.

He twisted the bear's neck to the side as he suffocated it. With each passing moment, the bear's attempts at trying to dislodge him grew weaker. And before he knew it, snap! The sickening sound of its neck breaking. He had twisted and contorted it around so much that the bear's fading eyes stared up at the sky, it's now lifeless body lying on the ground. Ignis stood there, panting through the thick fur he still held in his mouth. And it wasn't until he slowly came to the realization of what he'd done that he finally let go and stepped back. Sure it was just a bear...but he had never killed anything so viciously before. At least, not that he could remember...the worst part was, he didn't even feel bad about it. The bear was likely up here looking for food before it went to hibernate for the winter, and he had come along and killed it. He stared at its lifeless body, feeling no remorse or sympathy for his actions...what the hell was wrong with him? He supposed it didn't matter at this moment. He killed the bear. Which meant the nearby carcass was his. And, of course...he'd be getting a new bearskin outfit when he was done...

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