Ardent Wolf RPG - The Hallows

The Hallows

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

The Hallows is a neutrally aligned pack that leans towards good. The ideal behind this pack is to aid those that need a little extra help. Those that have nowhere to go. The broken. The downtrodden. Those that simply need a break to clear a troubled mind. Upon promise of peace, all are welcome.


Former Leaders

General Rules

• No bloodshed of any kind will be tolerated on Hallowed lands. Blood shed in the course of trainings or spars does not qualify. Any who do intentionally spill blood will receive justice and will be punished according to the Aegis' command or judgment of a tribunal.

• All are welcome in the Hallows without discrimination. Alignment, history, and lineage matter not so long as a wolf comes peacefully into the territory. Individuals who have done harm to the Hallows or its members are excluded from this protection.

• Within the pack, each wolf must pull their own weight and contribute based upon their skillsets.

• Litters are not allowed without the express permission of the Aegis. Characters that become pregnant without permission run the risk of being ousted from the pack.

• A wolf that does not pull its weight will be removed from the pack. (Each month there will be an assigned activity announced in the pack Discord channel that must be maintained to remain a member of the pack.)

• Although open for public service, any wolf seeking to enter Hallowed lands must call for admittance before setting foot over borders. Any wolf may greet a guest, however they must receive permission from the Aegis, Queen, or Warden before they are allowed to enter Hallowed lands. Medical emergencies are the only exceptions. All others will be considered trespassers.

• The Aegis must approve any wolves looking to become members of the pack. All Hallowed wolves are allowed to bring guests into the pack, but if anyone wishes to become a permanent member they must speak with the Aegis.

• The Aegis has the final word in all things. If needed, a council of advisors will be held for any decisions the Aegis is unable to settle on alone or that will effect the whole of the pack.

Festivals & Special Occasions


Festival of Rebirth: A gathering of friends and family from near and far to celebrate the oncoming spring and the life that will bleed back into the land after the harsh winter.


Feast of Remembrance: A bonfire feast between friends and family to remember and celebrate the ones that have been lost, toasting to their lives with good food and drink.


Festival of Thanks: A large group hunting and gathering event to prepare for the upcoming winter which is followed by a feast of thanks.


Feast of Unity: A great feast where every wolf of the pack contributes either a meal or something else for the entire pack to share. Bringing together of minds and hearts, promoting unity amongst The Hallows.

Pack History

  • Fall, Year 15 - The Hallows is founded by Resin.
  • Fall, Year 15 - Tamsyn gives birth to the first litter of the Hallows.
  • Fall, Year 15 - Resin makes the decision to move the pack due to an influx of predators, proximity of growing packs, and the death of a pack mate. A ban is also placed on litters, and all future litters must be approved by the Aegis.
  • Winter, Year 15 - The Hallows moves to Auster and claims Amron's Castle and the Starlit Plains.
  • Winter, Year 15 - Resin gives the family name Carpathius to herself, Tamsyn, and their children. The Carpathius family is established.
  • Winter, Year 15 - The Hallows captures their first alpaca herd with plans for breeding and trading.
  • Spring, Year 16 - The Hallows participates in a practice raid defending against Ashen. Ashen is victorious.
  • Spring, Year 16 - The Hallows is attacked by a pride of sabertooth tigers from the far north.
  • Spring, Year 16 - Resin develops early onset dementia and attacks Tamsyn. She hands control of the Hallows over to Ulric and incarcerates herself.
  • Spring, Year 16 - Ulric names Artorias as heir to the Hallows.
  • Summer, Year 16 - The Hallows is attacked by a pack of extra dire wolves. Resin is killed in combat.
  • Summer, Year 16 - The Hallows joins in Ashen's summer festival and tournament. Ezra Adravendi and Dunkan Sarcova bring home trophies for the Yearling and Adult brackets respectively.
  • Winter, Year 16 - Ulric passes the title of Aegis over to Artorias. Artorias and Ulric become cooperative alphas together until Artorias comes of age.


Interior Map


  • Wine
  • Alpaca wool
  • Steel and iron
  • Jewelry

  • Living Quarters Descriptions

    Carpathius Wing

    The Carpathius family has chosen the rooms of the West Wing on the second floor of the castle.

    Tamsyn and Kane's Room — The largest bedroom in the castle, reserved for the alphas. It has a massive king-sized four-poster bed with sheer and privacy curtains situated against one wall with a fireplace across from it. There are a set of double doors that open out onto a spacious balcony overlooking the sea. There are several furs laid out in front of the fireplace. Above the bed is a tapestry hung on the wall and the bed is covered with many pillows and furs.

    Artorias' Room — A decent-sized bedroom on the west side of the castle, able to fit a couple of wolves comfortably, with large windows facing out towards the sea. A fireplace is set into the far wall, a coat of arms featuring a howling wolf hanging over the mantle with an empty display for a weapon just below it. A large four-poster canopy bed with an old chest are tucked into the corner, and the stone floors are covered with dusty and tattered rugs. Faded paintings of landscapes and battling knights dot the walls.

    Gwynevere's Room — A small library that has been converted into a bedroom and storage place for many herbs and healing supplies. The far wall is made up of a large picture window that stretches nearly to the ceiling while both walls on either side are lined with bookshelves. Under the window is a long bench that has been piled high with pillows and furs to make a bed. The lower shelves have been cleared of their books to make room for healing supply storage. In the middle of the room two pallets have been set up for any patients that need close, overnight monitoring or for any family that wants to stay.

    Rudyard's Room — No description provided.
    Avantika's Room — No description provided.

    Adravendi Wing

    The Adravandi family has chosen the rooms of the East Wing on the second floor of the castle.

    Ulric & Eska's Room — A large four-poster bed with gossamer curtains rests against the far wall. A row of windows lead out to a spacious balcony. An old wardrobe is the only other furniture in the room, used to hold both wolves' armor. A fireplace rests on the wall opposite of the bed.

    Ezra & Syanna's Room — A king-sized bed is the only furniture in the room. The far wall is made entirely of windows looking out over the Starlit Plains and open to a spacious balcony. A fireplace is set into the wall furthest from the bed. Rugs of soft furs have been spread throughout the room. A coatrack is set up near the door to hold Ezra's armor and Syanna's satchel.

    Lillith's Room — A spacious bed rests against the leftmost wall from the door. A small balcony overlooking the plains is set off the far wall. A little fireplace is built into the wall near the bed. A workbench and table are set up on the opposite side of the room.

    Serenity's Room — No description provided.
    Jane's Room — No description provided.
    Emile's Room — No description provided.

    Third Floor Rooms

    Rooms on the third floor of the castle.

    Romulus' Room — A mostly empty room with just a double bed and a table. Romulus uses this room infrequently as he usually sleeps with Lillith in her room.

    Bowen's Room — A large four-poster bed is the only furniture in the room, set up right in the middle of the space. A fireplace and mantle rest against the far wall with her glass orb set on the mantle.

    Laeta's Room — A rather lush king-sized bed sits on the back wall. An assortment of dried and fresh flowers neatly line the mantle on the relatively small fireplace on the left side. A few soft blankets are scattered on the bed to create a nest of sorts. The walls are as bare as the floor, but still contains an air of warmth.

    Dunkan's Room — No description provided.
    Sota's Room — No description provided.




    Aegis of the HallowsAlpha of the Hallows, harbinger of sanctuary and the shield that guards the realm of wolves. Also known as the Firekeeper or Lord of Cinder.

    Secondary AegisSecondary leader of the pack. A temporary position with all the same authority of the Aegis.

    Queen of the HallowsThe alpha female of the Hallows, mate to the Aegis. Responsible for domestic life within the Hallows and frontrunner for all diplomatic efforts.

    High CouncilorsMembers of the Aegis' exclusive high council, their most trusted wolves. Responsible for helping to manage the pack, handling diplomacy between the Hallows and other packs, and advising the Aegis on important matters.

    Warden of the HallowsThe heir apparent of the Hallows, chosen by the Aegis. A leader in training with great responsibility and authority.

    VanguardsThe most capable warriors of the Hallows and elite bodyguards to the Aegis and the Carpathian family. Limit of 3 positions, Master Fighter skill required.

    Chief PhysicianThe most skilled medic within the Hallows and head of all medicine within the pack. Limit of 1 position, Master Healer skill required.

    Lead HunterThe most skilled hunter and chief provider for the pack. Limit of 1 position, Master Hunter skill required.

    WayfarerA master navigator and adventurer, leader of the Scouts. Limit of 1 position, Master Navigator skill required.

    Head ScholarThe headmaster of academics and learning over the Hallows. Limit of 1 position, Master Intellectual skill required.

    KnightsWarriors and defenders of the Hallows.

    PhysiciansHealers and caregivers of the Hallows.

    HuntersHunters and providers of the Hallows.

    ScoutsExplorers and wayfinders of the Hallows.

    ScholarsTeachers and tutors of the Hallows.

    HallowedGeneral population of the Hallows. Wolves under the protection of the Aegis.

    YounglingsHallowed pups.

    ServantsBrutes in servitude to members of the Hallows. To be treated with the same respect and dignity as Hallowed wolves.

    HandmaidensFaes in servitude to members of the Hallows. To be treated with the same respect and dignity as Hallowed wolves.

    IncarceratedWolves who have committed crimes, injustices, or acts of violence against the Hallows and its members. These individuals retain no rights nor freedoms. They are confined to the dungeon cells unless otherwise ordered by the Aegis. They do, however, receive the same degree of protection from the Aegis until they stand trial, their punishments are carried out, or their sentences are served.

    What Ranks Can Be Challenged For?
    Aegis of the Hallows - Can be challenged for. Must follow official pack challenge rules.
    Queen of the Hallows - Cannot be challenged for.
    Warden of the Hallows - Cannot be challenged for, but may be reassigned by the Aegis if given a compelling reason.

    High Councilor - Cannot be challenged for, but may be reassigned by the Aegis if given a compelling reason.

    Vanguard - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a trial by combat.
    Chief Physician - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a medical test chosen by the challenged.
    Lead Hunter - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a trial by combat or hunting/fishing competition.
    Wayfarer - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a race chosen by the challenged.
    Head Scholar - May be challenged for. Will be determined by a crafting competition.