Ardent Wolf RPG - Ashen


Shadows and Dust

A change in reign brings a change in rules. Though Ashen has always walked a middling path, beneath Chimera, things tend to sway to a slightly darker alignment. As he has aged, family has become the most important thing to the brute, so Ashen will remain a familial based pack, but with darker tendencies.

Those harboring dark desires, be it the lust for blood, flesh or other things, will not be turned away, nor will they be looked down upon. The Ashen King understands.

Disclaimer: Ashen is a very adult-themed pack.

Those with delicate sensibilities should steer clear.

General Rules

— Obey the King and Queens in all things.

— Only the King may accept new members, but Queens may welcome outsiders into the territory.

— Don't bring war to our door.

— If you release your bloodlust outside of pack lands, you pay the price; not the pack.

— Slavery is very much allowed- but with a twist.

— No issue is too small or too large to bring before your King.

— No children without express permission from the King. Those not receiving permission before conception run the risk of being expelled from the pack.

— All trespassers are to be brought before Chimera to be dealt with. Leniency is granted to those holding Klein ties.

— All will contribute. All will hone their skills. (Each wolf is expected to steadily work on their skills and participate in each seasons activity check. Those that do not pass the check will be removed from the pack.)

Pack Lands:

Avian Estuary A marshy, often mist-laden expanse of wetland. This place is an ideal nesting ground for birds of all kinds. Herons, storks, ducks, swans, and in the trees surrounding many songbirds feed their young with the insect larvae that spawn in the spring. Frogs are also abundant, their tadpoles becoming dinner for many young birds. In the center of it all, there is an island with a single willow tree in the middle, big enough for a few wolves to gather for a meeting; or simply a place for young lovers to escape and be alone together wrapped in the songs of thousands of birds.

Silver Island: A mid-sized island set in the vague shape of a crescent moon, Silver Isle is named for it's shores of pale sand that appear silver under moonlight. The ecosystem as rich, prey animals fat and healthy due to the difficulty most wolves have in getting to the Island. Set a quarter mile from the southern shore, the outward curve of the crescent faces out to sea while the inside curve houses a protected cove. Flora is mostly tropical, with many sweet fruits that a wolf could find enjoyable.

Cryer's Ravine: Cryer's Ravine is located just outside the desert, a deep crevasse in the grassy, wooded landscape. The ravine is concealed and often missed by those not paying much attention when wandering through the area, catching wolves by surprise and causing quite a few injuries as they tumble down the short but steep sides of the ravine. Along the sides of the Ravine are numerous caves and dens, while at the very end of the ravine is the largest of these. Tucked behind a waterfall with a massive sunlit stone at the entrance, is a deep cave system used by the royal family.


Seere & Stolas to Rampage

Den Locations:

Venom and Maverick and puppies: Cryer's Ravine, in the 'palace' a large cave system at the beginning of the Ravine.
Seere: Cryer's Ravine, in the 'palace' with her own private set of rooms.

Chimera and his Ladies: Redwater Rocks, an extensive cave system of rooms with big areas for Siren's apothecary and Aliana's herb stores.

Shuriken and Remus: A private smaller cavern away from the main royal quarters within the ravine.

Guests of Ashen:

Redrum, Maki, Modesty, Talyssa, Cadaver

Territory Expansion:

Raids Won: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5-




KingThe Man in Charge. The Final word in all things.

HeirThe royal offspring in line to inherit the throne. They are expected to hone their skills and work hard in the arts of diplomacy and rule.

QueensThe King's ladies. Their word is to be followed.

CourtThose closest to the king. They act as his council, sitting with him and discussing matters of state.

NoblesThose of the pack that have worked diligently to achieve mastery in their chosen skills.

VassalsThose of the pack that have mastered a single skill.

GentryGeneral rank. Members of the pack that are, thus far, unskilled.

YounglingsMembers of the pack under the age of two.

SerfsServants that hold very little rights within the pack. Serfs are able to be utilized by any wolf of higher standing.