September Update



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09-03-2021, 05:28 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2021, 05:31 PM by Ardent. Edited 1 time in total. Edited 1 time in total.)
Happy S̵͆eptember everyone! We just wanted t̶o̷ update you on som̵͕̋e site change̷̼̽͘s we've been working on recently.

  • ̵T̴͍̐he first batch of skill-locked land art ̵̠̉h̷as been completed! Make sure you check them out ̶ì̵͕͘f you haven't already, and ̴̜͂n̶ote that there are 3 new skill-locked lands coming soon. These can always be found on their own ̴̑Ǵ̷̙̀uidebook page, under the Skills section. More lands to c̵̖̔ome!

  • Races are no̶͌w live. These are exactly what you think they are! They are m̷̼̂eant to be similar to Dominance fights, whḛ̵͐re the outcome can force the lo̴s̷̜̓er to a reasonable punishment of some sort (does not include injuries/maims and may not be used to get around the rules for other challenges!). See the Racing page of the Guidebook for more information. These f̶̨̔orms can be fô̸̭und on your profile, beneath fight fȯ̸rms.
  • Be patient as we test these and feel free to suggest any improvements or ideas as we develop them!

  • The site minimum age has been u̸͖̇pped to 18 to reflect our ̴͝s̴̼͒ite's often mature nature. Current members who a̴̺̔re under 18 are free to remain on Ardent.

  • Our ru̵l̷̾es on mature content have been clarified on the General Rules page. Please review them. We have also added an X tag to signify sexual̷̾ content, though we ask players to take these scenes off-site if they become overly descriptive.

  • Adoption rule̸͌s have been updated to be more clear and a rule has been added. Please rev̵̪͒iew these̸͌ on the Ge̴ń̵̦eral Rules page. ̴̣̕This will help prevent miscommunication wh̶̄en it comè̴̠s to taking back adoptions in the future.

  • 2nd Specialties can now be unlocked for the low, low price of 1,000 Gems (must come from that character's account)! Only one Specialty can b̸e used for fight so you MUST spĕ̵cific which one you are using from the firś̵t post̵̡͗.

  • New Specialties have been added Some are n̸o̷t yet f̸̽unctional but will be soon!

  • Tons of new awards have been added. Have f̵u̵̾n working toward claiming them!

  • Miscellaneous̷͎̽ stuff:
    • Gambit Briar art has been updated.
    • New $50 Donation reward added: Character Redesign Pass.
    • Added a few new skill claim options.
    • Updated all Post Icons for better viewing on darker themes, try a hard refresh if you don't see the updated ones (CTRL+F5 for Windows, CMD+SHIFT+R for Mac).
    • Double Master award has a new icon.
    • Beast Master specialty received a buff to keep it up to par with other specialties.

  • And be sure to look forward to our Fall Event starting October 1!