There used to be a river that ran through the bottom of this gorge long ago, but it has since been lost to time. What's left behind is a labyrinth of caves and passageways dotting the cliffsides that once formed the riverbed. Large and small rooms alike can be found, as well as hidden treasures and pathways that lead to nowhere. Some caves are simple ones, but others give way to chains of passageways that link to other openings in the surface. Many of the smaller cave systems are home to bears and wolverines - be careful where you go knocking!


Whisperer's Gorge

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I havе never known a silence like the one fallen here. Burūberu 6 44 03-19-2023, 03:46 AM Last Post by Burūberu
if i'm just bad news, then you're a liar cel Cyanide 4 49 02-22-2023, 07:11 PM Last Post by Cyanide

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