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Seasonal Skill Prompts

Skill Prompts are a monthly feature that allow your character to gain skills in different ways. Each character can only complete ONE prompt per season, and can be completed either in a solo post or in a group thread. You cannot claim these posts for other skill points! Please note that as long as you complete the objectives, you're free to be creative with your posts and have some fun with these prompts!

For solo posts, you must complete the entire prompt in one post. Of course, you can use these posts as thread starters and continue the thread as usual, but no other skills may be claimed by you from that thread.

For group threads, the word count is cumulative and will be counted over all participants. However, participants must be ACTIVELY trying to complete the skill prompt for their words to count. Note that group threads have a maximum of 3 allowed participants unless otherwise specified.

SEASON//.., Year X//.. Seasonal Skill Prompts


Halestorm: Ever fight in a hail storm? Of course not, but now's your chance!
Goal: Complete a fight during a hail storm.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Get caught out in a hail storm.
2. Engage in a fight with another character! Note how the fight might be more difficult in such conditions.
3. See it through to completion. Do you win, or are you bested?

Reward: 30 Fighting Skill Points


Fish Frenzy: The unusually high tide are bringing more fish than usual to the shores of Auster - best get to fishing!
Goal: Go fishing on the shores of Auster.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere by the coast in Auster
1. Find yourself on the coastline of Auster (any coast is fine).
2. Note that the high tides have brought in some different seafood than usual. Maybe it's worth roping in some friends to take down something huge...
3. Get to fishing! Is your fishing trip fruitful, or a flop?

Reward: 30 Hunting Skill Points


Winter Boo-Boos: You've heard of the winter blues, but what about winter boo-boos?
Goal: Heal an injury caused specifically by the season.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Find a patient (or maybe you are the patient) who needs healing, based on an ailment or injury that can be attributed to the season. (i.e. a seasonal cold, or an injury from a predator who has migrated due to the season, or an injury due to the landscape itself like a fall or drowning, etc).
2. Be specific in what you're doing to help them.
3. Will the treatment be successful? If uncertain, assess the likelihood the patient will recover.

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points


Through the Snow and the Rain: Race someone during dangerous weather conditions.
Goal: Participate in a race in extreme wintery conditons (or for Auster, stormy/flooded ones)
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Find yourself in some extreme weather (for Boreas, blizzards, hail, etc; for Auster, strong storms/flooding).
2. Challenge someone to a race! Maybe it's for fun, maybe there's something else on the line.
3. See the race through to completion. Who wins? How was it made more challenging in difficult conditions, and how did you adapt to them?

Reward: 30 Navigation Skill Points


Dancing Queen: Time to do some entertaining!
Goal: Engage in some kind of performance (singing, dancing, acting... be creative!)
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Engage in some sort of performance for another character(s) (whether singing, dancing, acting... feel free to be as creative as you want with it!)
2. Was the performance spontaneous or rehearsed? What was the point of it?
3. Note how your performance was received! Was it enjoyed or hated?

Reward: 30 Intellect Skill Points

BONUS PROMPT- Navigation/Fighting

Only one bonus prompt per PLAYER allowed each season. A character can only complete ONE prompt a season, whether it be a bonus prompt or a regular prompt, unless otherwise specified.

Risky Business: Go somewhere strange and get to fighting!
Goal:  Engage in a fight on unusual terrain, due to the weather.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Engage in a fight on unusual terrain due to the weather. This means not just in unusual weather, but on distinctly unusual terrain. For example, perhaps rising snow has allowed you to climb somewhere you've never been to before, or flooding has allowed you to swim out to a further island. Be creative!
2. Note the difficulties fighting on such unusual terrain.
3. See the fight through to the end.

Reward: 30 Navigation and 30 Fighting skill points!

Redeem prompts as usual in skill claims!

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