Ardent Wolf RPG - Valta


One should always aim to be the best version of themselves. If you rest today another will surpass you tomorrow.


Former Leaders

General Rules

1) Respect the leaders of the pack. Respect any who bear the Fatalis name or any of noble blood. Noble blood is defined as leaders of packs that are close allies and their direct kin that they acknowledge as blood. The right to be labeled as nobility can be lost if the leaders fail to live up to the expectations of nobility. This is at the Sumatar's discretion

2) You must speak with the Sumatar of Valta to join or to leave the pack. Permission is needed for both.

3) Procreation must be requested of and approved by the Sumatar. Fatalis pups and others of noble blood have the highest priority. If you ignore this rule and have pups, then the Sumatar will decide the fate of the pups and the future of the parents.

4) Anyone, regardless of blood, who does not pull their weight or acts in an unbefitting way, will be punished. If they are reprimanded a second time, the wolf will be removed from the pack. The punishment will be worse if you are a Fatalis. The privilege you gain by blood comes with responsibilities and consequences. You will acknowledge that or lose the privilege.

5) When a child turns six months he is eligible to take the trials but it is suggested he wait at least one more season. If the child has not taken the trials by a year's age he or she is required to do so at the next upcoming trial. Failure to do so sets them to the lowest rank in the pack. Miss the trial again and you must leave the pack.

6) Trespassers are to be captured on sight. They will become slaves either for the pack in general or possibly for an individual who requests it. If they want freedom they can try to prove they deserve it in two seasons. Age doesn’t matter.

7) You are a representation of the pack. If you give the pack a bad name you will be punished. Valta is not a pack for cowards nor idiots. If you bring trouble or a bad name to the pack you will be punished and either made a slave or thrown out.
These will be tests for members of the pack to prove their worth. Upon successfully completing a trial any pack member that participates can earn a tattoo.

Those who are not in the pack are welcome to come and also participate in the trial. However, they will not get the honor of one of the tattoos. These are solely for the members of Valta.
The trials are not meant to be easy. To participate you will have to have reached a skill level of at least expert.

More will be said on trials after the first one has been announced. For now, it will be a surprise.


Simple bridges are in the process of being built at two separate points to cross from one end of the rapids to the other.

Den Locations

Map of Rapids

Wolf markers equal den sites




SumatarThe leader of Valta and the final word in all things.


PerijaHeir – will be required to learn the duties and responsibilities that come with being alpha. Able to invite other wolves into pack lands.

TakoaHead instructor – Can train those who feel not getting enough training from their own teachers. Also responsible to make sure individual teachers are doing their jobs. If they are not doing their jobs sufficiently speak with the Sumatar for potential punishment or lowering of rank. Able to invite other wolves onto pack land.

VarmasAdvisors. Responsible for thinking of ways to improve Valta and offering advice to the Sumatar. Able to invite other wolves onto pack land

TuhotasNoble Master Fighters – first to battle, knowledgeable in strategy, train lower ranks

JousisNoble Master Hunters- Plan and lead when hunting larger game and teaching the lower ranks.

KirurgisNoble Master healers- Must know skills both for healing and poisoning.

Opas'Noble Master Navigators – Message carriers, scouts and help find good locations for trials, teaching less talented navigators.

TaideNoble Master Crafters - Help in trial creations, and teaching. Make and repair helpful items on pack lands.

RatsusMaster fighters - first to battle, knowledgeable in strategy, train lower ranks.

NuolisMaster hunter - Help lead larger pack hunts. Train the novice hunters.

LaakarisMaster Healer - Must know skills both for healing and poisoning. Teach the less knowledgeable healers.

KarttasMaster Navigators – Scouts, message carriers and help find good locations for trials.

KasityosMaster Crafters - Help in trial creations, teaching the more novice crafters - create useful items for pack land

SoturisCommon Warrior.

RaitasCommon Hunters.

KohtelusCommon Healers.

JalkisCommon Navigators.

RuuvisCommon Crafters.

VeriNoble children

LapsisChildren that are not of noble blood.

AlkaasRank for those who have just joined. Given until they prove able to move into higher rank

OrjasPack slave - At the ready to take orders from any member of the pack.

MatalasPersonal Slave - belonging to one specific wolf.