Ardent Wolf RPG - Menagerie


A community of different wolves from different backgrounds. Family name means little here; nobody cares what your surname means or what weight it has elsewhere. We seek to provide a haven of comradery and cooperation, where wolves can come and go freely without restraint. If you seek to leave, you need only ask. We hope to see you on good terms again. The biggest work is the work you do for yourself. Not for others! You need never feel pressured to improve your skills at a super pace or involve yourself with threads you need not. Menagerie is very loose on rules and regulations; we only ask you to treat others like you want to be.

We will not stand to house abusers of any sort (rapists, incest), and if we find you have a past like that hidden from the pack… You will be asked to leave.

As a Guild of sorts, we rely heavily on trade and commission work. Warriors can be rented out to other packs. Hunters can be borrowed. Healers share their work. While we seek to profit, we don’t do it maliciously. We do not do it to hurt or harm. If someone is suffering, we will help them. We give them a bit of profit back, donate to good causes, and hope karma is not a bitch. Borders are relaxed; trespassers are met with questions. Thieves and known abusers are met with fangs. With Inventory Management, inclusive and encouraging behavior with no stress levels... Menagerie is a welcomed choice with newcomers to the site and also older members.

General Rules

1. Respect is earned, not given through title or family name. Every wolf deserves a second chance if they mean the community no harm. Wolves are expected to be civil and courteous, especially in the eyes of guests and allies.

2. Relaxed borders; guests are allowed and welcomed. Especially if they bring work or goods. Blatant thieves are met with aggression; stealing pups or items are faced with the brunt of the pack’s wraith.

3. If an argument breaks out, Wren will ask you to fight. A Tier 2 fight will be held between two wolves or a group of wolves. This is the last resort; if you cannot come to a mediated decision, you will duke it out until one side “wins”. You are also free to call on the aid of a Balladeer to mediate.

4. Participation is key to having the best experience in the pack. Members are required once a season to contribute to the Inventory. Be it gathering or making things, add your efforts to the pack! Who knows? Maybe you’ll see it for sale down the road. Profit!

5. Every major decision is weighed in. Wren will call a “Court” of sorts together, where active (posted members) wolves will vote on plot-heavy things. This can be simple things such as pack meetings or festival organization.

6. Conflicts between members is discouraged, especially if it is public. If you harm another member of the pack, you are demoted. If you maim them; you are kicked out.

7. Pups are precious and so are yearlings. We will not tolerate sexual and physical violence against them. That being said, yearlings are encouraged to participate in FRIENDLY spars.

8. Incest and Rape are abuse, plain and simple. We will ask you to leave if found out you have done or are doing this.

9. It is important to inform the Warden(s) of your intention to have pups, because we may have to expand into another territory! Cross-pack relationships are fine, as are in-pack relationships. We have no strictness regarding this and only ask to be informed so there are no surprises.

10. You do not need to be a Master in any Skill to hold a high-ranking title; the Warden(s) look to activity and participation to promote. We will do what we must in order to make sure Menagerie is perceived fairly among members.


To foster a sense of community, requests will be placed up every new season by Warden Wren. These tasks (usually 1-5 in number) will be prompts that the guild can sign up to do. If a member needs help in any way, they are welcome to post a commission of their own. Loners and other Pack wolves can also use the Board to find RP Partners/Skill Threads/Seasonal Skill Threads.


Included in the Google Doc is an optional system. One can add and remove items for In Character Flavor, but please read the rules attached to it. It is important to at least add one thing per member once a season. This management system shows us, apart from reading and noticing new threads, who is participating and contributing.


SUMMER FEST; a skill-based festival combined with rank challenges. Contestants are broken up into groups depending on their interests. Navigation is a Race, for example. The entire Festival is not mandatory, but you will gain brownie points for showing up and participating. For Rank Challenges this is the only period of time where you as a Menagerie member can challenge for a higher rank via a fight! Warden Wren has the final say; if you are inactive throughout the season of spring, for example, but win your challenge... She can reject your claim.




WardensThe alpha(s) and leader(s) of Menagerie

RangersThe beta(s) of the pack. If you cannot find the Warden(s) please seek them out!

DruidThe advisor to the Ranger(s) and Warden(s). A respected role in the guild, held by one of unbias wisdom and dependency

Seneschal The Lead Fighter. Responsible for training others and setting defenses for the guild

ClericThe Lead Healer. Most depended on in times of health crisis. Trains the Troubadours

SeekerThe Lead Hunter or Scout. Knows the lay of the land well, and is expected to lead hunts and patrols

MinstrelThe Lead Entertainer or Diplomat. In times of crisis, they keep the pack calm and collected. A forefront of festivals and events, a public face

BrokerThe Lead Trader or Crafter. Always knows how to get the best deals. Skilled in crafting a plethora of items

PaladinsWarriors and Defenders of the Guild. Expected to patrol and fight off threats. Answers to the Seneschal

TroubadoursHealers. Experts regarding plants and poisons. Expected to keep the guild healthy. Answer to the Cleric

StridersHunters and scouts. Responsible for feeding the pack and observing the land. Answer to the Seeker

BalladeersEntertainers and peace brokers. Organizers of festivals, events, and alliances. Answer to the Minstrel

ArtificersTradesmen, crafters. Silver of tongue. Answer to the Broker

Guild MembersUnranked or new members of the Guild

MagesYearlings, on the path to a trade in the Guild

TrickstersYearlings that are not devoted to a path yet, or are children

RoguesDerogatory term for rule breakers. A punishment rank for a season, with a chance to be promoted out of it