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Hattori-Klein Unagifull name
Uni, Aggie, Eelnicknames
1 Yearage
Spring of Year 19birthdate
Extra largesize
Chaotic Neutralalignment

強力な 優雅な 男性的な

Unagi is all this, wrapped in a coat of darkness and snow. From a young age, it be apparent that she is built differently. Where other females have gentle curves and narrow hips, Aggie will have thick cords of muscle. Her love of running and wrestling any, and all, who wish to try their hand, will help to keep those muscles from turning into fat. However, despite her bulk, the girl is surprising light on her feet and quick to boot. Many may believe that she is a male at first glance but her feminine voice will dash that thought… if you can get her to talk.

Now, for her coat.

The base color of Unagi’s right side is a deep, dark gray that skirts the edge of being jet black. This lighter shade helps to differentiate where her onyx hues are and where the gray lightens just a little bit more. Most of her tail and back right leg is clad in the tones of the darkest abyss. Meanwhile, a dark, foggy gray coats part of her face, neck, encircles her right front leg, and paints her side down to where the black takes over.

The stark white of the world’s purest, freshest snow, rings the base of her neck, paints her front right toes, swoops down her right side and underneath her belly on her right side. It is also the dominate color of her left side. Her dark onyx tones slightly creep over the side of her face, and creates a streak around her nose along with a small saddle on her shoulder.

Half black, half white, Unagi wears her Klein heritage on her coat, with both melanistic and albino traits. Her paws, nose, and skin are a fair, light pink while her eyes are mismatched. On her right side, Aggie sports a dark obsidian eye that leaves no room for color. While, on her left, she has a light, pink eye.



While Unagi’s size and weight make her look powerful, it will be the confidence that she wears that can leave no room for doubt. There will be no shuffling of feet or diverted eyes when someone who is considered ‘higher standing’ saunters by because this girl knows her heritage and will stand tall with pride. From a young age it will be apparent that she is not one to bend her knees (unless it benefits her family) or allow others to walk all over her (unless, again, family).

This rough exterior can, at times, make her seem cold and uncaring but it is just a façade… really! Okay so it might be difficult to find that nougaty center underneath her layers of rough grunts of noncommitment and harsh eye rolls but it is there and, once you find it, she will be your ride or die friend for life. Unagi will prefer to let her actions speak louder than her words, which is to say, this girl could do without talking. Oh, she can speak but fancy words and pretty sentences woven together by long winded speakers are just not her thing.

Finally, no matter what comes along in life to try and beat her down, Unagi will display a willingness to overcome… well everything. Some might call it stubborn or even crazy but, all in all, she is determined to keep going; no matter what.

Character Slot #18

F2U Tray of Sushi by Nerdy-pixel-girl
F2U Lucky Black Cat by Luna-Reine
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