Deep in the desert is a place that is difficult to find, an oasis that appears as a mirage. Thick greenery obscures an infinite spring of crystal clear, cold, fresh water. Positioned above this miracle pond is a massive statue of the sphinx watching the whole oasis. Though its face is more primate than wolf wisdom is apparent in its expression. Its eyes are a pair of massive rubies that reflect sun and moonlight spectacularly on the water’s surface during the solar equinox or a full moon. What’s more is the tribe of house cats that make this place their home, many of these little beasts also sport glittering garnet eyes. If they deem you worthy perhaps they will show you the inside of the sphinx. (Open to Master Hunters) Only somewhat of an apolo... by Azure 11-26-2022, 07:05 PM
Kat's Cradle

This Oasis is located near the very heart of the desert. The tiny paradise is hidden away by swirling sand dunes on every side, and is often mistaken for a mirage by weary travelers. Palm trees grow sporadically around the small glittering pool of fresh water. Grass grows in patches around the water's edges, and it is the only greenery that can be found for miles. During the summer the lake is reduced to a mere pool, but the Oasis never completely dries up no matter the time of year.


Illusions Oasis

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