Ardent Wolf RPG - Norad


We Get 'er Done

Much like the pack that the founders Beauregard, Tanelan, Henry, Mika, and Benson came from, Norad is a pack that ranges all across the lawful and neutral spectrum. They are a pack that is non-judgemental of physical or mental differences and welcomes those with all sorts of quirks among their ranks.

The kingdom of Norad was raised by the Artifex, Beauregard, as a branching pack from Ethne to offer aid to their friends and explore a new way of approaching pack life. They are the crafters of all things regardless of the path of life they choose to walk. From weapons and armor to medical supplies to inventions that make everyday life easier, these creatures live by their inventions. Norad is open to trading or loaning out their wolves to work on projects. Considered clever with their resources, you can count on this pack to Get 'er Done!


General Rules

The Decrees of Norad

  • Be friendly and respectful until someone proves you shouldn't be - Norad believes that all creatures deserve a chance and should be treated with the decency of being another living being. But the animals of Norad are not all forgiving. If you show you are not worthy of kindness and respect, walking a path that hurts others, they will not hesitate to defend themselves or their own. They are kind, but that does not mean they will allow themselves to be walked over!

  • Do what you can do what you love - The kingdom of Norad encourages self-sufficiency, but more than that, the creatures here are encouraged to pursue not just paths in which they show talent but the things the love as well. Have something you enjoy that is outside the ranks? Approach the Artifex and let your desires be heard. The kingdom will grow and expand with its people, evolving over time.

  • One plus one generally equals two, but just in case... - Love is beautiful and something that should be celebrated. Those in Norad are allowed to take partners freely. However, they are encouraged to stray away from romances outside of the pack unless it is with a pack they are friendly with. Couples may decide to have a family, but as numbers swell, please reach out to ensure enough room is available for a litter before deciding on a large one. Norad will always try to work something out so couples can have their desired families.

  • Say hi sometimes! - While Norad is not going to be super uptight about activity, I do ask that your characters try be present for meetings. I am down for coming up with an IC reason for your character's absence if need be; I just ask for communication if you are unable to post rather than radio silence. It can be as vague as "I can't post to the meeting; can my character be excused cause they're sick or are busy doing tasks for the pack." or anything along those lines, really. I also know muse can shift where it is present, I have that same struggle, just try to post them once in a while and I'll be happy.

The Residences and Amenities of Norad

  • Main Densite - Norad's main dens are nestled near the rocks of the falls on both sides of the pool. While it is not mandatory to den near the rest of the pack, the Artifex encourages it as a way of the pack bonding and being able to count on one another.

  • Secondary Densite - Currently, the pack does not have a secondary densite, as there is only one land to make their dens in.

  • Sick Dens - Norad's dens for the sick or injured lie on the eastern side of the rock face of the falls facing Hermit's Cove. A couple are shallow sections of cave, lacking tunnels, whereas others are dug around the trees to provide shelter from birds of prey that might try to pick off smaller members of the pack.

  • Fire Pit - A fire pit lined with stones can be found on the south eastern part of Norad's territory, away from the trees that could catch the embers from the flames. The pit overlooks the territory of Bent Canyon and has a beautiful open view of the night sky.

Training Schedule

  • Mentor and Apprentice - Doing the thing.

  • Mentor and Apprentice - Doing the thing.

  • Mentor and Apprentice - Doing the thing.
The Resources of Norad

  • Prey - Dik Dik, Ducks, Frogs, Gaur, Grouse, Herons, Lizards, Okapi, Peafowl, Porcupines, Salmon, Takin, Tapir, Toads, Trout, Turkeys, Various Birds, Various Rodents

  • Other Predators - Badger, Black Bears, Bush Dogs, Dholes, Fishing Cats, Foxes, Grizzlies, Leopards, Lynx, Margays, Ocelots, Various Birds Of Prey

  • Herbs And Poison - Alfalfa, Bindweed, Blackberry Leaves, Borage, Broom, Bright Eye, Burdock Root, Burnet, Celandine, Chervil, Chickweed, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Daisy Leaf, Dandelions, Elder Leaves, Feverfew, Foxglove, Horsetail, Mallow, Marigold, Moss, Nightshade, Poppy Seeds, Ragweed, Stinging Nettle, Sweet-Sedge, Tree Sap, Thyme, Trillium, Valerian Root, Watercress, Watermint, Water Hemlock, Willow Leaves, White Willow Bark, and Yarrow

  • Fruits, Fungi, Vegetables - Alpine Strawberries, Elderberries, Fly Agaric Mushroomm Juniper Berries, Perennial Leeks, Persimmons, Raspberries, Shiitake, Wild Garlic

Festivals of Norad

  • Fishing Frenzy - The Fishing Frenzy is held in Auster’s spring. Creatures from Noard and Allies all gather around sun high to compete with one another and see who can catch the most fish. Games are set up throughout the territory for those not interested in fishing to encourage a fun day. At sundown, the fish are tallied, and the winner receives a prize before the guests feast upon the many fish caught during the day.

  • Buddy Battle -The Buddy Battle is held in Auster’s summer. This festival allows a wolf’s companions to shine as they battle one another to become the top “Buddies” of the year. The companions that win the contest will earn their wolf companion a battle accessory. While those with a single companion are allowed to enter, they are disadvantaged against those with two companions. However, the maximum allowance of companions for the event is two to keep things fair.

  • Cooking Contest - The Cooking Contest is held at the end of Auster’s autumn. The creatures of Norad will gather extra prey and their guests will bring together local fruits and vegetables in preparation for creating tasty meals. Three alphas are chosen each year to judge the food and declare a winner from among all those gathered. The winner will receive a predetermined prize, usually things like a blanket, cloak, or bag. Once the judges have determined a winner, the guests then mingle and get to sample the many dishes that have been prepared.

  • Handicraft Contest - The Handicraft Contest is held in Auster’s Winter. Creatures gather to show off their craftsmanship, and, like the Cooking Contest, a group of three alphas are chosen to go around and give each item a score of one through ten. The creature with the highest total at the end of the contest is declared the victor and given a small sack of gems for their victory.
The Inventory of Norad

  • Nothing currently! Go out and gather something!



ArtifexThe Artifex is the alpha primary of Norad, and is someone who puts the well being of the pack first. They are meant to be the face of the pack, and as such are expected to be the most active of its members. They interact with the Dux to ensure that training is going well and, if someone is struggling, reach out to them personally to see what might be holding them back. In the face of danger, the Artifex is always the first to show their face when raiders show at their borders to help protect their home.

ArtisanThe Artisan is the alpha secondary of the pack. While the Artifex may care about the comfort of Norad's members, it is upon the shoulders of the Artisan to listen to the concerns and troubles of their packmates. They help assist the Artisan in making sure everyone is comfortable in their day to day tasks and, if they are not, reach out to the Artifex to discuss a different path for them. They are considered the heart of the pack, bearing the most mentally and emotionally to ensure the pack is content as a whole.

DestinatusThe crowned Regium of Norad, chosen to become the next Artifex.

RegsChildren of the Artifex and Artisan under one year old.

Knyvalus DuxThe Lead Fighter, and the one you can count on to be there as one of the first to defend Norad. They are a master of their skill and lead by example. They ensure that members know the basics for self defense and help the Knyvalus keep on top of their training.

Hexarius DuxThe Lead Hunter. They are a master of their skill and lead by example. As the Hexarius Dux, their primary duty is organizing and leading hunts to keep Norad's stores stocked for the hard times. They will have knowledge of tracking and trapping prey, as well as be knowledgeable on the best approach to take down very creatures. They oversee the work of the Hexarius to provide feedback and instruction on what type of game the pack needs more of.

Augmentus DuxThe Lead Healer. They are a master of their skill and lead by example. The Augmentus Dux is the most knowledgeable healer in Norad, having treated a variety of wounds and ailments and having the knowledge of many different plants. They oversee the dens for the sick, and assist other Augmentus in keeping the pack healthy. While they are primarily a physical doctor, the Augmentus Dux will also have experience as a therapist, bearing the patience of a saint and the firm paw of a parent.

Vaxallius DuxThe Lead Scout and Messenger. They are a master of their skill and lead by example. As Vaxallius Dux, they are both a diplomat for the pack and the ears and eyes of Norad when they are on the move. They bear a good amount of intelligence and knowledge of various terrain. They are a survivor, light on their feet and quick thinkers. They oversee the Vaxallius and will sometimes assign them areas or packs to check out and rendezvous with. They are a trusted member of the pack, both giving and receiving important information from the Artifex and Artisan that not all members might know.

KnysThe Knyvalus, or Knys, are the fighting force of Norad. They are disciplined like knights, knowing when to defend, when to show mercy, and when they must strike a foe down. Their first duty is to protect the pack should anyone try to raid their home. In the event of a trespasser, Knyvalus will confront them. They will offer the trespasser a choice to be escorted out of the land first, but if that animal shows hostilities they are to neutralize the threat using whatever force they deem necessary and call for the Artifex and Artisan.

HexesThe Hexarius, or Hexes, are the hunters of Norad. They will typically form comfortable hunting parties between two to four animals, preferring medium or large prey to minimize risk when adding to the pack's stores. These animals will be level headed and cooperative, being able to rely on and trust one another to get the job done. When not hunting, they may choose to partake in the preparation of meals for themselves and pack members.

AugsThe Augmentus, or Augs, are the healers of Norad. While the traditional idea of a healer is one who can tend to wounds, the Augs can specialize in various types of care. From physical injury and ailments to broken hearts, depression, anxiety, and anything in between,they are known to be the most compassionate of the pack. Their heart and soul goes into helping their packmates feel better. Some of the Augs will even be skilled in tending to the soil, growing some of the herbs that they will use within Norad's lands.

VaxThe Vaxallius, or Vax, are the scouts and messengers of Norad. Eyes and ears for the pack, many Vaxallius go out to mingle with others and observe the lands of Boreas and Auster to obtain information on resources. Some Vaxallius will even be asked to run alongside the Vaxallius Dux as messengers between packs, to rely information for trade or maintain pack relations. Regardless of which path you take as one of the Vax, you are given a lot of freedom to roam to your hearts content; so long as you come home eventually, of course!

ProcsA den mother or father, these wolves help make sure the other members of the pack are cared for in the form of food, fresh bedding, companionship, and pup-sitters.

SaxSaxum are members of Norad that have not chosen a path within the pack. Newer members and yearlings may fall into this rank.

DisciplesDiscipulus are apprentices of the pack and are working towards the path that they have chosen.

VetsThe Vetus are members of the pack who have retired from their rank. Usually older animals, though disabilities can sometimes force someone into this role. They carry the history of the pack, Boreas, and Auster and share their stories with their packmates.