Ardent Wolf RPG - Mirovis


You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Mirovis is Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Evil, with a purpose. To bring a little chaos and have a little fun on the darker side. Bring us your sick, demented, beasts and demons, we will make sure they are taken care of. Encouraged to do your worst out there and cause a little mayhem, Mirovians are the darkest of dark creatures, but they are a tight-knit family. Blodreina may be iron-fisted, but she loves her family. Welcome to hell.


Former Leaders

General Rules

1. Blodreina & Haihefa are in charge, this is indisputable. Haihefa is appointed not fought over.
2. Pack disputes are inevitable, but remember we are a family. Don't eat your family.
3. Pups are fine but don't get nutty. If the mother or father of the pups is from outside the pack, the pups are born in Mirovis and will stay in Mirovis. Protection will be provided if necessary.
4. Do not bring petty squabbles to Blodreina unless absolutely all other avenues have been exhausted.
5. There is no escaping Mirovis unless you challenge or have talked to Blodreina. Only a victory or Blodreina can set you free.
6. Pull your weight. Not performing your duties can result in bodily injury.
7. Mandatory meetings must be attended by all ranks.
8. Trespassers are not tolerated, come get Blodreina when you see one, and we will have fun tearing them limb from limb.
9. We all come from different walks of life, and some paths are darker than others. Respect your pack family.




BlodreinaThe big kahuna, the lawmaker, obey her or else.

HaihefaHigh King, secondary alpha, listen to him or deal with Blodreina.

NatblidaFuture ruler of Mirovis, be careful, their parents are very protective.

OsleyaThis is the Champion of the pack, they handle most pack affairs and disputes.

SkairipaThis is the punisher of the Mirovian Empire, breaking a rule means answering to them. Serious offenses are sent to Blodreina.

BlodfisaThe Red Healer. Personal healer of tier 1 wolves, leader of the Fisas

PramhedaFirst Commander. Trains and leads the warriors of the pack.

SheidhedaCommander of Shadows. Personal assassin for Blodreina. They do the dirty work, by whatever means necessary. They also help to train the assassins.

Sonheda In charge of border patrols and keeping Blodreina updated on the other packs. Scouts are under this one's charge.

WanhedaCommander of Death. This one commands and trains the hunters of the Empire.

DreinkepaLead Spies

FleimkepaDiplomats of Mirovis

SheidkepaLead Assassins





HoumkruBorder Patrol. These wolves defend the home.




YongonsThe babies of the house.

GoufasYearlings & Apprentices

StedaunansGeneral population.

BranwadasSlaves & Prisoners of Mirovis, unproductive members can find themselves in this rank too.

SplitaDearly departed of Mirovis.

HukapEnemies of Mirovis