Tucked away in a thick bamboo grove that is swathed with overgrown wisteria vines, resides a small residence from a time far passed. A small stone pond gives home to many koi and has eroded to a larger size over the years. Many rare and prized koi call this place home still, although their breeder has been gone for eons. Inside the small house, tatami floors lay dampened and mildewed as thin strips of paper dance in the doorway, shredded but still held in place by latticed bamboo frames. Few animals call this place home, though there are known to be a wide variety of feral housecats bred from generations ago. (Open to Advanced+ Hunters) i like it here so imma ke... by Hanzō 02-13-2023, 09:43 AM
Ali Island

Grown in a unique way to form a complicated maze, one must be wise not to venture in such a difficult maze. There is no water along the way, and many can lose themselves, growing tired of exhaustion. These special bamboos cannot be broken or torn down, and so the only way out is to find a path. Though every fifty years the bamboo flowers and the maze slowly dies.


Bamboo Maze

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