Ardent Wolf RPG - Armada


The world is soundless. We cannot hear, but a pack of wolves does not need words to know that it is time to hunt.


Former Leaders

General Rules

  • To leave the pack you must challenge or seek permission from the Warlord / his chosen proxy.
  • No offensive action can be taken against our allies, unless in self-defense.
  • All non-Empire wolves that enter the territory must have their entrance challenged by rank 2 or higher
  • All wolves will receive health care and food regardless of rank
  • Slaves can be given any menial task but are not to be abused
  • All wolves may seek the Alphas for any issues
  • The alphas words are law
  • Have honor and dignity. Respect the rule of law. Show restraint.
  • All wolves must attend mandatory meetings
  • All wolves must contribute to the well-being of the pack
  • Before reproducing you must seek permission from the Alpha. All wolves may have access to birth control
  • Slaves are not allowed to have children, rare exceptions may be granted.
  • You may not taken a mate that does not reside in the Armada
  • All intruder/trespassing threads must first be answered by a Tier 2 or higher wolf.

Territory Layout

Layout map


From the north to the north east runs a river that functions as one natural border for Tall Grass Plains. Just south of the river is a plot of land that houses a garden and an abandoned den. To the east beside the border of Weeping Woods another since abandoned den exists, and another along the river, further to the north west and nearer to the Shrine.

A cottage is in the eastern quadrant, placed into the side of a hill relatively close to the communal area. A garden starts on the other side of the hill and trails off. There is a man-made pond nearby, and the Armada's main storage of herbs are grown here.

Zee and Sirius' den is in the south-western area of the territory, built into the natural cove along the shore. On the other side of those borders are territories belonging to the main Ashen Empire, claimed by Venom Abraxas Klein. Nearby to the north is a dilapidated coop that once housed domesticated chickens.

Finally the communal area is present centrally, where a large obelisk stands with the rules of the armada etched into it's flat stone surface. Beside it is a firepit where meetings will take place, and not far off is an underground cellar complete with trap door and that is where the food cache is located. Scattered around this zone are temporary unclaimed dens built to house new members or the occasional visitor.

The majority of this territory is sand and water, and thus the Armada's main activity is kept to the Tall Grass Plains towards the north. Sea's Plain functions as the Armada's training grounds, and along the northern border Sirius has built barracks for his warriors.

Close by the sea's shore is a cluster of arenas, strategically placed to have clear footing during the morning low-tide hours, and to be swept clean of blood during the night time high tide hours.

A Word on Tiers

As far as IC purposes go, there is no significant difference between tiers one and two, aside from the Warlord who is the ultimate authority of the pack. Each wolf who resides in either of these tiers has a voice in the Armada in some way and make up the Armada’s “council”, and while ranks may be shuffled occasionally between tiers for OOC reasons, you can assume ICly they remain for the most part as they are written.

While each tier has a 'recommended' skill level (where Sirius or another high ranking wolf may approach your wolf and consider them for promotion) you may challenge for any rank marked with the proper challengeable color code at any time - though beware the results of disappointing your superiors should you fail miserably.

Challenging for a rank:
  • Cooldown for challenges last for one ooc month.
  • In the event that your rank is challenged for, you are obligated to accept the challenge to both assist in testing the skill of the would-be-successor as well as to prove your own worth of continuing to hold the rank.
  • Should a challenge go unanswered, be forfeited, or defaulted, you will be demoted into as far as the ranks of slavery and the alphas will take over the testing of the challenger.

    Color code:
    • This rank can not be challenged for..
    • This rank can be challenged for..
    • This rank can not be challenged for via battle, but any interested party is welcome to come to the Warlord with a compelling argument as to why they should usurp the current holder of this title..
    • This rank is a default rank..




Warlord* The ultimate authority of the Armada, whose word is law. He is responsible for setting positions of Tier 1 and 2 wolves, holding meetings, assessing the skill level of new members, and generally providing his input in day to day pack movements. While he trusts those he delegates to command, he has the final say in all decisions made by any members of council.

Champion* The right-hand of the Warlord, who assists him where delegation is needed. The Warlord may give to this individual varying tasks and responsibilities, such as those of the General and / or Reaper if no wolf holds the position. He is responsible for overseeing that the Warlord’s commands and intentions for the pack are followed through to the letter and ensuring that his expectations are met. This mostly boils down to hands-on supervision; checking to ensure instructors are properly ‘inspiring’ their students in training, overseeing specialty instructions in emergent times, and keeping watch to see if any members of the general pack population are shirking their duties.

Gladiator* A respected member of council, this wolf is responsible for upholding the pack laws and punishing those who may break them. This individual must have confidence in their own assessments, as well as be steadfast and unrelenting in delivering cold justice where it is required. As matters of law are often time sensitive, this wolf has authority to make and follow through with his own judgements without permission from the Warlord when these circumstances arise.

Queen* The Warlord's Consort. She exists as a secondary line to the Warlord when necessary, and makes decisions in his stead when she feels it is required. Her voice is equal to his as far as the pack is concerned, and the only wolf who can overrule her word is the Warlord himself. If something should happen to the primary and secondary alpha, the pack would fall to her paws. [Pack Heir]

Reaper* This individual is in charge of the acquisition of, training of, and general wellbeing of pack slaves. They are expected to report to the Warlord any issues that arise within the servant ranks as well as receive permission from him before bringing any wolf into the Armada’s fold. Should any slave become particularly unruly and hard to handle, it is expected that they will work hand in hand with the Gladiator on appropriate (and ethical) punishments.

General* This wolf oversees the training of new warriors, assigns mentors to apprentices, and is responsible for setting members in their ranks up to Tier 3. They should be knowledgeable in battle and may be called to consult for the Warlord in events of sieges, raids, or other skirmishes.

Lieutenants* These are wolves with leadership qualities. In times of war, they will take authority in their section of fighting, and ensure wolves worked seamlessly together. They should be capable wolves, and good at thinking on their feet. In times of peace, they will work with the other warriors to train and mold them, and learn of them so they can operate well in war.

Howlers* These are elite warriors of the pack and will work and train as a unit. They will excel at black-ops and finesse style missions. Assassins and masters of poison can also fit in within this rank

Trauma Specialist* The head healer of the Armada. They will be in charge of the herb garden and ensuring all healers have working knowledge in their fields.

Diplomat* The official title for this rank is Diplomat, though to wolves of the Armada they may be known as the Wraith. This Wraith rank requires a wolf with individuality. With the craftiness to survive on their own for long periods of time, and ferret out information on other packs. As such, they are granted some power as a diplomat, and their word carries some weight outside of pack lands.

Instructors* These are the teachers of the warrior school. The ratio of students to teachers will depend on availability. While group sessions will happen frequently, attempts will be made to ensure one-on-one individual tutoring.

Warriors* The general bulk of the army. They guard the pack borders, train on the regular, and keep battle-ready Those that show exceptional promise in their training will be moved into the elite forces.

Combat Medics* Injuries are an unavoidable consequence of combat and so there must always be wolves to mitigate the damages. Fearlessness is a requirement for these wolves as they must be prepared to walk onto a battlefield and drag off injured wolves as well as manage critical injuries. Wolves in this role may choose to sub-specialize in poisoning.

Princes* Royal blooded pups of young age.

Princessess* Royal blooded pups of young age.

Student* The students of the war school. They are obligated to learn to the best of their abilities with the intent of choosing a specialization beneficial to the Armada later in life.

Undeclared* A temporary rank granted on a per-wolf basis by the alphas. A limit of time will be given to those ranked here to officially decide upon their path, or they will be moved into a Page or Slave rank.

Pages* A lower ranked wolf who while is not a slave officially, is treated more or less like one. This is not a rank to strive for, and is only barely above the lowest of the low. (a less "on the nose" slave)

Slaves* Slaves of the Armada. Each slave is given the opportunity to work to earn the Warlord's favor and in doing so earn a higher rank. Those who do not work to better themselves will find themselves slaves for life.

Handmaiden* Handmaiden to the Queen, her servant primarily though still required to obey the Warlord as well as his ranked wolves.