Skill Claims



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----- (240)

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Skill Claims

1. Each character can have two skills. These are optional.


2. A large feature of skills is the prestige of being more skilled in a particular field. Certain higher-ranked members of a particular skill might be seen as more valuable than a lower-ranked member.

3. Skills can be leveled up by earning skill points. As you earn skill points, you will also move up in ranking!
For example, you might see this on someone's profile: Beginner Fighter (5), meaning they are of the beginner ranking and have 5 skill points. You also might see: Expert Fighter (211) meaning they are in the expert ranking, and have 211 skill points.

4. Skills can be changed at any time by posting a request in maintenance but all points gained in that skill will be lost, and cannot be re-claimed if you choose to return to that skill.

5. Make sure you choose a skill that fits your character, as they will have to do things related to their skill to level them up. If you want Bob to be skilled in fighting, you may have to participate in a large amount of fight training and spars to get this skill fully leveled. This will probably not be enjoyable if the character doesn't like to fight.

6.  Once a skill is fully leveled, you will be able to choose a Specialty from that particular skill, which will provide in-game perks.

7. All threads being claimed for skill points must have 3+ rounds, with a post by each character in each round, for all those involved - unless otherwise specified. (i.e. Prescribing herbs for a patient requires 3 posts from both the one doing the prescribing, as well as the patient.) As for things such as land exploration, studying the stars, etc., a significant portion of these posts ought to be devoted to that specific skill.

For example, If someone explores land X, but never makes note of their surroundings, are they really exploring? If someone grabs a flower off the ground, but makes no note of what it is used for, or how to collect it properly, are they really studying healing? The thread must place a very large emphasis on the particular skill being done.

8. Each 3-round skill claim can be used for up to two separate skill claims, but they must be two different tasks, and a significant portion of each post must be devoted to each claim! You cannot simply add more predators in to claim that multiple times, but you can, for example, claim "Meeting someone new" and "Crafting an item related to fighting" in the same 3-round thread, if applicable.

Beginner: 0 - 14 points
Novice: 15 - 29 points
Intermediate: 30 - 59 points
Advanced: 60 - 119 points
Expert: 120 - 239 points
Master: 240+ points

Please fill out the code at the bottom of this form as well, but keep the Code tags intact (remove the *) with the amount you're claiming, the "for what" as well as the name of who you're meeting, healing or fighting and the link where Link Here is.

[b]Points claiming[/b]:
[b]For what?[/b]:
[b]Proof[/b]: <a href="LINKHERE">click!</a>

[*code]+# - <a href="LINKHERE">Put what the skill claim is</a><br>[*/code]



----- (240)

----- (240)

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Fighting Skill Points

Fighting threads still require 3+ rounds each, even if the fights themselves are 2 rounds.
In the case of claiming for "won an official fight by default", you do not need the required 3+ rounds each.

5 points
  • Participated in a non-judged fight with a clear outcome
  • Fought a small predator (fisher, fox, coyote, ocelot, etc)

10 points
  • Gave a fight lesson (not including a spar) to another character.
  • Got a fighting lesson (not including a spar) from another character.
  • Participated in any official fight (without winning)
  • Won an official fight by default
  • Crafted an item related to battle (example: weapons, armor, etc)
  • Fought a medium sized predator (cougar, jaguar, black bear, coyote pack, etc)

15 points
  • Won an official fight against someone of equal or lower Fighting rank
  • Fought a large predator (grizzly bear, lion, tiger, polar bear, etc)
  • Participated in fight training (not including a spar, 3+ wolves)

20 points
  • Won an official fight against someone of higher Fighting rank
  • Won an official melee fight (vs 2+ opponents)
  • Participated in a siege and was on the losing side
  • Participated in a raid (doesn't count if the other side defaults)

25 points
  • Participated in a siege and was on the winning side

50 points
  • Won a judged deathmatch
  • Won 10 judged fights

Hunting Skill Points

All hunt threads being claimed for skill points must have a clearly defined kill played out, unless otherwise specified.
If you choose to hunt a young version of a prey animal, you may count that as one size category down. For example, a bison might be considered a large prey animal, but a young bison could be hunted as a medium prey animal.

10 points
  • Participated in a hunt training thread (2+ participants)
  • Tracked and killed any small animal, including fish
  • Captured any live small animal
  • Failed a solo hunt (800+ word post)
  • Tracked another character
  • Harvest a trade, food, or crafting item from an animal
  • Collect an item related to hunting (example: wood for traps, flint for knives, etc.)

15 points
  • Received a hunting lesson from another character
  • Gave another character a hunting lesson
  • Tracked and killed any medium prey animal (2+ participants)
  • Captured any live medium animal (2+ participants)
  • Crafted an item related to hunting (example: tanned hides, snares, etc.)
  • Build an animal enclosure (cage, pen, etc.)
  • Failed any hunt (2+ participants)

20 points
  • Participated in hunt training, 3+ wolves

30 points
  • Tracked and killed any large prey animal (4+ participants)
  • Captured any live large animal (4+ participants)
  • Completed first solo hunt of any small prey animal (800+ word post with a character under 1 Year)

35 points
  • Craft and use a snare/trap to be used in a hunt (3+ rounds each, for both the crafting and the hunt)

40 points
  • Hunted an extra-large prey animal [i.e. Rhino, Hippo, Elephant, Giraffe, Whales] (6+ participants)

50 points
  • Hunted 10 different prey animals successfully

Healing Skill Points

10 points

  • Collected an herb
  • Mixed a concoction of herbs
  • Planted an herb, flower, or other plant
  • Practiced applications of healing tools (herbs, bandages, poultices, etc.)
  • Applied a piercing
  • Gave a tattoo or scar (for cosmetic reasons)
  • Concocted a poison
  • Poisoned another character

15 points
  • Received a healing lesson from another character
  • Gave another character a healing lesson
  • Healed a wound or ailment, or prescribed a treatment
  • Diagnosed an ailment, wound, or pregnancy
  • Gave a character a medical check-up
  • Crafted an item related to healing (example: ointments, tisanes, bandages, etc.)
  • Research the cause of death of another character

20 points
  • Participated in healing training, 3+ wolves

30 points
  • Aided in a birth (birth must be fully completed)
  • First solo herb-collecting trip (800 word post with a character under 1 Year)
  • First patient tended to (unaided by a more experienced healer)

50 points
  • Healed 10 wolves successfully

Navigation Skill Points

10 points

  • Participated in an official race (without winning)
  • Explored a new land
  • Studied the stars
  • Studied weather patterns
  • Patrol a border (whether pack border or temporary land, etc.)

15 points
  • Won an official race
  • Gave or received a lesson in astronomy, weather, or difficult terrain
  • Found water (or other resource not related to healing or hunting) during a successful raid
  • Crafted an item related to navigation (example: compass, sunstone, dowsing rod, etc.)

20 points
  • Participated in a weather-related random event
  • Home Turf (have more than 10 threads in one land)
  • Participated in navigation training, 3+ wolves

30 points
  • First solo exploration (800 word post with a character under 1 Year)

50 points
  • Explored 10 different lands
  • Visited every island in Ardent

60 points
  • Visited every land in Northern Boreas
  • Visited every land in Eastern Boreas
  • Visited every land in Southern Boreas
  • Visited every land in Western Boreas
  • Visited every land in Auster

Intellect Skill Points

10 points

  • Met someone new
  • Get to know a pack member/bandmate (cannot claim multiple times for the same person)
  • Made a trade as a rogue
  • Gave or received advice about a social issue
  • Reached an agreement between 2 or more wolves
  • Taught a lesson not related to other skills (ex - history, etiquette, language, religion)
  • Was taught a lesson not related to other skills (ex - history, etiquette, language, religion)
  • Played a game of strategy
  • Attended a festival
  • Collected an item to be used in crafting something unrelated to other skills

15 points
  • Advised an alpha on a major pack issue
  • Performed a ceremony
  • Attended a ceremony
  • Performed a religious act
  • Crafted an item not related to any other skill (example: necklace, decorative pottery, etc.)

20 points
  • Negotiated a truce between two rival packs/bands
  • Negotiated a trade between two packs/bands
  • Negotiated an alliance between two friendly packs/bands
  • Resolve an issue between two packs/bands
  • Participated in training unrelated to the other 4 skills, 3+ wolves (i.e. history, etiquette, language, religion)

30 points
  • Organized a festival (5+ participants)

50 points
  • Met 10 different wolves

Seasonal Skill Prompts

Skill Prompts for Summer, Year 18

When claiming seasonal skill prompts, please format them as follows:
Seasonal Skill Prompt - Summer, Year 18 (Solo OR Group)


The Hallows

Master Fighter (240)

Advanced Hunter (60)


10 Years

1KThe Ooze ParticipantThe Ooze - Variation 1Christmas 2019Treat 2019
5 hours ago
Skill: hunting
Points claiming: 15
For what?: tracked and killed a medium prey animal using 2 round skill pass
Proof: click!

+15 - <a href="">Tracked and killed a medium prey animal (waterbuck)</a><br>

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