Ardent Wolf RPG - Ethne


“Family doesn't end with blood.”

Ethne ranges from good to neutral alignment-wise. It is a home for the different and the misfits and a pack that celebrates the things that make its members different. The pack is a family bound not by blood, but bond.

Ethne was founded by Bellamy of Foi and her daughter, Haydée Kedieo, now leads. Ethne is a pack that seeks to build unity beyond blood, and strive for what is seen as a greater good. They are a community with a focus on acceptance and bettering the lives of the whole pack, rather than the individual. The dream of Ethne is to come back stronger than before, regardless of what trials life has thrown against you, and be accepting and welcoming of all differences from gender, orientation, appearance, personality, and even creed. It is a pack focused on celebrating the differences and skills everyone has equally, rather than favoring one group over another. Those with neutral to good alignments with open-mindedness will find Ethne a good fit.

General Rules

Laws of the Land

  • All wolves are equal. Those with rank are to treat other members with the same respect as they would another creature n the chain of command. We are a family here, and any form of intolerance or trying to appear better than others will be handled by the Leader personally.

  • Be accepting, be unique! Ethne celebrates the differences of individuals no matter what they are. Mutated characters, characters with odd colors, different species, characters who identify differently, have their own religion, and more are all welcome to co-exist together.

  • Be kind, but not easy. Creatures of Ethne are expected to treat all other creatures with a level of courtesy and decency. Do not try to get into scuffles or start problems with other packs as that can reflect on the rest of Ethne. That said, however, if trouble comes knocking, you are not going to be put down for holding your ground and taking care of business.

  • Slaves are a no-go! Period! The founder of Ethne, being an ex-slave, despises the idea of slavery and will never hold someone as a prisoner of Ethne nor will it be supported in the pack. Those okay with slavery will find it harder to coexist in Ethne, especially once the Leader finds out. If slaves are discovered outside the pack, Bellamy and Haydée may work on a way to attempt to gain their freedom. Any creature who tries to make a slave out of a member of Ethne will deal with Haydée herself.

  • Everyone is expected to pull their weight. Not everyone has time to be amazingly active with every character and I get it, I really do. As of Winter, Year 19, Ethne members are asked to participate in a simple, seasonal activity check. While you are encouraged to participate in as many threads as you want, as often as you like, there will be only be one post that is required per season. This post can be made anywhere on Ardent as long as it is made with your Ethne character. If this is too much, please talk with me. Being in this pack is not meant to be stressful and I encourage everyone to be open and communicate honestly with me.

  • Protect what is ours. All threats over the borders should be answered swiftly and handled. If there is a trespasser you are welcome to and encouraged to call for backup. Ethne will not tolerate those who disrespect their pack and its boundaries. You are welcome to use force if you deem it necessary or if force is used against you.

  • Conflicts happen, both in and out of the pack. We get it, not everyone gets along all the time. When it comes to internal pack conflicts a dominance match can be had to settle the dispute. If you can not settle the dispute on your own reach out to a Deputy or even the Leader to handle things for you.

  • Rape and physical abuse are not tolerated period. There are no exceptions and the Leader will handle these transgressions personally.

  • Love who you love, but be mindful. Please ask the Leader before having pups to ensure there is enough space for your little ones! This is a common courtesy expected of everyone in the pack. Besides! How is the Leader supposed to arrange a celebration of New Life, if you don’t tell her you’re planning on a litter?

  • Earn your rank. You don’t need to be a master by any means, but we are encouraging at least Advanced skills for any of the “heads” of each rank. You are welcome to challenge for these ranks freely and a victor will be determined by the Leader (and our Tier 2 battle system). Like other cooldowns, there will be an OOC two-week cooldown before the rank can be challenged again.

  • Ceremonies and Festivals

  • New Life Ceremony - A celebration for expecting couples to bless their litter, led by the Leader. The Leader will gather those interested in congratulating the couple before giving a speech, either based on the couple’s beliefs or defaulted to the religion of Foi, and ending with giving their blessing to the couple. The ceremony is followed up with gift-giving to the happy couple, kind of like a baby shower of sorts.

  • Weddings - A celebration for newlywed couples to receive their blessing from the pack. Typically led by the Leader but can be led by any member of the pack the couple appoints to do so. Generally, a small speech, feasting and socializing. A little get-together of the couple’s loved ones. So long as the Leader is asked prior those outside the pack may be permitted to attend the couple’s wedding if they come with good intentions.

  • Funerals - A call to fallen comrades, the Leader will summon the pack to say their final goodbyes. The Leader will let everyone speak a piece that wishes about the fallen, and if no one does, the Leader will speak on their behalf. After everyone has said their peace there will be a moment of mourning before four designated wolves {the Leader and Deputy rank filling in if there are not enough volunteers} will carry the fallen to the pack graveyard to be buried. The Leader will sit vigil with them throughout the remainder of the day until the next Sunrise as a way of honoring their life. Others are welcome to join as well.

  • Sweethearts Festival - A festival celebrating love in its many forms. Whether the love for a family member, a friend, or a partner all forms of love are valid and accepted. Held every other year, switching with the Hymn for the Fallen, the Sweethearts Festival is open to all packs and welcomes others to come to mingle for food, spars, and games. The highlight of the festival is a Handicraft contest where your crafting skills will be put to the test! The winner will have their item purchased for the one they love most!

  • Hymn for the Fallen - The festival of the dead. Creatures come one, come all, for nighttime-themed socialization, games of hide and seek, and trick or treating for the little ones. At the end of the festival, the Leader calls everyone together in a group howl or remembrance for the fallen. They are said to be always watching, and the festivals are held with their blessing. Never forget those who have once stood beside you, lest they haunt you til the end of your days!

  • Yuletide - Essentially? It’s Christmas! Creatures of Ethne get together for a time of togetherness and gift-giving. It is encouraged, though not required, and a meeting of sorts. The children and yearlings get the most attention during this time of year while the adults focus on feasting, drinking, and being merry! Yuletide is meant to be for the pack, but wolves with kin outside of Ethne are more than welcome to go spend time with them instead.
  • Primary Goods and Resources

  • Farm-Raised Animals: Chickens, Lambs

  • Herbs: Alder Buckthorn, Alfalfa, Boneset, Ginseng Root, Horsetail, Lamb's Ear, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Periwinkle, Valerian Root, Watercress, White Willow Bark

  • Prey: Okapi, Takin (Fall and Winter), Tapir, Dik-dik, Porcupine, Peafowl

  • Craftables: Baskets, Bags, Blankets, Feathered Accessories

  • Miscellaneous: Eggs, Wool, Rock Candy

  • Ethne's Farm-Raised Critters

  • Pricilla - Blue Sapphire - Chicken (Hen): Gentle, loving, and docile. Pricilla is the chicken that is thankful the group is including her. She will follow them around and only get into trouble because the other girls are doing it too.

  • Mia - Barred Plymouth Rock - Chicken (Hen): Happy, carefree, and loud. Mia likes to let the world know where she is and exactly what she is doing. Found a worm? THE WORLD KNOWS! Pooped an egg? LOOK WHAT I DID! It will not be difficult to find the group with Mia in the mix.

  • Sophie - Silkie - Chicken (Hen): Gossipy, friendly, and unique. Sophie is beautiful, and she knows it. While the rest of the flock likes to get dirty, this girl will stick to the fringes of the group to preen. Sophie also loves to hang out with her caregivers where she will happily dish out all the dirt on what they have gotten into during the day.

  • Charolette - Padovana - Chicken (Hen): Personality traits pending!

  • Izzy - Sussex - Chicken (Hen): Personality traits pending!

  • Olivia - Buff Orphington - Chicken (Hen): Personality traits pending!

  • Hank - Rode Island Red - Chicken (Rooster): Personality traits pending!

  • Mr. Gobbleton - Wild Turkey (Gobbler): Personality traits pending!

  • Mrs. Gobbleton - Wild Turkey (Hen): Personality traits pending!

  • Living Quarters

  • Haydée: Haydée has chosen to den behind the falls in a space that actually branches off near Bellamy’s room. A short walk is all it takes to find the first area of her section and she uses this space to greet guests. Furs are piled around to sit on and torches are scattered around to light the darkness. In the back of the room, a heavy fur hangs and, beyond that, is Hay’s private sleeping area. Several plush furs are piled in the center and a series of shelves line the walls. On these wooden shelves, books, jars filed with herbal concoctions, and rolled up maps are arranged. It is a small place but perfect for the small wolf who lives there.

  • Bellamy: Bellamy and her late mate, Gavroche, had chosen to make their den behind the Lazuli Falls within a spacious cavern. They had chosen a much wider den that is suitable for a family, rather than just for the couple. There are furs of various sort spread on the ground to serve as bedding, and some smaller pelts on the back wall for Bellamy and Gavroche's companions. On the wall opposite of the bedding and entrance, there are little alcoves and dips in the wall that Gavroche used to store and separates his herbs. Bellamy keeps the workspace the way her late mate had left it, in honor of his memory.

  • Lucette and Bae-Syl: Den Pending! Cattail Creek.

  • Dagrún: Dagrún's den is located high up in the mountain, near where the waterfall first starts to descend. Tucked away in a small cavern she has lined her bed area with elk hides. Her belongings are tucked neatly away in various indents in the walls. Just outside the opening of her den is a fire pit.

  • Pheonix: Fenix decided to make a den in the lazuli falls territory. It sits closer towards the top of the falls in the forest, with enough space for five to six wolves with an herb store in it - a dirt hut if you will.

  • Alexander: Den pending!

  • Bay: Den pending!

  • Corbin: Den pending!

  • Dorian: Den pending!

  • Lyonesse: Den pending!

  • Rivaxsaurus: Den pending!

  • Saga: Den pending!

  • Mentor and Apprentices

  • Haydée training Alexander - Primarily training in fighting skill.

  • Dagrún training Lyonesse - Primarily training in fighting skill.

  • Lucette training Corbin - Primarily training in navigation skill.

  • Lucette training Dorian - Primarily training in healing skill.

  • Haydée training Saga - Primarily training in fighting skill.

  • Apprentices In Need Of Mentors

  • Bay, Gavroche II, Jericho, Ikuchi, Nova, Sou, Vitani




    LeaderThe alpha in charge, the leader, the big boss! They are in charge of everyone in the pack, ensuring borders are patrolled and the members are taken care of. They are responsible for forming relations with other packs and organizing raids if and when pack needs are not being met. They are expected to be at every raid against Ethne and as a primary representative for the pack.

    Co-LeaderSecondary alpha of Ethne. They help the Leader with tasks and pack relations and are the secondary representative of the pack. Allowed to lead raids, answer calls at the border, and decide what ranks others should have.

    DeputiesThe beta, the second in command. Up to two wolves can be in this rank. They are the secondary enforcers of pack rules and help the Leader with patrolling boundaries, organizing hunts, and assisting the “Heads” in their duties either when there isn’t one or if they merely need a paw. They follow the orders of the Leader. This rank can not be challenged for.

    AdvisorTrusted member of the pack. They are one that anyone in the pack can come to with concerns and they help to guide the Leader when it is needed. This rank can not be challenged for.

    HeirThe future of the pack, related to the Leader and Advisor either by blood or adoption. They are the one chosen by the Leader to follow in their pawprints and become the next Leader. This rank can not be challenged for.

    BruiserThe head fighter and leader of the Combatants. They are responsible for ensuring the training of the Combatants and any Fledglings that are apprenticed to those in their field. They are expected to be at all raids, whether against or for Ethne, and are considered to be the most knowledgeable fighter in the pack. This rank may be challenged for by expert + fighters.

    PredatorThe head hunter and leader of the Woodsmen. They are responsible for ensuring the training of the Woodsmen and any Fledglings that are apprenticed to those in their field. They are expected to lead all hunts and ensure that all members of the pack are provided for. They are considered to be the most knowledgeable hunter in the pack. This rank may be challenged for by expert + hunters.

    KahunaThe head healer and leader of the Shamans. They are responsible for ensuring the training of the Shamans and any Fledgings that are apprenticed to those in their field. They are expected to assist Shamans in complex or severe treatments and, when a Shaman is not available, the Kahuna will take over all treatment of a pack member. They are considered to be the most knowledgeable healer in the pack. This rank may be challenged for by expert + healers.

    ConnoisseurThe head gatherer and leader of the Fanciers. They are responsible for ensuring the training of the Fanciers and any Fledglings that are apprenticed to those in their field. They are the lead diplomat and are the first to be chosen to attend the Leader when going to a pack for pack relations. After a potential alliance is formed it is up to the Connoisseur and the Fanciers to uphold that relation on behalf of Ethne. They are considered to be the most knowledgeable navigator in the pack. This rank may be challenged for by expert + navigators.

    ArtisanThe head crafter and leader of the Tradesmen. They are responsible for ensuring the training of the Tradesmen and Fledglings that are apprenticed to those in their field. They are expected to lead gathering excursions for resources such as metals, berries, and wood as well as assist the Woodsmen or Shamans in carrying food or herbs back to the pack. They are also expected to craft goods for the betterment of the pack or to trade. They are considered the most knowledgeable intellectual in the pack. This rank may be challenged for by expert + intellectuals.

    CombatantsThose who specialize in fighting, they follow the Bruiser. They are the fighters of the pack, expected to attend raids for or against Ethne. They work to keep the pack safe from intruders and predators alike. They may be apprenticed a Fledging and it is the duty of the respective Combatant to ensure that they are trained and prepared to enter the rank when they are of age.

    WoodsmenThose who specialize in hunting, they follow the Predator. They are the hunters of the pack, expected to attend pack hunts and provide food for all of its members. They may be apprenticed a Fledging and it is the duty of the respective Woodsman to ensure that they are trained and prepared to enter the rank when they are of age.

    ShamansThose who specialize in healing, they follow the Kahuna. They are the healers of the pack, expected to treat the wounded, and sick, and assist in all pack births. They may be apprenticed a Fledging and it is the duty of the respective Shaman to ensure that they are trained and prepared to enter the rank when they are of age.

    FanciersThose who specialize in navigation, they follow the Connoisseur. They are the diplomats of the pack, expected to uphold pack relations once an alliance is sealed. They may be apprenticed a Fledging and it is the duty of the respective Fancier to ensure that they are trained and prepared to enter the rank when they are of age.

    TradesmenThose who specialize in intellect, they follow the Artisan. They are the gatherers and craftsmen of the pack, expected to assist in bringing home resources pertaining to hunting, healing, and their own art. They are expected to craft items both for the benefit of the pack and for trading purposes. They may be apprenticed a Fledging and it is the duty of the respective Tradesman to ensure that they are trained and prepared to enter the rank when they are of age.

    FledglingsApprentice-age youths, usually around three seasons to a year old when placed into this rank. They will be assigned a mentor in their chosen profession path to work closely with until they reach the proper age and point where gaining a rank is justified; usually a year and a half to two years old.
    Gavroche II

    Golden ReceiverThe (un)official greeter of Ethne. Is allowed to join potential recruitment threads with the permission of the Leader. Must be friendly.

    YounglingsThe children of the pack, often too young to be apprenticed. A couple may request that their children remain a Youngling up to one year of age at which point they will then be assigned a mentor for a chosen profession.

    MenialsUnranked Members or Guests of Ethne. Those who do not hold a profession within the pack or those who are only there temporarily under the graces of the Leader. Pack members of this rank will not be allowed to stay here long and will be encouraged to choose a professional path within one IC season.

    DefectorsMore of a title than a rank, this name is given to describe those who have betrayed Ethne or go against their views and are no longer welcome within their borders. If seen in Ethne lands they are to be met with force and driven off.