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11-14-2022, 04:30 AM
Ardyn Cadeyrn Aodhán Phoenix Adravendi

This flat grassland held sweet memories for the king. Childhood, the bright excitement of his first festival. He padded across the dancefloor, taking in the sights. Eramaya’s Nomad chapter had moved on, but soon enough, by the next festival Valhalla held, this flat expanse would be populated by yurts, tents and Nomads of many chapters, and wolves of many packs in Boreas and Auster, as well as loners.

They hadn’t ended up holding the festival his mother had planned for celebrating his rise to kingship. Perhaps it was time to hold one this autumn.

Tel would probably enjoy helping put things together, not to mention the rest of the pack.

He slowed to a stop by the river, drinking deeply while Lyr perched on his back, claws gripping the King’s armor as he preened with one eye watching for danger or approach. Lunira and Sädir were nearby, watchful as always.

Walk ---- "Speak" ---- "Labhair an Sean-Teanga." ---- "Hear" ---- Think

Ardyn's family (Red, Aurielle, Siblings, Valhalla) are allowed to crash threads, regardless of private tags.

Ardyn at first glance is as black as can be imagined with a raven sheen.

Closer inspection proves that he shimmers in fire tones in every hair on his hide right down to his lashes.

More obviously, he glows like a bed of coals and flames with every movement and brush of fur. His tail is usually wagging, so blazes like a torch.

His adult teeth are in and his saber canines have grown to their full length (see profile). His mane and tail hair have grown to full length, as well as being lightweight and easily buffeted by breezes.

A look at his front paws will give the impression of hands, with his dew claw dropped low and lengthened into a functioning thumb, and his toes elongated into fingers. He has retractable, solid black cat-like claws on every paw.

Ardyn has developed a glowing mast of intricate markings in fire and ice colors over his face, symmetrical over the last seasons of Year 17 (see profile for details). During hunts or raids/sieges, he will smudge them out with black soot to cover the glow, otherwise, they are bright enough to note at first direct glance at his face. Not all his artwork currently portrays the mask markings.

He is also often bedecked in beads, small bells, feathers in blues, ribbons and braids thanks to the Ooze Event of Halloween 2021, and the Coathanger item that he got. The accessories generally are seen most in his mane and tail hair. He removes the brighter items and bells for hunts or battle.

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