Ardent Wolf RPG - Raiders Hollow

Raiders Hollow

The code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules.

The Raiders will raid and they will raid often. No one is safe.
Raider's Hollow is considered a Lawful Evil aligned pack.
Members range from nice to nasty so be careful where you tread.

General Rules

1. Follow the rules or leave.
2. If a member has Fighting as a skill, they will be required to join in the raids.
3. The ONLY members not required/allowed to raid are Medics & Moppets.
4. What Gilgamesh or Modesty says, goes - a member is welcome to contest by way they deem fitting.
5. Pups under the age of 1 are not allowed to drink until their first birthday.
6. Members who cause issues with other packs that Gilgamesh is unaware of will be forced to deal with those issues themselves. Raiders are here to raid, not start wars.
7. Gilgamesh is not a babysitter. Create issues with other pack members and you will be forced to deal with it yourself unless a tiebreaker or opinion is needed.
8. If a character does not align with the pack ideals or decisions, they are free to leave at any point in time.
9. Promotions are only available through winning BOTH raid fights - unless they are not of fighting rank then promotions will be gained via other methods.
10. Members are NOT allowed to have puppies unless approved by Modesty or Gilgamesh FIRST.
11. Trespassers are NOT allowed onto Daager Isle and WILL be dealt with accordingly.
12. Anyone is welcome within Dove Island Archipelago and Obsidian Beach as long as they behave as a Raider would.
666. Have fun, create chaos, and assume everyone is friend and foe.

NOTE: Just because the raiders are deemed “evil” does not mean they are inherently cruel or despicable.
Gilgamesh and Modesty live by a set of personal rules and as such, will save violence for necessary times or lessons to be learned.
Raiders will raid for resources unless a pack has made it clear they are their enemy.
If players create drama or issues OOCly, they will be removed from the pack or forbidden from joining.
As Gilgamesh’s player, I keep all IC situations IC and never allow it to cross into the discord server or elsewhere.
These terms are not up for discussion.



Current Raid List

⍟ RAID COOLDOWN ENDS: 02/17/2024
⍟ Armada, Last Raided: August 2023, defended, Win/Lose: Lost
⍟ Ashen, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Avalon, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Ethne, Last Raided: January 2024, attacked, Win/Lose: Win
⍟ Elysium, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Heidinn, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Insomnia, Last Raided: September 2023, attacked, Win/Lose: Win
⍟ Norad, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ The Hallows, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Tojo-Kai, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Valta, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??

Pack Information

Gilgamesh & Modesty rooms: The largest room on the top floor toward the back of the main building.
With the room, there is a large fireplace sat between two picture windows that look out on the southern shore of Boreas at Lover's Mangrove. There is a table with enough room for six and a ratty chaise lounge covered in pelts. In front of the fireplace is a large grizzly rug where the pups typically sleep. Off the other side of the main room, a secondary room opens up from double doors to lead into their bedroom. There is quite a massive pile of soft and comfy pelts that make up their bed. The rest of their rooms are decorated as Modesty sees fit.

Jael's Bungalow: A quaint bungalow out behind the main building is where one can typically find Jael. From the front window, she can view the chickens she tends to in a large concrete pool.

Top floor also will have the rooms of the rest of the Gil/Modesty offspring.

Secondary floor will house the rooms of any raider that would wish to stay in the main building.

Bottom floor is communal space

Raiders are free to make dens around the isle or in the archipelago. (Please DM descriptions if you'd like yours listed!)

Around 10 chickens that live in a large concrete pool out behind the main building.

Supplies: Lumber, vines to be used for rope, chunks of concrete, rocks, sand
Plants: Tropical varieties, will get specifics later
Prey: Doves, Wild Ass, Muntjac, Wild Hog, other varieties of monkeys, birds, and fish
Predators: Alligators, Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Crocodiles, Jaguars, Leopards, Anaconda, Tigers, Cougars, Eagles, Vultures, Shark, Whale, Dolphin




Raid QueenPrimary Alpha of Raider's Hollow

Raid KingSecondary Alpha of Raider's Hollow

The ScionHeir to the Raid King
Typically an offspring of the Raid King, but can be appointed to anyone.

The CrowLead diplomat of the raiders.
Only 1 allowed with this rank, cannot be challenged for.

The ProvokerSecond in Command to The Raid King.
Can lead raids and make decisions when Raid King is not present.
Cannot be challenged for unless given approval.

VIPsThese are the members that can no longer fight but must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
Members who hold this title must be treated like kings and have any request fulfilled ASAP.

The ScourgeSpecialty title for Diablo granted through winning both raid fights.

The PrivateersTop tier fighters right below The Provoker
3 allowed in this rank, can be requested for.

The SawbonesLead Medics of the raiders.
They are in charge of making sure everyone is tended to after a raid.
Cannot be challenged for - this can only be appointed by The Raid King.

The AdvocatesEntrusted members to help make decisions
5 members allowed with this rank, can be challenged for.

RaidersGeneric raiders with fighting as a skill
Calico Jack

RegentsGeneric members without the fighting skill and wish to pursue something other than fighting
Such things would be: being a medic, a hunter, a spy, or a diplomat

MoppetsPuppies under the age of 1

PetsA step above Sacrificial Lamb, these are wolves that Gil has claimed as his own. To be respected, but not necessarily treated as friendly until proven worthy.

Sacrificial LambsSlaves, captives, prisoners, trespassers, anyone who is not a real member
They must fight for their freedom
Members are NOT allowed to harm them unless told to do so by the Raid King