Ardent Wolf RPG - The Hallows

The Hallows

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

The Hallows is a neutrally aligned pack that leans towards good. The ideology behind this pack is to aid those that need a little extra help. Those that have nowhere to go. The broken. The downtrodden. Those that simply need a break to clear a troubled mind. Upon promise of peace, all are welcome.

General Rules

• No bloodshed of any kind will be tolerated on Hallowed lands. Any blood shed in the course of trainings or approved combat does not qualify. Those who do maliciously spill blood will receive swift justice and will be punished according to the Aegis' order or judgment of a tribunal.

• All are welcome in the Hallows without discrimination. Alignment, history, and lineage matter not so long as a wolf comes peacefully into the territory. Individuals who have done harm to the Hallows or its members are excluded from this protection.

• Within the pack, each wolf must pull their own weight and contribute based upon their skillsets. When wolves become Advanced in a skill, they are given the option to take on a role-specific title as well as additional duties in the pack.

• Litters are not allowed without the express permission of the Aegis. Characters that become pregnant or sire children without permission run the risk of being ousted from the pack.

• A wolf that does not pull its weight will be removed from the pack. (Each season there will be an activity or plot announced in the pack Discord channel that must be participated in to remain a member of the pack. Members are allowed to miss one check per 3 IC seasons.)

• Although open for public service, any wolf seeking to enter Hallowed lands must call for admittance before setting foot over borders. Any wolf may greet a guest, however they must receive permission from the Aegis, Queen, or Warden before they are allowed to enter Hallowed lands. Medical emergencies are the only exceptions. All others will be considered trespassers and will be treated as threats.

• The Aegis must approve any wolves looking to become members of the pack. All Hallowed wolves are allowed to bring guests into the pack, but if anyone wishes to become a permanent member they must speak with the Aegis.

• The Aegis has the final word in all things. If needed, a council of advisors will be held to offer advice and guidance to the Aegis.

• Treason is considered especially heinous. Those that would do harm against their own pack are held culpable to the crimes their betrayal caused and are subject to extreme forms of punishment. This can include sentences up to severe/debilitating maiming or permanent imprisonment.

Festivals & Special Occasions

* based on Auster seasons



Summer Bonfire Festival: A bonfire celebration between friends and family to remember and celebrate the ones that have been lost, toasting to their lives with good food and drink.



Feast of Unity: A great feast where every wolf of the pack contributes either a meal or something else for the entire pack to share. Bringing together of minds and hearts, promoting unity amongst The Hallows.


Weddings within the Hallows will be presided over by the Aegis. If the Aegis is unavailable, an appropriately ranked or ordained wolf may substitute at the approval of the marrying pair. Any part of Hallowed lands may be used for wedding ceremonies for pack wolves and friends of the Hallows alike.


When a wolf passes on, their body will be tended to in one of two ways: a Return to Fire or a Return to Water. A wolf may specify a preferred means of funerary rites. If a wolf dies or is killed without specifying a preferred rite, the choice shall be left to the Aegis. All funerals are to be held in the late afternoon to early evening and may last through the night. Burials are strictly forbidden in the Hallows.

  • Return to Fire: the departed is wrapped in cloth and placed on a pyre doused in flammable oils, along with any personal mementos and sentimental gifts. After eulogies have been delivered, the Flamebearers will then ignite the pyre with torches.

  • Return to Water: the departed is wrapped in cloth with several weighty stones and any personal mementos and sentimental gifts. The body is brought to an outcropping in the Starlit Plains that juts into the western sea. After eulogies have been delivered, the body is released into the water.

  • Twilight Song: When the body has been returned, the entire pack is invited to join in a howl to sing in remembrance and honor of the departed. Either the Aegis or a wolf close to the deceased initiates the howl.

  • Pack History

    Kaer Morhen - Joseph Trapanese


    Resources & Treasures


    Common Rooms Descriptions

    Grand Foyer — A wide open entryway with two corridors branching off to the east and west wings of Hearthstone. A huge wooden staircase with plush rug runners lead up to the higher levels. A set of stone stairs tucked behind the grand staircase leads down into the prisons.

    Great Hall — A cavernous feasting hall with high ceilings and beams. Long wooden tables sit dispersed around the hall. A single long table sits atop an evaluated platform with two mahogany thrones at the center of the table. Tall windows tower up to the ceiling and look out over the western sea and the castle gardens. The Great Hearth is built into the inner wall, where a roaring fire is always burning.

    Kitchen — A decent-sized kitchen with plenty of countertop space for prep, wood-burning ovens and ranges, and a natural spring producing water. There is a walk-in pantry in the back for storing dry goods. It also leads to the cellars for storage.

    Armory — A large armory with weapons and armors of all sorts lining the walls. A forge, anvils, grindstones, and workbenches are strewn about the room, all in various states of use and disrepair. A locked storage room in the back corner safely houses all the higher quality weapons. Only the Aegis and Commander can unlock this door.

    Lounge — A cozy little lounge filled with cushioned furniture. A single fireplace keeps the room illuminated and warm. A liquor cabinet and bar sit on the far wall, fully stocked. Tall windows look out over the plains.

    Infirmary — A large hall filled with cots for patients. An attendant's desk sits beside the door. Shelves of medical supplies, medicines, and other knickknacks line the walls. Windows look out over the gardens, allowing fresh air and sunlight into the room.

    Baths — A room of marble tiled floors and frosted glass windows. Two massive in-ground tubs sit at the heart of the room. A network of underground aqueducts allows the pumping of hot water to fill the baths from a natural hot spring beneath Hearthstone, and drains in each tub empty the water back out to the ocean. Cabinets filled with towels, furs, oils, and perfumes line the walls.

    Council Room — A secluded room sealed behind two heavy mahogany doors to isolate conversation within. The room is occupied by a grand stone table, upon which a detailed map of Boreas and Auster has been carved into its surface for strategizing purposes. The map is best seen when lit from underneath by firelight to illuminate the topographical details. Cushioned chairs surround the table, the amount equal to the number of High Councilors, the Aegis, and the Queen.

    Guest Rooms — Decent-sized bedrooms for guests of the Hallows to rest in. Each room comes with a full-sized bed, a fireplace, and a window looking out over the plains.

    Artorias' Dojo — The room contains nothing but a padded arena that takes up most of the space. Training dummies encircle the ring. Racks of wooden sparring swords hang on the walls.

    Living Quarters Descriptions

    The Carpathius family has chosen the rooms of the West Wing on the second floor of the castle.

    Artorias and Briar's Room — The largest bedroom in the castle, reserved for the alphas. It has a massive king-sized four-poster bed with sheer and privacy curtains situated against one wall with a fireplace across from it. A thick patchwork quilt lies across the sheets for added warmth during the winter. There are a set of double doors that open out onto a spacious balcony overlooking the sea. Several luxuriously soft furs are laid out in front of the grand fireplace. Above the bed is a tapestry hung on the wall and the bed is covered with many pillows, furs, and silk sheets.

    Bowen and Asheila's Room — A decent-sized bedroom, able to fit a couple of wolves comfortably, with large windows and a balcony facing out towards the sea. A fireplace is set into the far wall, a coat of arms featuring a howling wolf hanging over the mantle. A large four-poster canopy bed with an old chest are tucked into the corner, and the stone floors are covered with dusty and tattered rugs. Faded paintings of landscapes and battling knights dot the walls.

    Gwynevere and Ysmir's Room — A small library that has been converted into a bedroom and storage place for many herbs and healing supplies. The far wall is made up of a large picture window that stretches nearly to the ceiling while both walls on either side are lined with bookshelves. Under the window is a long bench that has been piled high with pillows and furs to make a bed. The lower shelves have been cleared of their books to make room for healing supply storage. In the middle of the room two pallets have been set up for any patients that need close, overnight monitoring or for any family that wants to stay.

    Rudyard and Fern's Room — A king-size bed sits with a short distance away from the door. There are some furs draped over it, offering warmth and softness. The bed faces two wide, wooden doors to let the sea air in or to let wolves out to sit on the balcony. Some of Rudy’s most prestigious hunting kills have been carefully stuffed and mounted, placed in various spots around the room. A weapon rack and armor stands are against the side wall. Multiple thick furs are laid in the middle of the room. In the far right and left corners of the room are two baskets, each with a soft fur inside for Puff and Savage to rest in. A wooden perch allows Reddy to rest inside on rainy, cold days.

    Avantika's Room — A sprig of lavender and a stick of cinnamon hang from the door, representing the ladies. A large ornate mirror covers nearly half of the southern wall where a green and gold woven rug accompanies the space below it. On the opposite wall, a queen sized bed with heavy, chunky blue blankets spread across it stands. Above the bed, strong nails hang from the wall, serving as hooks to hold Tika’s armor. A large chair filled with pillows and blankets sits for visitors. To the left of the mirror, occupying the rest of the wall, a long wooden table hosts herbs that are laid out to dry. Above that table, more nails are used for drying plants. A glass doorway leads out to a balcony with a view of the shore.

    The Adravandi family has chosen the rooms of the East Wing on the second floor of the castle.

    Mercury's Room — Furnished with a plush bear rug on the floor, and a bed big enough to house two sitting perpendicular to the fireplace. Heavy curtains give the option to blot out the sunlight, and a small table with a collection of odd trinkets sits in a corner. An empty sword stand is the only decoration on the wall.

    Ezra & Syanna's Room — A king-sized bed strewn with furs and blankets sits against the middle of the northern wall. The far wall is made entirely of windows looking out over the Starlit Plains and open to a spacious balcony. A fireplace is set into the wall furthest from the bed. Rugs of soft furs have been spread throughout the room. A coatrack is set up near the door to hold Ezra's armor and Syanna's satchel. Syanna has set up a desk as a workspace, its surface strewn with herbs, flowers, and extracts.

    Rinoa's Room — Description not provided yet.

    Emile's Room — A bit of a dark and gloomy room, it is largely empty of personal effects and does not appear to be particularly well kept. A single bed, stripped of any covers, is pushed off to one wall, a pile of furs and blankets instead sits in the center of the room, shaped into something of a nest that its user can hide away inside of. On the single window sill sits a small attempt at a garden, the same marigolds that can be seen growing within the castle are planted here in small stone bowls. It is one of the few areas of the room that appears to receive care.

    Rooms on the third floor of the castle.

    Audra's Room — TBW

    Ciaran's Room — TBW

    Laeta's Room — A rather plush king-sized bed sits on the back wall. An assortment of dried and fresh flowers neatly line the mantle on the relatively small fireplace on the left side. A few soft blankets are scattered on the bed to create a nest of sorts. The walls are as bare as the floor, but still contains an air of warmth.

    Sota's Room — A roomy kinda room without much in it. A simple bed and storage chest make up the only furniture. Its inhabitant clearly uses it for functional purposes alone.

    Talyssa's Room — TBW

    Rooms on the fourth floor of the castle and in the central tower.

    Bramble's Room — TBW

    Dusk's Room — TBW

    Thorn's Room — TBW

    Zephyrus' Room — As near to the top of the castle as you can climb, this bedroom is smaller than the average and clearly not frequented by it's inhabitant. In lieu of a bed, a massive nest has been built in the center of the room with plenty of walking space around it. Crafted out of the most plush stolen scavenged bedding, pillows and rugs, the nest is large enough to fit a trio of direwolves or one very large prehistoric bird. Not much else is present as far as furniture, and the only bit of decoration is a single preserved eagle talon that hangs from the fireplace mantle. From the scrapes in the stone floor, it is clear that the occupant of this room uses it only to sleep and access the balcony.

    Dens built out on the plains surrounding the castle.

    Claire and Greed's Den — No description provided yet.





    Alpha of the Hallows, harbinger of sanctuary and justice, and the shield that guards the realm of wolves. Also known as the Firekeeper or Lord of Cinder.



    The mate to the Aegis and highest ranking female in the Hallows. Responsible for domestic life within the Hallows and frontrunner for all diplomatic efforts.



    The heir apparent of the Hallows, chosen by the Aegis. A leader in training with great responsibility and authority.

    High Councilors

    Members of the Aegis' exclusive high council, their most trusted wolves. Responsible for helping to manage the pack, casting votes on judicial orders, and advising the Aegis on all important matters.



    A battle-tested warrior without peer. The leader of the Vanguard and Knights, responsible for overseeing all combat training and pack security.

    Limit of 1 position, Master Fighter and secondary Master skills required.


    Chief Physician

    The most skilled medic within the Hallows and head of all medicine within the pack. Responsible for keeping medical staff on call and ready at a moment's notice.

    Limit of 1 position, Master Healer skill required.


    Lead Hunter

    The most experienced hunter and chief provider of food for the pack. Responsible for keeping larders filled year round.

    Limit of 1 position, Master Hunter skill required.



    A master navigator and adventurer, leader of the Scouts and Explorers. Responsible over all incoming reports and intel to the Aegis.

    Limit of 1 position, Master Navigator skill required.

    Head Scholar

    The headmaster of academics and learning over the Hallows. Responsible for ensuring quality education to all, as well as maintaining histories and records of the Hallows.

    Limit of 1 position, Master Intellectual skill required.


    The ambassador to the Hallows. Responsible for all inter-pack relations and affairs, and outreach to allied packs and prospective allies.

    Limit of 1 position, Master Intellectual skill required.


    The most capable warriors of the Hallows and elite bodyguards to the Aegis and the Carpathian family.

    Limit of 4 positions, Master Fighter skill required.


    Expert Physicians

    Highly skilled medics trained to work in specialized areas of medicine. They help mentor other Physicians and assist the Chief Physician in daily tasks.

    Limit of 2 positions, Expert Healer skill required.


    Veteran Hunters

    Hunters who have demonstrated keen skills in the field for bringing down prey of all sizes and caliber. Responsible for mentoring other Hunters and assisting the Lead Hunter in organizing hunts and providing for the pack.

    Limit of 2 positions, Expert Hunter skill required.


    Nimble and highly skilled pathfinders, often tasked with challenging explorations or missions. Responsible for mentoring Scouts and reporting intel to the Wayfinder.

    Limit of 2 positions, Expert Navigator skill required.



    Scholars that have shown an aptitude for a particular craft or field of study. Responsible for mentoring Scholars and aiding the Head Scholar in any research projects.

    Limit of 2 positions, Expert Intellectual skill required.



    Warriors and defenders of the Hallows.



    Healers and caregivers of the Hallows.


    Hunters and providers of the Hallows.



    Explorers and wayfinders of the Hallows.



    Teachers and tutors of the Hallows.

    Meadow II


    General population of the Hallows. All of them under the protection of the Aegis.



    Hallowed children. Characters under the age of 1 year.



    A temporary rank for individuals who have come to attend Artorias' swordsmanship school. They are afforded the same protections as Hallowed wolves.


    Males in servitude to members of the Hallows. To be treated with the same respect and dignity as Hallowed wolves.


    Females in servitude to members of the Hallows. To be treated with the same respect and dignity as Hallowed wolves.


    Wolves who have committed crimes, injustices, or acts of violence against the Hallows and its members. These individuals retain no rights nor freedoms. They are confined to the dungeon cells unless otherwise ordered by the Aegis. They do, however, receive the same degree of protection from the Aegis until they stand trial, their punishments are carried out, or their sentences are served.

    What Ranks Can Be Challenged For?

    Ranks may be challenged for once per season. The winner of a rank challenge will be ineligible to challenge or be challenged for two OOC months.

    Aegis of the Hallows - Can be challenged for. Must follow official pack challenge rules.
    Queen of the Hallows - Cannot be challenged for.
    Warden of the Hallows - Cannot be challenged for, but may be reassigned by the Aegis if given a compelling reason.

    High Councilor - Cannot be challenged for, but may be reassigned by the Aegis if given a compelling reason.

    Commander / Vanguard - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a trial by combat.
    Chief Physician / Specialized Physician - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a medical test chosen by the challenged.
    Lead Hunter / Veteran Hunter - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a trial by combat or hunting/fishing competition.
    Wayfinder / Explorer - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a race chosen by the challenged.
    Head Scholar / Specialist - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a crafting competition.