Ardent Wolf RPG - Raiders Hollow

Raiders Hollow

The code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules.

Once a Pirate, always a Pirate.
Assuming a new name, the once-Pirates are now the Raiders.
Led by Gilgamesh, he will continue to live up to the name Sparrow had built for them.
The Raiders will raid and they will raid often. No one is safe.

General Rules

1. No maims, killing, or any serious injuries to ANYONE unless agreed on by both parties - I may ask for proof to ensure we aren't upsetting anyone.
2. If a member has Fighting as a skill, they will be required to join in the raids.
3. The ONLY members not required/allowed to raid are The Wife, Medics, & pups under the age of 1.
4. What Gilgamesh says, goes - but a member is welcome to contest by way of conversation, argument, fight, brawl, drinking game, whatever you can come up with.
5. Pups under the age of 1 are not allowed to drink until their first birthday.
6. Members who cause issues with other packs that Gilgamesh is unaware of will be forced to deal with those issues themselves. Raiders are here to raid, not start wars.
7. Gilgamesh is not a babysitter. Create issues with other pack members and you will be forced to deal with it yourself unless a tiebreaker or opinion is needed.
8. Previous Pirates are given special precedence over new members - always treat them with respect.
9. If anyone wishes to have their own title or special rank name, they may request it with Gilgamesh and find a variety of ways to have it approved.
10. Gilgamesh doesn't care who has puppies, but if we are reaching the cap, please check with me first! (This is due only because we will need to see about the expansion of land or expulsion of members)
11. Trespassers are NOT allowed onto Daager Isle and WILL be dealt with accordingly.
12. Anyone is welcome within Dove Island Archipelago as long as they behave as a Raider would.
666. Have fun, create chaos, and assume everyone is friend and foe.

Special Occasions

⍟ First Birthdays

⍟ Weddings

⍟ Funerals

⍟ Raider Cleanup
--- Post raids, there will be a party held on the beach of Daager Isle where pack members will get their wounds tended to, tell stories of their wins and losses, and have a good time celebrating being together.

⍟ Summer Festival
--- Since Gilgamesh first took claim of Raider's Hollow within the summer month, he plans on holding a festival every summer. Any and all wolves (loners and pack wolves) will be welcomed to Daager Isle for a week-long celebration to rejoice or not rejoice about the coming together of the raiders.

Current Raid List

⍟ RAID TIMER: --/--/2023
⍟ Armada, Last Raided: August 2023, defended, Win/Lose: Lost
⍟ Ashen, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Avalon, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Ethne, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Elysium, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Heidinn, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Insomnia, Last Raided: September 2023, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ The Hallows, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Tojo-Kai, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??
⍟ Valta, Last Raided:, Win/Lose: ??


all commissions will start 07/01/2023 and cannot be claimed until then

Winning both fights in a raid
--- REWARD: 2 pieces of art of your choice by me OR 1 gemstone store item up to 400 gems

⍟ The successful retrieval of any Alpha's singular digit (ie. a toe or an ear tip would qualify)
--- REWARD: TBD / REWARD OF CHOICE -> Promotion, Art, Something Else

⍟ The successful capture of HANAKO back to Daager Isle before Gilgamesh
--- REWARD: 3 pieces of art from myself - 1 pixel, 1 bust, & 1 custom-coded table

⍟ Recruitment of a MASTER HEALER
--- REWARD: 100 gems

⍟ Reaching Master Skill Level of ANY skill
--- REWARD: 75 gems

⍟ Recruitment of a new member unrelated to yourself
--- REWARD: 50 gems

Room Descriptions & Locations

Gilgamesh & Modesty room: Largest room on the top floor toward the back of the main building. Decorated however Modesty prefers.

Raider Resources




Raid KingAlpha of Raider's Hollow

The ScionHeir to the Raid King
Typically an offspring of the Raid King, but can be appointed to anyone.

The NightmareSecondary heir to the Raid King
Typically an offspring of the Raid King, but can be appointed to anyone.

The CrowLead diplomat of the raiders.
Only 1 allowed with this rank, cannot be challenged for.

The WifeThe wife of the Raid King
Assume what she says goes with no questions asked.

VIPsThese are the members that can no longer fight but must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
Members who hold this title must be treated like kings and have any request fulfilled ASAP.

The ProvokerSecond in Command to The Raid King.
Can lead raids and make decisions when Raid King is not present.
Cannot be challenged for unless given approval.

The HarbingerSpecialty Title for Ajax only. Obtained through spar w/ Raid King & won

The PrivateersTop tier fighters right below The Provoker
3 allowed in this rank, can be requested for.

The SawbonesLead Medics of the raiders.
They are in charge of making sure everyone is tended to after a raid.
Cannot be challenged for - this can only be appointed by The Raid King.

The AdvocatesEntrusted members to help make decisions
5 members allowed with this rank, can be challenged for.
Calico Jack

RaidersGeneric raiders with fighting as a skill

RegentsGeneric members without the fighting skill and wish to pursue something other than fighting
Such things would be: being a medic, a hunter, a spy, or a diplomat

MoppetsPuppies under the age of 1

Sacrificial LambsSlaves, captives, prisoners, trespassers, anyone who is not a real member
They must fight for their freedom
Members are NOT allowed to harm them unless told to do so by the Raid King