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05 • 01 | It's now Winter of Year 14! Make sure to age up your characters, and take a peek at the fun new Seasonal Skill Prompts.

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05 • 10 | Brandr is calling a pack hunt for ABAVEN here. Deadline is 5/18.

05 • 10 | Aerndis is calling a pack hunt for FIRESIDE here. Deadline is 5/18.

04 • 21 | Venom is holding a Raid meeting for ASHEN here. Deadline is 4/28.

04 • 20 | Next round in the ASHEN ARMADA meeting here is up! Due 4/26/20! Attendance is mandatory.

04 • 20 | FIRESIDE is preparing for an upcoming raid here! First round is due 4/26!

04 • 17 | WINTERFELL is raiding ABAVEN here. View the raid scoreboard here.

04 • 16 | Álarr is calling a FIRESIDE Healers Meeting here. Deadline is April 19 at 8:00 am Central Time.

04 • 11 | Deathbelle is holding an ASHEN meeting here. Deadline 4/16

04 • 06 | Aurielle has called the VALHALLAN War Circle to participate in Raid Training here! Deadline is April 10th and the training is open for spectators and participation from non-fighting Pack Members

Winter, Year 14

Now that Mount Volkan has calmed, it seems as though winter has arrived with a vengeance. Before long, snow will soon blanket most of Boreas, flurries even reaching the farthest corners of the west and the south, though never quite enough to last there. The rest of the continent isn't quite so lucky, and will see frequent blizzards and subzero temperatures. The North will be hit especially hard, seeing an unprecedented amount of snow accumulation this year.

world map

Ashen Armada910019/26
Hjarrandi Band55010/12
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The northern portion of Boreas is a harsh, inhospitable landscape. Strong northern winds increase the farther up you travel. Snow also accumulates more and more as you migrate north. Blizzards are common in this area, and the prey that manages to survive the temperatures and weather here are quite often sturdy and difficult to bring down. roll call by Ásvor 9 hours ago
Eastern Boreas is fertile and green. A massive mountain range rises up in the east and travels into the north. Several rivers and water sources have taken up root in the east, supporting a diverse ecosystem of prey that includes waterfowl and fish alongside typical forest-dwelling creatures. The east is one of the best hunting areas in all of Boreas. you feel so tired but you... by Poem 8 hours ago
Southern Boreas is lush and moist, home to deltas and grand river systems that lead directly to the open sea. The south is mostly flatland, though not quite as flat as the west. A few rolling hills and dense forests add variety to the deep south. Islands just off the coast are within easy reach. Prey is plentiful here and some marine animals swim further inland - travelling the network of deltas and rivers - than any other coast in Boreas. Garbage Truck Truck Truck... by Azure 1 hour ago
The western lands of Boreas are described most commonly as dry and arid. Though some of the land has managed to sprout as green and fertile, much of it is brown and dry as a bone. The west is mostly flatland, with very little rise or fall in the landscape. The winds rip through here and can batter anyone who isn't prepared for them. Bottle it up by Raelyn 1 hour ago
Rocks occasionally grace a lovely plain, and though the ponds and verdant blades create a pleasant scenery it is stained with the blood of many. Roaming wolves, rogues, and pups may be forced into packs if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves here. However, this is also the place of battles - major ones such as pack challenges, ownership challenges, and death matches, must take place here though many other fights may also take place on the battlefield. Pack wolves under Tier 2 must steer clear of the battlefield unless participating in or spectating a fight. A Vast Empty Space [Void] by Void 5 hours ago
The Battlefield
This is the land where characters who have died may interact with one another in the afterlife. Living wolves can interact with the deceased through their dreams, though there are some restrictions which are detailed inside the board. i can dream about you by Archon 05-30-2020, 08:02 PM

Beyond the Bifrost

Auster is a land that only became accessible to the wolves in Boreas following a huge storm in the summer of Year 4. A large strip of sand connects the two continents. Largely unexplored, the southernmost continent of Auster boats plentiful game and abundant wildlife. Though adventure certainly awaits those who wander south, travelers ought to be wary of the dangers that might lurk in these unexplored lands. You’re a canary, I’m a co... by Memento Mori 10 hours ago

ANIKIRA: semi-realisitic wolf role-play