May Announcement



05-15-2023, 05:35 PM
This announcement was a little too lengthy for just a Discord post, so here we go!

  • General Site Maintenance
    2. Site speed/performance has been greatly improved! Hopefully everyone has noticed this, it was especially noticeable during the Easter Egg hunt but has since been resolved.
    4. Site font size has been increased. You can change this on your own by editing your profile under the UserCP. A bit tedious if you have lots of accounts, but it should be much nicer on everyone's eyes!
    6. Member profiles have moved from a "tabbed" setup to a page setup that imitates tabs. Inventory pages now exist for IC profiles, while OOC profiles just show on your main profile page.
    8. Added a "back to top" arrow on the bottom right of the site.
    10. Suggestions board has been cleared out, not deleted but moved to a document off-site.
    12. Added a bonus for paleo species to races (listed on Racing Guide in Guidebook).
    14. Added a link on the Shop navbar for Inventory Listing page (an easy way to filter by username, item, etc. as well as view all logs of items on site).
  • Inventory System
    1. As of right now, the inventory system should be fully set up and ready to use! I went through and added old Ardmas unclaimed items from the yearly 50% sales, as well as any Halloween 2021 items. This was a lot to go through so it's very possible things are missing. If anything seems off, please post in Maintenance and it will get resolved! The only thing that hasn't been added are Donation Rewards, which will be added soon.
    3. Some small fixes: Added breadcrumbs (link to return to site index) to top of Shop Inventory page, fixed Inventory, made it easier to search by name in the Inventory listing page (short names were almost impossible to search for).
    5. Fixes that are coming; Ability to see if items are nontransferable/nonrefundable from profile pages, other various plugin fixes for staff.
    7. Gemstone store notes. Some of these have been added to the top of the shop, but I'll reiterate here:
      - Details field: Item descriptions need to be under 255 characters. I did my best to condense any existing accessory descriptions to fit this, but feel free to post in Maintenance to have ANYTHING edited if you want to re-write any (it's very easy to do!). Keep in mind that ALL that goes here is the item details/description, nothing else.
      - Payment field: This should include both payment information (where gems are coming from) AND if something is a gift or not/who to transfer to.
      - N/A quantity for an item simply means 1. All items in the Inventory Shop plugin can either be set to require a quantity (in the case of things like height, and consumables like breeding passes), a description (companions, accessories, etc) or NEITHER (something like an open character pass would show as N/A since they can never stack, nor require a description. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion there!
  • Sneak Peaks

  • Teaser for an eventual (no date estimate) injury/debuff system that will tie into the fight system

    Some new Lil Ardy art from a new artist is coming. Looks like she lost her hat!


Thank you all for your loyal support as always and stay tuned for more to come! :)