Autumn Memoirefull name
10 Yearsage
Winter of Year 10birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment

28" - light build
ivory - chocolate striped - caramel - lithe - royal purple eyes
Coated primarily in swathes of buttercream the she wolf is marred by tiger-like markings upon her legs and face. These chocolate stripes are concentrated on the outer thighs and front of her arms. Upon her cherubic features delicate striped surround dainty eye markings. Starting with a tiny strip above her liver nose and ending at the bottom of her chin is the same dark color of her stripes. Underneath these drizzles of chocolate are a bed of caramel added as background for the markings. Around her doe eyes remains the brilliant white of her main coat. Her ears have also been dipped in caramel and topped with a strip of chocolate around the edge.

Autumn is an athlete, her body is toned and trained well. She has perfect proportions, pleasing curves, and an inviting face. The Memoire girl was blessed with her grandmother’s wavy locks and long guard hairs. She has an exceptionally soft undercoat and makes an excellent snuggle buddy.

Faceted brightly on her features rest the finest of amethyst colored eyes. appearance
sweet - fierce - loyal - independant - passionate

One of the most beautiful parts of Twig is her bright smile, naturally sweet and inviting the girl has never met a stranger. Eager and willing to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. The Memoire girl loves to learn about the world and the wolves that live beneath its skies. While she boasts an innocent exterior she is no stranger to the dangers of the real world.
While sweet and caring during peace Autumn is not without defenses to those that seek to cause harm. She is not as naive as first impressions may appear. The woman is a fierce fighter, and an unbalking opponent. She’s determined, but can be swayed with good arguments. Isn’t afraid to get her paws a little dirty.
Twig is loyal when she has come to respect someone, this makes betrayals all the more difficult. The tiger marked she wolf forgives only in rare circumstances. She holds honesty in high regard, and doesn’t appreciate being lied to. She’s independent, seeking to mostly take care of herself. However, the girl makes a good teammate and gets along well with others.
Autumn is a real get up and go kind of she wolf, she likes to be doing more than talking about what should be done. She’s passionate about any cause she takes up, but is guilty of leaping before she looks sometimes. Also prone to speaking out of turn when she is really heated, can also be too brutally honest. personality

Aged: 9/1/19, 5/1/20misc

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Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. European badger bracers n/a
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