Ardent Wolf RPG - Armada


Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.

The wolves of the Armada come from all walks of life, some broken and in need of mending, others simply looking for a change.
We are a family, brought together by the Warlord to protect us and ours through well-honed military might and discipline.

Armada Map

A faithful ally of the Ashen Empire, and the birthplace of the Fatalis family.

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Former Leaders

General Rules

To leave the pack you must challenge or seek permission.

To preserve the secrecy of our structure, our home, and the affairs of us and our allies, a wolf will only be allowed to leave if he or she succeeds in a challenge against the Warlord or his chosen proxy. In rare cases, a trusted and loyal wolf may be given the Warlord’s blessing to leave without this formality.

No harm is to come to our allies, unless in self-defense.

No offensive action can be taken against any wolf belonging to an allied pack, unless in self-defense. Should an allied pack wolf strike first on a member of the Armada, it must be brought to the attention of Armada’s leadership for discussion and potential retribution.

Trespassers and visitors are to be met by Armada’s leadership.

Any intruder who trespasses on the Armada beyond their public areas must be intercepted by a wolf who is Tier 2 or higher. A lesser ranked wolf may only be first to intercept in emergent situations, and must call for a Tier 2 or higher wolf without delay to relieve them before they engage. This includes friendly visitors who call at the border, and excludes individuals who intend to make use of the marketplace.

Regardless of rank, all pack wolves are entitled to the basic necessities of life.

All members are expected to collaborate to ensure the health and wellbeing of the pack, first and foremost. Medicine, food, bedding, birth control, and other essentials can not in any way be restricted from any member of the Armada, servants included.

Treat your fellow members with respect, and do not seek to harm any other who calls the Armada home.

Aside from those injuries sustained in training or as a result of punishment, no wolf should suffer any sort of abuse by another who belongs to the Armada. Members are expected to show a basic respect for all their pack-mates, including servants.

The alpha’s word is law.

The word of the alpha’s should be taken as law, at all times. In times of war, severe punishments may be inflicted to those who question the command of their superiors.

Show restraint and respect, have honor and dignity.

Every member of the Armada is expected to show restraint and respect towards strangers and outsiders. To intentionally or negligently reflect poorly upon the Armada is to betray the Armada, and every wolf is expected to conduct themselves well to the neutral wolves of Auster and Boreas.

Mandatory meetings must be attended by every ranked member of the Armada.

Mandatory meetings are mandatory and to intentionally avoid being present from one will be considered a severe crime deserving of punishment, or even the stripping of one’s rank.

Every member is expected to contribute to the pack, and not leech off of it.

All wolves must contribute to the well-being of the pack as well as the marketplace. Potential members should be screened for work-ethic and ambition upon being offered membership, and should a wolf prove themselves lazy and undeserving after acceptance they will be demoted to the rank of slave, where perhaps they will learn the importance of contribution.

Reproduction is not a right, all wolves must ask permission before creating more mouths to feed.

As pack slots are limited and member turnover is rather low, reproduction for all wolves is an act that must be requested. Reproducing without express permission directly harms the Armada as a whole, and unauthorized litters may be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Servants and slaves are not permitted to reproduce at all, bearing the rare exception.

No wolf may take a mate outside the Armada.

To ensure loyalties remain where they should, no wolf will be allowed to take a mate outside the Armada and it is highly encouraged to not risk reproduction in flings with loners or non-aligned packs, else the Armada may be forced to clean up your mess.
The marketplace is to remain neutral and accepting to all.

The neutrality of the marketplace is expected to be kept by all wolves who participate in its upkeep. While packs labelled an enemy to us or The Empire might be afforded extra observation, only a T2 rank or higher can decide to deny them service.

The Northern Warren

A cluster of den-sites beneath the northern tooth of the mountain range.

A half-dozen entrances to the underground are scattered on the southern edge of the mountainside leading into a series of torch-lit pathways. Branching off the main tunnels are various sizes of caves, each unique in their own way with the ability to be converted into permanent den-sites for those so inclined. The caverns are warmer than you'd expect - likely a result of the nearby underground magma chamber that feeds the massive geyser to the north. These Warrens are the most secure spaces within the Armada and therefore it is encouraged for less battle-capable members to den here.

Den Sites and Trader Inventory

Den Wolf Den-Site Trader Inventory

Sirius & Zeitgeist

An easily accessible ‘stairway’ of rock leads up from the ground-floor den sites to a higher elevation. The cavern is large and open at the entrance - serving as a private common area - with a few attached sleeping areas further in.

Navigation Supplies, Pristine Pelts, Fight Training


Tucked around the corner between two entrances is Keahi’s den. It is apparent that she uses it for its function more than as her own private space and the only creature comforts found within are thick furs to keep the tropical wolf warm in the bitter winters. A window looks out toward the communal area and a thin fur separates her room from the common areas.




Services closed to general public.




The Southern Warren

A multi-purpose underground tunnel system beneath the southern tooth of the mountain range.

Accessible from the south, a vast and wide cavern opens up nearest to the tip of the southern tooth of the mountain. The nearby underground river of lava lends it's heat all year round, though the expansive cavern is a touch colder than the more compact spaces of the underground Col. The space is used as a public market, with sentries posted upon the southern entrances and occasionally patrolling the merchandise stalls. Branching off this main cavern space are various storage areas where overflow/valuable goods are placed, as well as vacant dens that can be rented out to weary travelers for the right price. Tucked tightly behind the marketplace is a separate system of tunnels - accessible only from the communal area to the east - which could serve as extra den-sites for Armada members.

Den Sites and Trader Inventory

Wolf Den-Site Trader Inventory



Grimshaw & Malachai

Steps lead up the side of the mountain facing the communal area to a den settled high above the rest. Nestled above a second den used as a bar underneath the sleeping quarters accessible from the Market, a private narrow, steep staircase connects the two inside separated by a door. Above the entrance to the bar is a private patio accessible only from the sleeping quarters.


Azure, Hanako & children (+Lyre)

Azure and his family have claimed the den sites positioned at the end of the deepest southern tunnels. Three large dens serve as the family's sleeping areas, the children separated by gender until they are able to claim private dens of their own. The southern wall juts out into a small alcove that serves as their communal living area. Lyre, the family servant, has a bedroll in the hallway.



Den and adjoined workshop, further description TBA





The Communal Area

Where the mountain range forks, a valley is created between the two teeth.

Standing proud in the centre of the valley is the second variation of the Obelisk of the Armada, where the pack’s rules have been carefully etched and displayed throughout their long history. A familiar site to any veteran members of the Armada, as is the adjacent bonfire that seems to never be allowed to burn out. This valley is the safest and fastest route to the Armada’s second territory - the Mile High Woods to the south-east. While the mountain side provides shelter from buffeting northern winds, the valley itself is not comfortable enough in warmth or security to recommend den-sites be situated here as opposed to the Warrens.

Mile High Woods

Gnarled trees with branches like ladders provide a hunting ground as well as alternative sleeping areas for one who might prefer the comfort of trees to that of stone.

The secondary territory for the Armada functions first and foremost as an easily accessible hunting ground. Therefore, wolves of the Armada are encouraged to make use of the space within Dreamer’s Col where possible, as to not provide too much of a presence that might chase large game away from the woods. The north-western border of the forest is well travelled, containing pens that could be used to raise livestock/companions to sell as well as gardens to grow herbs and other plants. The trees nearest to the Col’s border have been tested well for strength, and deemed suitable for safe climbing or even sleeping. Travelling further into the woods south-east, the territory takes on more of a feeling of a preserve where larger game is more frequent, and permanent modifications are discouraged.

Den Sites and Trader Inventory

Wolf Den-Site Trader Inventory
Mortis & Hikaru

In the woods just before the entrance to the Col, and nestled at the cusp of a fallen tree sits a tree house. The entrance to the main floor is lined with rope to help guide a less climbing-apt wolf to its door. This entranceway services as a communal space and forks into three rooms. Mort and Hika take the highest room, and the others are open to any who wish to nestle in the trees under the protection of the Gladiator.











The Public Marketplace

There is a time for war, and a time for neutrality.

Nestled within the Southern Warren an inviting expansive cavern, well lit via torch-light, opens up to the Boreas and Auster public. Sectioned carefully from the mountain’s residents and under guard by the most trusted of the pack’s warriors, it is a place all are welcome and none are to be harmed, regardless of their current relation toward the Armada or the Empire.

Any wolf within the Armada may take it upon themselves to open a stall and offer goods for trade. Goods owned by the pack itself are to be traded on behalf of the Armada (with the pack as a whole benefiting from the purchase price) though individuals are welcome to procure and sell their goods privately, giving a small cut to the pack in exchange for providing the space to do business. Loners may bargain with Armada leadership to sell goods on behalf of themselves, should they desire.

While the Armada does not require its members to take a heavy interest in the marketplace, it is important for members to understand that they may be asked to assist in some way or form. Fighters may be requested to provide lessons on purchased armaments, healers may be requested to explain the use of various herbs and medical equipment, navigators may be asked to assist with maps or explain tactics for safe exploring, and hunters should be aware that their hunting parties are partially contributing to goods for sale.

Visitors are requested to wait outside the cave system to be escorted in by a patrol, rather than walk in unannounced.


To assist players in getting a better understanding of what their character’s lives look like day-to-day, we are beginning to test the concept of static patrols and patrol assignments. Every character regardless of rank will be responsible (ICly) for basic scent marking at minimum. Every non-warrior will be expected (ICly) to occasionally do a walking patrol of the territory, as every member of the Armada should have a basic understanding of self defence. Ranked warriors however will have designated locations to patrol and partners to relieve - this does not have to be roleplayed out, it’s merely an option for further world building, extra reason to thread with your packmates, and lets you better imagine what your wolf’s day-to-day might look like.

We have left out assigned stations for Mile High Woods intentionally, to avoid what we feel might be too much micromanaging of player's freedoms. You're free to make whatever reasonable assumptions you wish in the defense of this territory to advance your plots.

First Light Point

A walkway carved into the cliff edge that spans from the marketplace entrances across to the Col / Woods border that is wide enough to comfortably fit two patrolling wolves.

Azure Kotori Ophelia

Marketplace Security

This assignment is positioned inside the marketplace.
Assigned wolves are expected to patrol the public area as well as the adjoined storage/inn area.

Mortis Grimshaw Gossamer

Mountain Pass

A static post, positioned to guard against intruders from the north-west.

Sirius Ruga Hikaru


2022-05-03 » Help, I've fallen into the pack page and can't get out! - RelevantKoala

2022-03-07 » Raid Meeting for upcoming raid on Habari - Azure

2021-10-26 » Zee, having returned from being kidnapped, has stepped back from the hands-on responsibilities as an alpha. Azure is taking her place as Sirius' secondary. - Azure

2020-07-22 » The Armada conducted their first true raid (v Aerie, for supplies) [won] - Sirius

2020-05-02 » The Alpha's second litter has been born and Gossamer, Aris, Briar, Kotori, and Ophelia have officially left the den - Zeitgeist

2020-02-02 » The alpha's first litter has been born and Mortis, Azure, Indigo and Aslatiel have officially left the den - Zeitgeist

2020-1-02 » First official meeting - Ashen Armada relocates to Tall Grass Plains & Sea's Plain. - Sirius

2019-10-29 » Sirius founded the Ashen Armada - Sirius


  • Abaven

    Long-Term Alliance

    The Armada had purchased Abaven's Motif from the slave market in [Season of Year], unknowing that she was the daughter of their late alpha. When Abaven caught wind, Sirius made a deal to take Motif's less-soft, more battle-inclined sister, Poem, in Motif's place. The packs were uneasy towards each other during the period of time where Poem remained an Armada ward, however in Summer of Year 14 Poem was delivered back home safe and sound. Their relationship has been on the mend since, and the alpha's Sirius and Theory are trusted friends.
  • Aerie

    Relationship Improving

    The Armada won their first raid against Aerie in Winter of Year 14, and since then has been cautious and prepared for further retaliation. Further talks with Aerie leadership are currently underway and there is possibility for both packs to accept a mutual year of peace.
  • Ashen

    Long-Term Alliance

    The Armada was created beneath the Ashen Empire umbrella. Once an underling to the Empire, until Sirius decided the wolves of the Armada deserved independence and chose to see himself as an equal to Ashen and its Empress. Regardless, Ashen remains one of our closest allies and friends, and the Empress' wolves are given free roam and protection within Armada territories.
  • Elysium

    Relationship Improving

    Elysium's leadership left a good first impression on Sirius during the pack challenge for Winterfell in Spring of Year 17. Further interactions brought forth more similarities between the two packs, notably our shared priorities on family values and distain towards religion and the extremists who practice it. While we have no formal alliance, the Armada considers Elysium to be a tentative friend.
  • Fenmyre

    Relationship Unknown

    The Armada has not been made aware of their existance.
  • Fireside

    Relationship Declining

    Fireside had attacked Ashen in a raid at one point of time, earning them a spot on the Armada's radar. A few situations have cropped up IC that has affected the relationship between these packs, and as such Fireside (along with their Pirate allies) are the closest the Armada has to an 'enemy' presently.
  • Habari

    Relationship Improving

    Habari was formed beneath the Ashen Empire and has since it's creation been considered a friendly party. A training raid was conducted in Fall of Year 17 that bolstered relations further, enough for the Armada to consider this Ashen-aligned pack a tentative ally.
  • Pirates Plunder

    Relationship Declining

    From the moment the Pirate pack was created their relationship with the Armada was already rocky. Multiple IC happenings have driven the Armada against them, including (but not limited to) setting fires and attempted kidnapping of members. While the Pirate's intentions are hard to pinpoint, we're confident that Armada wolves should probably steer clear of them for now.
  • Ráða Band

    Relationship Unknown

    The Armada has not been made aware of their existance.
  • The Hallows

    Long-Term Alliance

    The Hallows was initially formed by two high ranking members of the Armada, who received permission from Sirius to split off and create their safe haven for those who needed it. The split was friendly, and we've remained close allies to this day.
  • Tojo-kai

    Relationship Stable

    While the fracture of Ashen by the koi-wolf Hattori left a bitter taste in the leadership of the Armada, we remain begrudgingly neutral towards Tojo-Kai.
  • Valhalla

    Relationship Stable

    While Valhalla is not quite an ally they are not an enemy either. The Armada knows little of the pack, though at one point had suspicion they were harboring a missing Armada member. Diplomacy on that situation failed to resolve things, and we continue to eye them carefully from a distance.



The ultimate authority of the Armada, whose word is law. He is responsible for setting positions of Tier 1 and 2 wolves, holding meetings, assessing the skill level of new members, and generally providing his input in day to day pack movements. While he trusts those he delegates to command, he has the final say in all decisions made by any members of council.

This rank can only be challenged for via official pack challenge.


The right-hand of the Warlord, who assists him where delegation is needed. The Warlord may give to this individual varying tasks and responsibilities, such as those of the General and / or Reaper if no wolf holds the position. He is responsible for overseeing that the Warlord’s commands and intentions for the pack are followed through to the letter and ensuring that his expectations are met. This mostly boils down to hands-on supervision; checking to ensure instructors are properly ‘inspiring’ their students in training, overseeing specialty instructions in emergent times, and keeping watch to see if any members of the general pack population are shirking their duties.

This rank is appointed by the Warlord and cannot be challenged for.


This individual is in charge of the acquisition of, training of, and general wellbeing of pack slaves. They are expected to report to the Warlord any issues that arise within the servant ranks as well as receive permission from him before bringing any wolf into the Armada’s fold. Should any slave become particularly unruly and hard to handle, it is expected that they will work hand in hand with the Gladiator on appropriate (and ethical) punishments.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a fighting skill level of master as well as a master rank in any on-site secondary skill.


A respected member of council, this wolf is responsible for upholding the pack laws and punishing those who may break them as well as maintaining the neutrality of the public marketplace. This individual must have confidence in their own assessments, as well as be steadfast and unrelenting in delivering cold justice where it is required. As matters of law are often time sensitive, this wolf has authority to make and follow through with his own judgements without permission from the Warlord when these circumstances arise.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a fighting skill level of master as well as a master rank in any on-site secondary skill.


The Warlord's Consort. She exists as a secondary line to the Warlord when necessary, and makes decisions in his stead when she feels it is required. Her voice is equal to his as far as the pack is concerned, and the only wolf who can overrule her word is the Warlord himself. If something should happen to the primary and secondary alpha, the pack would fall to her paws.

Pack Heir
This rank is appointed by the Warlord and cannot be challenged for.


This wolf oversees the training of new warriors, assigns mentors to apprentices, and is responsible for setting members in their ranks up to Tier 3. They should be knowledgeable in battle and may be called to consult for the Warlord in events of sieges, raids, or other skirmishes.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a fighting skill level of master as well as a master rank in any on-site secondary skill.


These are wolves with leadership qualities. In times of war, they will take authority in their section of fighting, and ensure wolves worked seamlessly together. They should be capable wolves, and good at thinking on their feet. In times of peace, they will work with the other warriors to train and mold them, and learn of them so they can operate well in war. As an exceptionally skilled fighter, a wolf with this rank may be occasionally requested to share their knowledge to those seeking to trade for it in the marketplace.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a fighting skill level of master



These are elite warriors of the pack and will work and train as a unit. They will excel at black-ops and finesse style missions. Assassins and masters of poison can also fit in within this rank. This is one of the few ranks restricted from giving lessons in the public market, as their skill-set requires secrecy and teaching it could potentially reveal sensitive information.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a fighting skill level of master


Trauma Specialist

The lead healer of the Armada. They will be in charge of the herb garden and ensuring all healers have working knowledge in their fields. As the wolf with primary say over the gardens and herbs, whoever holds this rank is expected to work hand in hand with healers within the market to ensure supply does not deplete to dangerous levels. They may be requested on occasion to give lessons or explanations on any medical supplies sold, to ensure the buyer’s safety.

This rank can be formally requested, but requires a healing skill of master to be considered. Additionally, a moderate level of activity is required; this healer may be brought into threads where it is reasonable to have the lead healer present, and it is important that the holder of this rank can commit and adapt to the potential workload.


Master of Arms

This wolf is charged with maintaining the Armada's standard of weapons and arms. An experienced craftsman and combatant, this wolf will be expected to not only craft and repair the pack's equipment but also train others on the proper use of said accessories. It is highly encouraged that these services be offered as well to visitors intent on utilising the marketplace, though with discretion. It is not mandatory for the Master of Arms to join battle in times of war, though it is strongly encouraged not only to bolster the Armada's ranks but for the ability to assess the combat strength and armaments of enemy packs.

This rank can be formally requested, but requires a moderate level of activity to be considered. The holder of this rank may be requested to craft, maintain, or train others on proper use of equipment in-character, and must be prepared to commit and adapt to the potential workload.



The official title for this rank is Diplomat, though to wolves of the Armada they may be known as the Wraith. This Wraith rank requires a wolf with individuality. With the craftiness to survive on their own for long periods of time, and ferret out information on other packs. As such, they are granted some power as a diplomat, and their word carries some weight outside of pack lands.

This rank can be formally requested, but requires a navigation skill of master to be considered. Additionally, a moderate level of activity is expected from the holder of this rank, as they may be sent on important trips on behalf of Armada leadership as well as may be asked to meet with members of other packs.



These wolves are the primary hunters of the pack, responsible first for providing to the Armada its most basic and essential need - food. These wolves must be tenacious and sturdy and be capable of spending extended amounts of time outside pack lands while on hunts. They must also have proved themselves a confident hunter to Armada leadership, with the skill and experience to be successful in the bitter cold of the north (and against the resilient prey that lives there.) In times when there is no shortage of food, these wolves may be asked to provide instead meat or pelts to sell on the marketplace, and thus they should also have experience on an array of preservatives. While not required, they have the option to instead ‘farm’ companion animals or livestock.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a hunting skill level of advanced to be considered.


The general bulk of the army. They guard the pack borders, train on the regular, and keep battle-ready Those that show exceptional promise in their training will be moved into the elite forces. They are expected to keep their skills well-honed and encouraged to assist the Master of Arms in providing combat-related goods and services to the market.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a fighting skill level of intermediate to be considered.


Travelling the continent with reliability and frequency, the Watchers are tasked with providing The Armada vital information such as weather patterns and natural disasters as well as news from the world stage. They should be the first wolves to hear tidbits of gossip as it spreads across Boreas, and are encouraged to keep their ears open for information that the Armada could potentially benefit from. While they are not primarily spies, an ambition to uncover hidden knowledge is considered an asset and an easy avenue for promotion. In times where they are not on extended scouting missions, it is encouraged for wolves of this rank to craft and maintain maps and other navigational tools to sell in the market.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a navigation skill level of advanced to be considered.

Combat Medics

While the Trauma Specialist and their Trauma Medics are more centered around the day-to-day health of the pack, the Combat Medics are specialized more so toward injuries sustained in combat, emergency medicine, and first aid. Wolves aspiring to this rank must have a strong understanding of the aforementioned schools of medicine, but also must have received training in combat beyond the Armada's basic requirement of self-defense. Combat Medics are expected to make up a portion of our attacking and defending armies and would be prioritized to send out into battle over an equally-skilled Warrior. As these wolves answer both to their Lieutenants as well as the Trauma Specialist and have duties related to both career paths, they should be good at multitasking, versatile, and capable of navigating difficult situations. It is important for this wolf to be able to determine where they are most needed at any given moment, whether it's the battlefield or tending to an injured fighter.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a healing skill level of advanced and a fighting skill level of advanced to be considered.


As the Armada does not explicitly mandate heavy participation in the public market it runs, we rely upon volunteers with a talent for customer service and public relations to be the faces of the business. A wolf in this rank’s primary focus is ensuring the market is running fluidly, and they may approach wolves who have specialised elsewhere to request assistance should stock relating to that wolf’s skill-set run low. Outside of market duties, this wolf is still expected to learn the basics of self defence, and to fill in on patrols, hunts, or skirmishes upon request.

This rank can be requested, and requires any skill level of advanced to be considered.

Trauma Medics

Injuries are an unavoidable consequence of combat and so there must always be wolves to mitigate the damages. Fearlessness is a requirement for these wolves as they must be prepared to walk onto a battlefield and drag off injured wolves as well as manage critical injuries. Wolves in this role may choose to sub-specialize in poisoning. It is requested of all medics to assist with the Armada’s gardens or even start one of their own, and to provide knowledge as well as herbs and medicine to the marketplace. They are expected to answer to the current Trauma Specialist, who may assign them extra duties depending on the pack's current need for healers.

This rank can be challenged for, and requires a healing skill level of advanced to be considered.


Male royal blooded pups of young age.

This is a default rank, intended to house a wolf briefly while they age or improve their skills.


Female royal blooded pups of young age.

This is a default rank, intended to house a wolf briefly while they age or improve their skills.


A temporary rank granted on a per-wolf basis by the alphas. A limit of time will be given to those ranked here to officially decide upon their path, or they will be moved into the rank of slave.

This is a default rank, intended to house a wolf briefly while they age or improve their skills.


Slaves of the Armada. Each slave is given the opportunity to work to earn the Warlord's favor and in doing so earn a higher rank. Those who do not work to better themselves will find themselves slaves for life.

This is the lowest rank of the Armada and it is the hope of the Armada's leadership that any wolf finding themselves here will strive to break out from it.


Obelisk Image - Salt

Coding - RelevantKoala

Emotional Support, Bedtime Enforcer, Commissioner of Art, Armada Founder, Member Acquirer - Sea

Color God, Coding Consultant, Inspiration - Joe

"Sometimes the Easiest Solutions are the Hardest to Find" AKA Conqueror of Difficult Code in 5 Seconds Flat - Nyx