Somewhere beneath Mount Volkan, this vast network of once lava-filled caves was formed by an old explosion of the mountain. As the rivers of lava flowed, the top layers hardened and as the eruption ended, the tunnels drained of the still fluid lava, leaving a broad cave with a series of smaller tunnels and pyroducts. Due to the fluid nature of the lave, many speleothem formed in the different zones of the caves. Lavacicles cling from the ceiling, often black basalt, but occasionally colored orange or red from mineral impurities. While many of these are short, some areas boast long colomns where lave slowly dripped down while cooling. Some areas have skylights where the roof may have crumbled at some point. Although the cave is now cooled, some say deep in the cave, fresh lava still flows.


Pyroduct Caves

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