At the heart of the Moor is enshrouded a circle of standing stones—silent sentinels of the long-forgotten past. These stones hide a secret, however, hidden until recently. By dint of a long rainstorm, the soil has crumbled away and revealed a moderately sized opening beneath the leaning stone, descending down into the ground into darkness. Delve into the shadows, take with thee a source of light, and you will find a near labyrinthian system of sprawling halls and small side chambers, stone walled and oddly shaped and full of wonders and secrets and rare herbal finds in places where the sky peeks through holes in the ceiling. These are no natural stone walls—not with the shrouded skeletons that nest within the dark slots in the wall. Upon the stone walls are carved faded marks, runes, and writing of a race long gone from our world. What do they mean? Perhaps an aspiring Intellectual may divine their meaning. (Open to Intellectuals or Healers who are Expert or higher.) Into The Warren by Aurielle 10-14-2021, 01:51 AM
Druid's Rest

This is a land seemingly eternally wreathed in mists. Soft grey-green heather blends into the fog, the only colour the bright eye catching herbs, rare outside this land, that thrive in the few areas where the sun has driven away the fog. Deep in the mists, Druid's Moor hides a secret: an ancient circle of stones whose origins are lost to time. Mystical and mysterious, Druid's Moor is a haven for all wolves seeking peace and solemn solitude.


Druid's Moor

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