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05-15-2024, 07:37 AM

It was an unusually bright night in the land of ardent. The moon hung high in the winter sky and illuminated much more than usual. Like a big night light in the sky. Alaric was out alone, as usual, his nose glued to the cold ground. It had taken him weeks to travel from the south to the north. He preferred the north for the winter months and would head back down south whenever he felt like it. Being a loner, he didn't have much responsibility to be tied down anywhere in particular. He was on the hunt for something. However he was unaware that he himself was in the process of being hunted. Behind him, lurking in the shadows of the trees, lay a desperate mountain lion. It's sides were slim with its ribs protruding. It was starving. Starving enough to try to make a meal out of the lone wolf it was currently stalking.

It wasn't long until Alaric could tell something was off. He was a seasoned warrior and his instincts tugged at him. He could feel eyes at the back of his spine, causing his hackles to raise slightly in alarm. Someone or something was watching him. He paused in his tracks, his tail rising in a show of dominance as he calmly but firmly called out.

“Whoever goes there, show yourself. Don't be wasting my time.” He called out with an annoyed sigh. He waited semi patiently with a flicker of his ear. Minutes ticked by with no answer. There was nothing but the defeating silence of the winter night. Alaric let out a sigh, a sigh that formed a small cloud of breath as it escaped his hot mouth. Maybe he was being overly alert.

Alaric kept walking, his ears still alert for any changes in the environment surrounding him. Something still felt off. A gnawing at his gut that wouldn't go away. Only, Alaric couldn't see what it was that was causing his instincts to go off the radar. None the less he stayed to himself as he walked, his black paws crushing down the snow beneath his weight.

There was a snap of a nearby branch that caused Alaric to pause in his tracks. A low growl emitted from his throat as a warning. His hellfire eyes narrowed with suspicion. He was being followed and this time, he wouldn't just sit idly by waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. He sniffed the cold air, the air biting at his nostrils as he drank it in. There it was. The scent of the mountain lion, although faint, coming from behind him.

‘The Hell if I'm made an easy meal.’ Alaric thought to himself pridefully. He wouldn't be stalked and hunted so easily. He could smell the mountain lion and decided that he would confront the beast head on. He would follow the faint scent through the winter woods. He made sure to quiet his paw steps. It took several minutes before the scent was growing strong enough that he knew the mountain lion was close.

It wasn't long before Alaric could see the mountain lion before his view. It could see him and he knew it. The large cat let out a defensive hissy snarl, baring it's teeth. Alaric stood calm, his hackles raised and his ears perked forwards. His black lips curled back to reveal his sharp fangs as he let out his own fierce snarl. The two were at a standstill until the mountain lion charged forwards in a bluff attempt.

Only, Alaric wasn't bluffing. The white wolf sprinted forwards after the lion as it attempted to coil backward in its tracks. His maws splayed open and he sought the side of its face. The big cat swiped one of its paws at Alaric, who missed it by mere inches. He matched onto the cheek of the beast and began to tear ruthlessly into the flesh.

When Alaric pulled away, he had mutilated the side of the lion's face. The mountain lion turned to try and retreat, but Alaric was not done with teaching the beast a lesson. He charged after it, his maws aiming for the base of the spine. He matched upon the delicate area and tore in. Alaric wouldn't paralyze the beast, he saw no reason in being that cruel, but it would be a painful wound to lug around for sure.

The mountain lion released a series of painful yowls as it tried to twist and bite at Alaric. Alaric pulled back and released his grip before the big cat could get a serious bite in. The mountain lion’s stance was crouched now, it's backside bleeding profusely. It hissed in submission, its ears flattened against its skull as it tried to surrender.

“Leave. Take this as mercy.” Alaric snarled viciously, his tail rose to the sky in victory. He stood tall and proud, his face and chest painted red from the vicious attacks he had inflicted upon the cat. The mountain lion took no hesitation in retreating deep into the winter woods. It left a blood trail behind it, the small droplets of red splattered in the snow. It was a crazy night and Alaric was thankful he made it through with his life.
-Exit Alaric-
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