Ardent Wolf RPG - Insomnia


We all go a little mad sometimes

A pack full of all kinds of chaotic souls. Likely erring on the side of Chaotic Neutral. (Though probably just some form of chaotic in general). Almost anyone is welcome here. Insomnia embodies the good, the bad, and the ugly. The misfits. The ones that don't seem to fit in anywhere else. The lawful, the neutrals, the goody two shoes. The disorderly. The chaotics. Medusa welcomes you as long as you do no wrong to her, or your new family. Sure, the laws here are loose, and she isn't one to rule with an iron fist, but there are still rules and expectations to follow. The morals of each insomnia wolf may vary, of course, as each member is unique and Medusa certainly encourages unique individuals. Despite potentially questionable morals, you can at least expect honesty from Medusa. You scratch my back, I scratch yours sort of deal.

Those who come seeking to make a home within Insomnia are expected to do their part. Work hard, play hard, and do whatever your black heart desires (with the exception of needlessly maiming, killing, or harming those who don't deserve it, all others are free game!) As long as you're pulling your weight, you're good.

Slaves are not a thing within Insomnia, however, those who do harm to its members may find themselves in a position they probably do not want to be in. So unless you want to potentially end up Cursed for a little while, it's in your best interest to stay out. Be warned, the wolves of Insomnia are unpredictable, and while they don't actively seek to harm those who are innocent, the same can't be said for those who have done them wrong. One way or another, karma will come. It'd be in your best interest not to cross them. Forgiveness does not come easy.
Not only is Insomnia unique in terms of the members that make up this quirky, chaotic bunch, but Insomnia has a Bounty Board where anyone can end up on it at any point in time for various reasons. Both pack members and outsiders may take on a bounty. Simply speak to the Wraith to get things started! There are rewards aplenty for successful hunts!


Former Leaders

General Rules

☠ Medusa's word is the law. 'nuff said.

☠ Whether or not you get along with your packmates is on you. Scuffling is fine, and settling your differences with spars is fine, but outright maiming and seeking to do great harm to your packmates will be met with consequences. Should problems continue, Medusa will step in. Trust me, you don't want that to happen. Who knows what she'll do.

☠ Visitors must stop at the borders and may not cross without permission from Medusa or another assigned to go in her stead.

☠ Trespassers are to be met with force, especially if they choose to disrespect us. If they disrespect our borders, trespass without invitation, or are caught skulking around, then they don't get the respect of being escorted out without violence. Dominance, maims, or force claiming is 1000% on the table. Klein wolves (most specifically, Recluse aligned wolves) can expect to be met with greater force.

☠ Slaves are not a thing in Insomnia, but prisoners most certainly are. There are several ways to gain your freedom! Curses can initiate a freedom challenge, or release may be granted by Medusa after whatever conditions she has set have been fulfilled. She won't keep you here for longer than necessary, however, as long as you're actively working to get yourself out of your predicament. She won't hold your hand during this process, but she won't ignore your efforts either.

Concerning Raids: Insomniacs are expected to fight their best when called upon to raid! Those who succeed, are recognized as top dog(s) and may earn promotions faster than you can blink! Dominance & maims are fair game, it's your choice! (Just be aware that your opponent may try to maim you in return). On the other side of the coin, if Insomnia is being raided, nobody is to answer before Medusa, or whoever is assigned to lead the defense! Curses are absolutely not permitted to join the raid without prior permission from Medusa herself! Those who disobey will face punishment. Trust me, you don't wanna test this. You're likely to get thrown straight into the tar pit.

Curses are to remain in a secluded section of the tar pits and may not go anywhere else without express permission from the Alpha(s) or must be escorted by an Insomniac member. This is mainly just to minimize escapees before debts are paid for whatever crimes were committed against Insomnia and its members.

Treason is a punishable offense. Anyone found to be giving Insomnia secrets and info to outsiders is likely to earn a punishment related to their offense (spies, for example, are likely to earn a maim for eyes, ears, or tongue. Deserters are likely to earn broken limbs or appendage removal, and crimes committed against children will earn castration or something just as severe. These are merely examples and are subject to whatever Medusa feels fits the crime!) The more severe the offense, the more severe the punishment! Crimes against children especially are a big no-no, and Medusa is very likely to become relentless when it comes to avenging a child!

☠ Insomnia will always come to the aid of their friends! As long as you come to our aid in times of need. You scratch my back, and I scratch yours, sort of deal. No questions asked!

☠ Insomniacs are free to love whoever they want unless it's with someone from an enemy pack. To have relations with an enemy may be considered a very bad move, and is likely to get Medusa's attention. Interpack relationships have the possibility of becoming complicated, especially when it comes to pups, and we'd prefer to avoid that. However, if you absolutely must be with so and so, then it's best if they join Insomnia, or you leave to join them. Breeding requires permission, and this is simply to ensure there's enough room and resources. Children resulting from an Insomniac and an outsider belong to Insomnia until they are 1 year old . After that, they may choose to stay or go. If an Insomniac willingly chooses to breed without permission, then consequences may follow. What those consequences are will be determined ICly.

More to come!

✪ Bounty Board ✪

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Bounty Name Bounty Description

★★ Bounty Name Bounty Description

✉ Request Board ✉

★★ Requested by: Medusa Recruit a new member!
Recruit a new member into the ranks! Any members who recruit someone that is a good fit for Insomnia will gain reputation (and Medusa's gratitude), and will earn a small gift from Medusa herself!

Requested by: Rougarou Teach me a lesson!
I want to learn a lesson in healing or something intellectual! I'm bored!

Pack info & den sites

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Festivals & Events

- The Cursed Trials:




WraithThe primary alpha of Insomnia. Her word is law, and everything she says goes. Even if it's a little wild. Responsible for most of the pack stuff, though may assign to other members. In charge of accepting and releasing members, creating and changing laws whenever she feels like it, and has the last say in any and all decisions, rank changes, promotion/demotion, etc. Probably don't end up on her bad side. This rank can be challenged for via official pack challenge.

DaemonSecondary alpha of Insomnia. To attain this rank, Medusa must really trust you. Does not have to be the Wraith's mate. Has almost as much power as the Wraith. May accept/deny members, promote/demote members (with the exception of prisoners). The Daemon may step in when the Wraith is unavailable.

Grim ReaperJudge, Jury, & Executioner. A wolf with this rank probably lacks morals, and empathy, and must be one of strong mind and claim the ability to be unbiased. The Reaper is the one that carries out punishment to those who break pack law. Most often, the Reaper also decides if the accused is guilty or innocent. His/Her rulings are final, and the only ones that may overrule their decisions are the Wraith and Daemon. Should the Grim Reaper fail to uphold his duties or falter in their ability to do what must be done, he/she will be stripped of the rank, and is unlikely to regain it unless they can prove they are capable enough to keep it.

This rank can be challenged for, but only under special circumstances, and only appointed by the Wraith.

NightmarePrimary Beta. TBA

DreamSecondary Beta. TBA

SoulChild of the Wraith who inherits the pack. Provided the child meets the standard (whatever that may be). Should any of the Wraith's kids not be up to snuff, an unrelated heir may be chosen. Must be able to prove (even if by any means necessary), that they are the one who should be next in line!

This position can be challenged for, but the Wraith gets ultimate say in who gets to be next in line.

Night WalkersInsomnia's best spies. WIP

Trick MastersInsomnia's best big brains. (traders/negotiators/crafters/etc. WIP

NecromancersInsomnia's best healers. WIP

RavagersInsomnia's best hunters. WIP

HeartlessInsomnia's best fighters. WIP

PhantomsInsomnia's best trackers & navigators(?). WIP


HellhoundsInsomnia's best Bounty Hunters. WIP

WitchesInsomnian healers that have learned the basics and continue to grow their skills. Their role in the pack is to ensure the pack is healthy, and continue to grow their expertise when it comes to medicinal herbs be they of the helping kind or otherwise! Healers are important to Insomnia, just like any other rank, and their role is especially valued within the pack. Whether a Witch chooses to use their skills for good, bad, or for recreational purposes, as long as you know how to mend your packmates when things get serious, then this rank is definitely for you! The duties of a witch include but are not limited to: Tending to injuries and illnesses of your packmates, keeping your stores well stocked, teaching apprentices, working alongside higher ranked tiers, divination & guidance, and even making sure that those in the Cursed rank aren't dying of illness (unless otherwise instructed). Not all Witches like to use their skills for the purpose of helping others, and that's fine too! Must attend mandatory healer training, and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices!
Advanced - Expert in Healing or a secondary skill is required!

ShrieksInsomnian hunters that have learned the basics of hunting & tracking and continue to grow their skills. Their role in the pack is to keep the pack's food stores as full as possible and ensure that the pack has plenty of food while continuing to grow their expertise in bringing down all sorts of prey, and tracking various targets (prey animal, or otherwise). Shrieks are definitely important to Insomnia, as they are the ones the pack relies on most for coordinated hunts. This skill is valued within Insomnia, since despite everyone's unique differences, cooperation is key, and the Shrieks learn this first and foremost! Teamwork makes the dream work after all, and these guys are pretty good at their jobs! Must attend mandatory hunt training, as well as pack hunts, and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices and call them for hunts as well!
Advanced - Expert in Hunting or any secondary skill is required!

HauntersInsomnian spies that have become pretty good at navigating the lands, concealing themselves, and tracking things down. While not experts in their field, they continue to learn the skills they need in order to infiltrate what needs infiltrating and gathering information that benefits Insomnia. Their role in the pack is a crucial one, for it is their eyes and ears that are often necessary for Insomnia's deciding factors. Secrets and blackmail are their specialties, and while Haunters are not yet tasked with carrying crucial information the way Night Walkers are, they still play a vital role. Not only do they play the role of spy guys, but they aid in tracking and finding runaway Curses, and other wanted persons. Haunters are allowed to track and bring in ☆☆ - ☆☆★ bounties (depending on their skill level(s), without the help of a higher ranked Bounty Hunter. Must attend mandatory training related to their skills and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices!
Advanced - Expert in Navigation, or in a secondary skill is required!

SpectersInsomnian crafters. These wolves love to dabble with materials and adore crafting things with their own two paws. From small and simple trinkets to extraordinary and extravagant structures. Specters are tasked with ensuring the pack's equipment is up to snuff and working properly, as well as outfitting their fellow Insomniacs. Their main duties are pretty much to better the packs quality of life with their builds as well as helping to fortify defenses. Though they are amateurs, their work only gets better and their crafts are certainly one of a kind! Specters are important to Insomnia, for they are the thinkers and tinkerers! Helping higher-ranked crafters in coming up with ideas to aid the pack with their creations! This includes but is not limited to: Pack defenses & fortification, creating tools to aid in deterring invaders and would-be thieves, and bouncing ideas off one another like the nerds they are.Must attend mandatory training related to their skills, and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices!
Advanced - Expert in Intellect, or in any secondary skill is required!

FearsInsomnia's primary Guards. Their primary task is patrolling and ensuring Insomnia's lands are safe and secure against outside threats. Generally one of the first to meet and greet both visitors, and trespassers. Fears are often very aggressive against trespassers especially, as they take their duty as protectors seriously, and outsiders generally aren't trusted to begin with. They help to oversee prisoners and are also among the first line of defense against raids and sieges. True to their name, Fears should be...*ahem*, feared. While not all individual Fears are the same, their ideals and protective instinct likely are. Fears protect the pack against intruders and have no qualms about taking a piece off of them should the situation demand it. In other words, if hostile trespassers ignore the very obvious hint to leave, it is up to the discretion of the Fear to decide whether or not they wish to maim or scar the trespasser, or simply chase them out. The duties of a Fear include but are not limited to: Patrolling borders, ensuring the safety of the pack, keeping an eye on Curses & escorting them from point A to point B, and helping with general duties around the pack. Must attend mandatory fight training, and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices!
Advanced - Expert in Fighting or any secondary skill is required!

HowlersInsomnian fighters that prefer a more aggressive approach when it comes to protecting and defending their home, as well as being the first line of attack when Insomnia goes on the offensive. Howlers are Insomnia's primary fighting force, and their primary task is pretty much like infantry. Not only that, but Howlers may also double as amateur Bounty Hunters. Howlers may work alongside Haunters to find and bring in ☆☆ - ☆☆★ (star level subject to change) bounties (depending on their skill levels) without the help of a higher-ranked Bounty Hunter. The role of a Howler is important within Insomnia, as they are the ones that not only go on the first line of attack but also serve as another line of defense against intruders. Like Fears, it is a Howler's discretion on whether or not they wish to maim/scar trespassers or send them packing. Though each Howler is their own unique individual, it would still be in your best interest not to cross them. Their attitudes can be quite nasty. A Howlers duties include but are not limited to: Border patrol, participating in raids when necessary, keeping an eye on Curses, helping to track down bounties, fucking up trespassers, and general pack duties. Must attend mandatory fight training, and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices!
Advanced - Expert in Fighting or any secondary skill is required!

ReapersInsomnia's amateur bounty hunters. Reapers specialize in tracking down and finding those that wind up on Insomnia's Bounty Board. They work closely with the Hellhounds on most occasions, and may even tag along with a Hellhound when they go for higher-ranked bounties. They often work in groups to track down their targets and do whatever is necessary to bring those targets back with the help of a Hellhound or Nightmare. Reapers can be ruthless in their endeavor to get their targets, often by whatever means necessary to get the job done. In the event they find the target but are unable to bring them in, then they must request the help of someone who can finish the job. Reapers are also primarily in charge of those in the Cursed rank, and are tasked with keeping them from escaping by whatever means necessary (even if you have to hogtie them or dunk them in the pits). Reaper duties include but are not limited to: General pack duties such as border patrol, aiding other members, overseeing Curses, locating wanted targets, etc. Must attend mandatory training in their chosen skills, and may also hold their own training sessions for apprentices!
Advanced - Expert with any of their chosen skills is required!

FeralsApprentice Fighters. Beginner - Intermediate Fighting skill. May rank up upon testing out, and there are a few ways to do this! Either the mentor thinks the apprentice is ready for the next rank-up and makes this case known to a Tier 1 or Tier 2. The apprentice challenges their mentor or a higher ranked warrior or a Tier 1/Tier 2 to a dominance challenge and wins, or the apprentice may wait until Insomnia's version of a battle royale where their skills are tested against other parties! The duties of a Feral include border patrol, intercepting trespassers, keeping an eye on Curses, and helping with general duties around the pack. Of course, they must also attend all fight training that is called!

CreepersApprentice Spies, Navigators, & Trackers. Beginner - Intermediate in Navigation, or any chosen skill. May rank up upon testing out, or if their mentor deems them ready! Duties are to help higher-ranked members around the pack, and must attend all training regardless of their skill! May not go on solo missions, and are only allowed to go on missions with a Tier 1, Tier 2, or with Night Walkers & Trick Masters unless otherwise specified! Often work alongside Charms to gather information!

HexesApprentice healers. Beginner - Intermediate Healing skill. May rank up upon testing out, or if their mentor deems them ready! Duties are to help higher-ranked healers with whatever tasks are requested of them and must attend all healing training, as well as other training sessions that are requested of them. Must learn at least the basic knowledge of herbology. Basic duties include helping higher-ranked healers collect herbs, keeping medicinal stores stocked, tending to gardens, and ensuring pack members are healthy.

CharmsApprentice negotiators, traders, envoys....and amateur con artists. Beginner - Intermediate intellect skill preferred, or any secondary skill. Charms are good with their words. They're not so much the fighty type, but they definitely can be (though should absolutely know how to protect themselves at the very least). Charms are tasked with learning how to negotiate, conduct trades, swindle others, and are tasked with taking not-so-important messages beyond Insomnia's borders when necessary. Charms should learn a wide range of communication skills. Learning how to talk to others, negotiating for smaller, basic trades (such as food supplies, medicine, and other materials that Insomnia might need), attending markets, and definitely learning how to be like that sleazy car salesman! Despite the ranks name, not all Charms are honest, but they certainly are charming.

WhispersApprentice hunters. Beginner - Intermediate Hunting skill. May rank up upon testing out, or if their mentor deems them ready! Duties are to help higher-ranked hunters with whatever tasks are requested of them, and must attend all hunt training (and any other training requested of them, unless otherwise specified). Duties include attending pack hunts when called, border patrol, ensuring pack food stores are stocked, and aiding in tracking down level 1 bounties.

MemoriesMembers without a chosen rank or path. Have two IC seasons to figure it out, after that, you're automatically placed wherever you're needed. Unless you're old as dirt and just wanna retire, then this rank is also for you. Must help with general pack duties such as border patrol, helping hunters, helping healers, learning basic combat skills, and other basic skills necessary for survival (trust Medusa on this, you definitely wanna learn what you can!), watching prisoners, and a variety of other tasks. Again, unless you're old af, then just sit back, relax, and try not to murder your pesky packmates.

ShadowsApprentices that are less than 2 years old. Expected to keep up with their training under a mentor's guidance, as well as general pack duties and learning responsibilities. Also doing kid stuff. You're still kids, after all, enjoy it!

DarklingsInsomnia pups under 6 months (2 ic seasons). Restricted to pack lands, may not wander beyond pack territories without an adult escort.

StraysTemporary guests. May only stay for one season. After a season, they must either join the pack or move on. Must contribute to the pack in some form in exchange for Insomnia hospitality. Failure to contribute, may result in being kept as a Curse until debt is paid.

CursesInsomnia prisoners. May not leave pack lands without express permission from the Wraith. Those who do are likely to have not nice things done to them. Who knows. I wouldn't test this if I were you. To leave this rank, one may choose to join Insomnia as a full member (only if you are trusted enough, however), fight for freedom, or fulfill terms and conditions set by Medusa for release.