Ardent Wolf RPG - Abaven


Strong back, soft front, wild heart.

Abaven was formed by Bass Destruction in Winter of Year 3.

Abaven is a lawful good pack, focused on helping others strive to achieve greatness and peace within themselves. With many of the traditional ranks, there’s a place for every good to neutral aligned wolf. With three large territories, Abaven has plenty of room for its wolves to grow. It’s a tranquil place, where family groups flourish and wolves hone their skills. Abaven is neutral in its standings, with trade alliances with most of the packs in the land. It has long welcomed orphans or wolves seeking shelter. However, it’s also likely to stand up for wrongs committed against its members and allies - their warriors and hunters are fierce, backed by skilled healers.

General Rules

✪ If trespassers are found within the pack boundaries without permission, any wolf within the pack may attack on sight if they are suspicious of ill intent. However, if a wolf below tier two commits a maim on an intruder without sufficient reason, they will be subject to punishment (may include stripping of rank, menial labor, etc. depending on the crime).
✪ No members of Abaven are allowed to attack other packs or to start a war, this will lead to the exile of the accused.
✪ All wolves are expected to show up for training and meetings. Failure to do so will result in demotion.
✪ Fighting within the pack, besides training, is unacceptable. Any wolf is welcome to come forward with an issue that they find unsolvable and can seek assistance from any high ranking wolf.
✪ A pup may choose their area of study at six months old.
✪ Wolves that have been missing in action (not posted in any in-character board for 3+ months) will be moved to "missing/inactive." If you choose to return, let an alpha know so that your rank can be discussed or restored. If previously discussed amongst involved players/characters, wolves can still be assumed as part of Abaven ranks in the background.
✪ There are no rules for choosing a mate or breeding inside/outside of the pack, however it is preferred the children will be raised in Abaven. The safety of the children is the pack's priority.
✪ At one year of age, an adolescent may declare their intent - to leave the pack or request a higher rank in their chosen field of expertise.
✪ Mentor relationships are strongly encouraged but not enforced. There may be instances where wolves are paired together for IC events.




SequoiaThe leader and steward of Abaven. This wolf is in charge of keeping the pack running, holding major meetings, events, and training. They are in charge of accepting, promoting and demoting wolves, as well as making the biggest decisions in the pack.

WisteriaSecond to the Sequoia and is charged with helping the leader run the pack. May permit wolves to enter the pack on temporary grounds until a meeting can be arranged with the Sequoia. They can run events and settle disputes.

BonsaiThe heir to Abaven, will take over if anything happens to the Sequoia. They are expected to attend all training and assist all higher ranking wolves when needed, as well as receive lessons on running the pack.

RosaceaeThe Beta position of the pack. The authority in this position is second only to the Alpha's. This wolf will have a background in fighting and politics in order to help protect and serve members of the pack.

FirethornThe head warrior. This wolf is responsible for holding warrior training, for Blackthorn and all other wolves, to ensure all wolves have a basic knowledge to defend themselves. They are responsible for the physical welfare of the wolves in the pack. This wolf is also in charge of assigning lower level warriors with tasks as they see fit. This wolf is in charge of coordinating all patrols. This wolf is in charge of keeping tabs on all allies and the whereabouts of enemies, or assigning lower officers to do so.

LianaThe head diplomat. This wolf is responsible for assessing trade agreements, knowing the structures and alliances of all known packs and holding Abaven to any promises it makes to other packs. Any pack-changing decisions must go through the Sequoia first.

CypressesHonored elders. These wolves have lived a long life, either within the pack or for whatever reason have come here to retire. They are treated with respect and are able to mentor young pups before they come of age to choose a discipline as well as teach history lessons, tell stories, and otherwise entertain themselves and others. They should be permitted to live a life of ease.

ValerianThe head healer. This wolf is responsible for holding all medical training, as well as assigning lower level healers tasks and monitoring the healthy growth of children and pregnancies. This wolf works closely with the Firethorn in their training, as well as holding their own mix of healing training.

CordasRanked diplomat. Only few wolves can hold the rank of diplomat, and train under either the Liana or the Sequoia. They will learn everything there is to know about the packs in the lands and how best to tread with them. Only one of these apprentices can move up the rank to Liana.

BlackthornsHigh ranking warriors. These wolves are expected to conduct training exercises. They are in charge of tasking and rotating patrols as well as assume guard duty for wolves leaving the pack. Blackthorns are often sent alongside low ranking healers to ensure their safety.

DroserasHigh ranking hunters. They are to conduct training, know the herd movements in and around Abaven, and ensure the pack has adequate supplies. They answer directly to the Firethorn.

BaldriansHigh ranking healers. These wolves are expected to conduct training exercises. They hold authority over lower ranked healers, but must still defer to the Valerian. These wolves must all be swift on their feet so they may attend to calls for aid across Abaven's three territories. At this point, they are in charge of tasking lower ranked healers with maintaining herb stores.

AldersHigh ranking navigators. These wolves are in charge of patrolling the borders and to conduct navigation training. They are expected to know about all allies and enemies, as well as keeping a close eye on each. They should have a decent grasp on the constellations, history of the area's weather, and happenings within pack territories.

OleastersRanked warriors. These wolves are expected to attend all training held by higher ranking warriors. They patrol the borders and see the to safety of Abaven.

TansiesRanked healers. These wolves are expected to attend all training held by higher ranking healers, to practice their craft, and respond to any calls of aid within Abaven. It is assumed they keep a stock of herbs and useful tools at the ready.

MagnoliidsRanked navigators. These wolves are expected to attend all training held by higher ranking navigators. These wolves are expected to patrol the borders daily, as well as know the basics about the packs' enemies and allies.

DionaeaRanked hunters. These wolves are expected to attend all training held by higher ranking hunters and warriors. They are to bring home kill on a regular basis and know the movements of herds around the pack lands.

CereusA temporary rank for new members or adolescents under one year (but older than six months) who have not chosen their specialty.

SeedlingsAll children of the pack under six months.

PrigionieroPrisoners from battles or happenstance, can be held for other packs.